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Death of Rebecca Nalepa at Jonah Shacknai Mansion Puzzles Police

The death of Rebecca Nalepa, a woman found nude, hanging from a balcony, her hands and feet bound, at a Coronado, Calif., mansion last week, has officials launching an investigation into her millionaire boyfriend Jonah Shacknai.

Shacknai, who police say owns the home, had been dating Nalepa for about two years. Jonah's brother, Adam Shacknai discovered Nalepa's body.

After calling 911 early Wednesday, he cut her down. Local paramedics performed life-saving measures, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rebecca Nalepa Found Dead

Investigators are calling the death suspicious but have not ruled out the possibility of suicide. Making the case even more noteworthy is the fact that Jonah's six-year-old son, Max, fell to his death just two days earlier.

Police have not established a formal connection between those events.

"It appears to be some type of a violent death, however I'm not going to compromise the integrity of the investigation by giving anything more than that at this time," San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. Capt. Tim Curran said.

The mansion is owned by Shacknai, who Forbes lists as the CEO of a Healthcare / Biotech firm in Scottsdale called Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

The mysterious death is still being actively probed by San Diego police.

It came only two days after Shacknai’s six-year-old son Max suffered a fatal fall at the historic Spreckles Mansion while being watched by Nalepa.

The shocking nature of the deaths has sent shockwaves through the upscale neighborhood of Coronado where Nalepa and Shacknai resided.


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Vacation Rental Website Design Sensation | Free Niche Business ...

If you have a vacation rental residence, villa or condo, you need not worry about getting the world to view and rent your property. Property rentals have turn into an excellent option to hotels. Some vacation Rental internet sites are ready created;you just require to Upload your text, videos and photos, pick your web style including template design, font and color then get your own personalized domain name and publish advert. Even so this can be tricky given that unclear blurred pictures may not be catchy sufficient for your rental to sell. The words and titles you use could also be to your disadvantage in case you are not nicely versed with internet advertising.

For a a lot more expert vacation site style, getting a web designer could help. Vacation rental sites are developed by site designers and developers using search engine friendly pages. These internet sites can also be modified to suit your need to have in case you do not like the options given. You?ll be able to have the ability to use various domain names that suit you like .com,.net or any that suit your advert and site.

For successful advertising in the vacation rental web site, very good catchy page titles and words are employed, take excellent appealing photos of your rental for an excellent picture. This is generally beneficial for the growth of your vacation rental property or companies. Using carefully selected key phrases and search engine optimization, manual submission and index replacement can generate first response for your rental advert.

For property owners like those in the villa rental markets you can have your property fully detailed with secure credit card information, villa layouts through room to room information and video if you want.

A vacation rental website with Content Management System will enable you to make changes on your website by adding or editing contents on your website. You can also have them build a Home page, photo gallery, amenities page and a guest book. If you like you could add contact information details including credit card form. The more information you give on your vacation rental website the better chances your rental will stand out from anywhere in the world. This need not be too detailed, just include the most important features in a creative intelligent way.

Vacation Rental Sites are bundled with full Search Engine Optimization(Search engine optimization). A well created website need to have the ability to load details quite initial and be user friendly by way of the proper content in them. An excellent vacation rental sites really should be able to link you to your own internet site for far more advertising. Individual information like credit card information need to also be nicely guarded.

Capabilities of a vacation rental web site could consist of listings, on the internet booking, specials/discount,face book like button, Your Own Blog, Custom Graphics, Embedded video, Galleries /Video shows and Virtual tours. All this is completed at a reasonable cost. Some web site developers of vacation rental web sites offer at an annual subscription for bigger vacation rentals. The a lot more economical sites may be discovered on Google by your location. If your property is worth the dime, then investing in an excellent vacation rental web site is worth the although. Such a website wants minimal maintenance

Looking to find the best deal on vacation rental software, then visit to find the best advice on bed and breakfast software for you.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can a bank require more flood insurance than the mortgage is worth ...

I have a 50k equity line of credit. I only owe 17k on it TOTAL. I have flood insurance for 50k but the bank is wanting me to up it to 105K. this would increase my premium to 2500 a year instead of the 650. i am paying now. is this appropriate? can I contest it somehow? Any ideas?

it's been awhile since I've dealt with flood insurance, but I believe the most the banks can make you insure to is 250k. now, my guess with this situation is that it's not what you owe on your heloc, but what your home is worth. if the bank had an appraisal completed on your property and it's worth 105k, then you may have to have flood insurance worth that much. I believe your heloc closing paperwork has a section stating as such. i would see if you have such paperwork, if not, I would inquire as to what basis the banks is making this claim and go from there, but if the bank has a solid basis for the rise, you may have to either pay off the lien entirely or up your flood insurance, good luck

Beverly is incorrect. I work a customer service center that supplies flood insurance and the way that works is based upon your loan contract. Which there are 2 ways that i see a lender require flood. the #1 is that it has to met andor be 80% of your homeowners. also they would make your flood ins match the replacement cost of your home. this is to insure there end of the deal.

No- it's not their concern as long as their loan amount is covered. 50k should be fine-they cannot require you to insure over their loan amount.

Can a bank require more flood insurance than the mortgage is worth?


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Wind Farm Facts - A Landowner's Guide

[unable to retrieve full-text content]An indispensable guide for landowners looking in to siting a wind turbine or wind farm on their land. This article features important information on what to look out for when negotiating with a developer. Avoid potential traps and pitfalls that, without expert legal advice from solicitors with knowledge in this field, can result in a farmer being locked into a deal that hurts the business instead of helping it.


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97% Project Nim

All Critics (62) | Top Critics (20) | Fresh (60) | Rotten (2)

What makes this film especially engrossing is that what happened between that chimp and the humans with whom he spent his life in intimate contact turns out to be only half the story that Marsh, who directed the electrifying "Man on Wire," has to tell.

Marsh tells this story clearly and sympathetically, and he has the backlog of film and the witnesses to do so.

At times hilarious but ultimately heartbreaking, "Project Nim" is a great chronicle of the 1970s and all the nutty ideas that implies; academia in particular comes in for a hard reckoning.

The film as a whole maintains a precarious but rewarding balance between multi-generational soap opera and simplistic animal-rights agitprop.

Marsh never speaks on or off camera, but his editing of the testimony makes clear his belief that in trying to make Nim more human, his teachers made themselves less so.

It's a gripping, unsentimental, at times unbearably sad real-life drama about an animal torn from his own world and stranded in the human one.

Very strong and takes more than a few pages out of the Errol Morris playbook.

Fascinating and exquisitely executed.

If movies about talking cars or warlike robots don't interest you, Project Nim is the latest documentary (following Buck) to offer a satisfying, adult alternative. It tells a story that is both stranger and more thought-provoking than...

A probing exploration--at times painfully so--of humankind's arrogance as well as of the moral superiority some other species unwittingly possess.

Fascinating characters...inescapably provokes consideration of the human animal's primal nature.

Affecting chimpanzee docu is more than monkey business.

Though Marsh's Errol Morris-like style can get glib, it never gets boring.

Director James Marsh smartly, slyly suggests through cinematic style that Project Nim was far from an authentic scientific experiment.

Extraordinarily evolved documentary, proving it's ethically and emotionally devastating to monkey with nature.

The 'nature vs. nurture' debate rarely explores each side so literally and so closely.

As he did in Man on Wire, Marsh seamlessly integrates dramatized shots and scenes with authentic home-movie and news footage of Nim and his human companions. I've never been a fan of recreations in documentaries, but Marsh uses them better than...

For a film where so many people seem, in varying degrees, culpable, Marsh indulges in very little finger-pointing. He doesn't need to. The indignities are hiding in plain sight.

A focused, very good documentary instead of the great one that could have been crafted from this bizarre true tale with a bit more scope.

Yet another captivating, heartfelt, provocative and stylishly edited documentary from the brilliant James Marsh.

More Critic Reviews

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Amazon tablet: What should we expect? (Digital Trends)

amazon tabletAs of this week, we know that Amazon is tentatively set to launch its tablet in October. That along with a few other details are all we know about the device, which makes us wary seeing as it?s already being heralded as the most able tablet to take on the iPad. Before we cast our hopes on an Amazon tablet to deliver a little variety to the tablet market, it?s best we review what we do and don?t know about the coming device.

How many?

Almost as soon as the Amazon tablet rumors began making the rounds, we heard Amazon planned on releasing more than one device. We originally heard there would be two tablets: Coyote, it?s cheaper, entry-level device, and Hollywood, the more?iPad-like rival. Since then, there hasn?t been much talk of an Amazon-Android ecosystem. But the Digitimes report that first connected Amazon?s hardware unit orders to its tablet plans revealed more than just a possible product launch: The report shows that Amazon has ordered 10.1-inch tablets from Foxconn (for 2012) and 7-inch tablets from Quanta. And there have also been reports Amazon is readying a 9-inch tablet.

How many will we see in October, though? The orders make it sound as if Amazon would launch two before the holiday shopping season and one after, but that ball is still entirely up in the air.

What will Amazon?s tablet(s) look like?

We know they all will be Android-based, for starters. If the multiple-tablet rumors are true, the 7-inch ?Coyote? tablet will run on Nvidia?s dual-core Tegra 2 chip. The 9-inch, ?Hollywood,? unit would possibly use Nvidia?s dual-core Tegra 2 chip, although we?ve heard it will be based on the quad-core Kal-El chip.

It?s also been said the tablet won?t have a camera, and we?re uncertain whether this applies to all the devices or maybe just the 7-inch. Forbes says at least one tablet is believed to have a camera lens manufactured by Newmax Technology, which creates lens units for a slew of electronics.

Then there is the 10-inch tablet, which we assume would also use the Kal-El chip. Of course, the existence of this device hinges on little more than hardware orders, so it remains something of a mystery. All will likely run Honeycomb 3.1.

As far as software goes, we expect the Amazon app store will be preinstalled, as well as its own custom UI layer over the Android interface. Given the success of the Kindle, we imagine there will be a preinstalled Kindle app as well.


This is entirely unknown: There have been no rumors or hints of any kind as to how much the tablet(s) will cost, but we?d wager less than the iPad. This means it will have to skimp on certain iPad features ? like the camera, as well as memory most likely.


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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama challenges Congress: Do 'something big' (AP)

WASHINGTON ? President Barack Obama on Friday challenged Congress to compromise and "do something big" to reduce long-term deficits, insisting he was willing to make his own tough choices including trimming benefits for wealthy Medicare recipients. Facing a critical Aug. 2 deadline to raise the nation's debt limit, Obama said the public was on his side but "we're running out of time."

Obama urged Republican lawmakers to make tough calls, too. He attempted to turn their opposition to any tax increases back against them, warning that a government default caused by failure to raise the debt ceiling would increase interest rates, "effectively a tax increase for everybody."

Speaking in his second news conference of the week, Obama tried to cast himself as the voice of reason in the debate, saying several times that polls show even Republican voters support his approach to deficit reduction through spending cuts and additional tax revenue. "This is not a matter of the American people knowing what the right thing to do is," he said. "It's a matter of Congress doing the right thing and reflecting the will of the American people."

The news conference came as the debate was shifting back to the halls of Congress after five days of private White House meetings failed to yield a an agreement on the debt ceiling and deficit reduction. House Republicans were preparing to vote on spending cuts next week, and in the Senate the Democratic and Republican leaders were working on a fallback plan in the event Aug. 2 came too close without any deal.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell indicated the White House talks were not going to be the vehicle for a final agreement and blamed Democrats.

"So now the debate will move from a room in the White House to the House and Senate floors," he said.

Obama conceded that "it's hard to do a big package" in deadlocked Washington. He showed openness to a deal less ambitious than the "grand bargain" of $4 trillion in deficit reductions over 10 years that he had envisioned.

He said of the Republicans: "If they show me a serious plan I'm ready to move."

Obama said he was willing to target cherished Democratic programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, declaring publicly for the first time that he was willing to consider an income threshold for Medicare beneficiaries.

"I've said that means testing on Medicare, meaning people like myself, if ? you know, I'm going to be turning 50 in a week, so I'm starting to think a little bit more about Medicare eligibility," he said. "You can envision a situation where, for somebody in my position, me having to pay a little bit more on premiums or co-pays or things like that would be appropriate. And again, that could make a difference."

Under current law, couples making over $170,000 or singles over $85,000 already pay somewhat higher Medicare premiums for doctors and for prescription drugs. An administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the president's thinking, said that as part of a substantial deficit-trimming deal, Obama is willing to make Medicare recipients above those income thresholds pay "modestly higher premiums." The official did not elaborate.

House Republicans are pushing for a balanced budget constitutional amendment and for a deficit reduction plan that would reduce spending by at least $2.4 trillion over 10 years.

Obama sternly rejected any plan of that size that did not include increases in tax revenue.

"If you're trying to get to $2.4 trillion without any revenue, then you are effectively gutting a whole bunch of domestic spending that is going to be too burdensome," the president said. "It is not going to be something that I would support."

Administration officials and private economists say that if the U.S. fails to raise its borrowing limit and begins to stop paying its bills as a result, the fragile U.S. economy could be cast into a crisis that would reverberate around the globe.

Earlier Friday, Republican and Democratic congressional leaders emerged from closed-door meetings with hardened stances. Republicans announced plans to call a vote next week on a bill that would require passage of a balanced budget amendment as a condition for extending the debt limit.

Obama was dismissive of the House approach. "My expectation is that you'll probably see the House vote on a couple of things just to make political statements," he said.

Rep. John Campbell, R-Calif., said Republicans needed to take a stand to force all sides to renegotiate.

"I think everybody knows the president won't sign this," he said, of next week's bill. "But we're putting a marker down, and that's an important step that begins the process of resolving this."

Failure to reach compromise has focused attention on a fallback plan under discussion by Senate Republican leader McConnell and Democratic leader Harry Reid. That plan would give Obama greater authority to raise the debt ceiling while setting procedures in motion that could lead to federal spending cuts.

Meanwhile the administration dispatched White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Budget Director Jacob Lew to meet with House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor at the Capitol.

In urging Republicans and his liberal base to accept both revenue increases and cuts in prized benefit programs, Obama was making a direct appeal to the independent voters who rallied to his campaign in 2008 and who have wavered in their support during the first two and a half years of his presidency.

"The American people do not want to see a bunch of posturing," he said. "They don't want to hear a bunch of sound bites. What they want is for us to solve problems. And we all have to remember that. That's why we were sent here."

The outline of the McConnell plan was winning unusual bipartisan support, though some conservatives voiced misgivings.

Under the plan, which would require approval by the House and Senate, Obama would have the power to order an increase in the debt limit of up to $2.5 trillion over the coming year unless both the House and Senate voted by two-thirds margins to deny him. Reid and McConnell were trying to work out ways to guarantee that Congress would also get to vote on sizable deficit reductions. The plan also could be linked to immediate spending cuts already identified by White House and congressional negotiators.

Obama offered measured praise: "It is constructive to say that if Washington operates as usual and can't get something done let's at least avert Armageddon."

But the president said that McConnell's approach only addressed the pressing issue of the debt ceiling, not the country's longer-term deficit woes, and he wanted to handle that as well.


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Things to Think About Pet Fish Care

Pet fish lovers are many. Like any other pet, fish too require good care. Many are not aware of few simple techniques that help in taking care of the pet fish. In this article let?s discuss about few.

The pet fish are not easy to handle. They should be fed right food at right time. Disease is yet another danger; hence you should be very careful in avoiding the same. Small virus infection in one fish will spread faster to all and completely destroy the flock in few days.

One should dispel the common feeling that pet fish maintenance is cheap and less time consuming. Different pet fish require different type of maintenance and food. Some are omnivores, some are carnivores and few are plant eaters. You should have very clear idea about the fish you have and their eating habits. You can always look for information in internet. You can also get information from the near by pet store or from the store you purchased the pet fish.

If you are getting in to pet fish for the first time, then have a very thorough discussion with the pet shop sales person. Try and get as much information as possible. They can guide you properly if they are well informed about their products. They will also goad you in to buying the accessories that are really required rather than selling everything on to you.

Let the sales person completely explain about the all pet fish variety he has in store. You should select the one that suits your interest, budget, place etc.? Once you had selected the fish variety, then get complete information about that particular fish. As discussed earlier, each fish require different food to consume.

For example, Betta fish can be offered various type of food. Bettamin is the cheapest but good food that can be offered to betta fish. Besides these fishes are easily available in any pet fish shop as they are very popular. Besides the betta fishes are cheap buy. The food, bettamin is also not very costly. The betta fish needs to be fed only two times a day. 0.81 ounces of bettamin can be used for few months.


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Extra Than Simply Tips On Cooking Wholesome Food | Article ...

Cooking more healthy meals does not imply that you must intake only odorless and tasteless food. At this time with the availability of numerous cook dinner books and recipes on wholesome living, anybody can prepare a tastier and more healthy meals in the comfort of their home. The choice of right sort of meals components is very crucial while making ready a healthy food. You can provide a slight modification to your favourite recipe by together with certain nutritious and more healthy elements and alter right here and there with out compromising on taste and health. Simply make sure that you cut back the calorific worth and remove the fat content.

Cooking will not be required from the basics. You?ll be able to go to some restaurants and get a prepared made recipe of your choice and add some healthy pinches here and there and transform them right into a partial hand-crafted recipe which is healthier than before. Wholesome cooking doesn?t mean that the elements should at all times comprise raw vegetables. It is essential that the meals items consists of vitamins, anti oxidants and minerals required for a balanced weight loss plan no matter how they?re cooked. So simply chopping and topping doesn?t suggest wholesome meals but vitamin wealthy meals is barely wholesome food. So lower your fats content and reduce down on fats content. This might undoubtedly prevent you from major ailments erupting in future. Use non stick cook ware to scale back the oil content. Include a number of fruits and vegetables to make sure that you may have sufficient fiber content included in your food plan for proper bowel movements and clear digestive system.

Boiling, frying or soaking your greens in water for too lengthy will certainly eliminate the important nutritional vitamins and minerals. Vegetables incorporates nutritional vitamins that are soluble in water. Some vegetables comparable to carrots, radish, lady?s finger and many others could be consumed raw. They support to keep up proper well being and teeth. It is essential to put your self in practice. Experiment with the help of various books available within the market. See to it that you don?t compromise in your health taking care of your style buds. Wholesome meals can be made tasty. It is the manner you grasp your culinary method. Cook dinner steamed rice or boiled noodles quite than fried rice.

There is no want of any examine required to organize a nutritious diet but it surely requires some common sense, persistence and experiments to preserve what?s required for being wholesome and take out the pointless unhealthy ingredients.

If you would like extra info with respect to stop losing hair drop by the writer?s Site right away.

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Ace Your Job Interview: Tips and Techniques That Win You the Job ...

You are here: Home / Hot Product / Ace Your Job Interview: Tips and Techniques That Win You the Job

Book for the Kindle: Ace Your Job Interview: Tips and Techniques That Win You the Job

********************************************************** We are pleased to offer thousands of books for the Kindle, including thousands of hard-to-find literature and classic fiction books.
Click on our Editor Name (eBook-Ventures) next to the book title above to view all of the titles that are currently available.

More Tips For Interview Products

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Catching A Bad Mood When You Are Sensitive

When you are sensitive, you can feel someone else's mood a mile away, and it affects you like it would the smell of bad perfume. I learned an important lesson yesterday I wanted to share about setting boundaries and bad moods.

I took a detour yesterday and went to a different post office then my cozy, friendly one. I had to send a package via Customs and waited patiently in line. I had a few more packages fumbling under my arm that had to go to the States.

When I made my way to the Teller I felt it: Bad mood.

She looked at my package and told me curtly that it needed a Customs form. She talked to me like I was a moron and I was purposely insulting her. She then threw the form at me with no directions and brushed me away. Thinking logically, I asked her if I could just pay for the other packages and then fill out the form and she said no twice. That wasn't how it was done.

The form came in a little booklet with lots of pages and made very little sense when you are in a hurry. I filled out the end form thinking that was the procedure and went back in line to face her again. This time I had the growing sensation of insecurity building up inside of me. "Was I stupid?" I stopped my train of thought quickly and sized up the situation. No, this woman had a "everyone is a moron but me" attitude going that I did not appreciate and it was affecting how I felt. I almost took it on.

Back in front of her, I lost my temper when she chastised me for only filling out the last form, without realizing that it was a duplicate and I should have filled out the first form.

"How the hell would I know that?" I snapped at her. I had been virally affected by her bad mood, and now I was hostile and on the defensive.

I walked away back to the desk to fill out the form "right." That's when the aha moment arrived. Eureka! I could walk away. I could take my stuff and go to another post office or even wait for another teller in line. I mumbled this out loud. I didn't have to put up with her bad treatment or the bad mood she was flinging at others! I also didn't have to get involved with defending myself or confronting her and showing her what she was doing. That wasn't my job.

That's when the Universe rewarded me immediately for my new lesson learned. The woman was so riled she walked into the back and was replaced by another teller who now was about to serve me.
This woman fawned over my cute little drawn mailing labels and stickers and complimented me. We chit-chatted about making art and how much we loved the process, and she told me about her art. When the transaction was completed, she said "Nice meeting you."

This was a 180 degree turn around from what I had just experienced! I told the world what I wanted and what I didn't want. And I threw what wasn't mine back at the person and basically said, "Here. This isn't mine, it's yours." I won't put up with bad treatment.

Now I do understand that working at the post office is a very stressful job. My husband worked there for years and told me the counter was the hardest job of all. And I am always trying to understand where the other person is coming from and have compassion, but the teller expected defiance, rudeness, ignorance, and received it, by being rude! Her foul treatment passed along to me, and if I had owned her mood, caught that contagion, I would surely have passed it to many others throughout the day like a bad cold.

See it, just say No, and Yes to what you do want.

Ronni Ann Hall is a spiritual teacher and professional intuitive empathy for animals and people. She loves teaching and sharing tools for other empaths and offers a class in her very own Fairy Online School called the Care of the Sensitive. This article is excerpted from her popular e-book, Help! I'm Sensitive. 50 Tools to help you thrive and survive as an empath. To order an ebook or sign up for the class check out her site at


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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scottish couple scoop record £162m lottery win (AFP)

POLMONT, Scotland (AFP) ? A Scottish couple out of work due to ill health have been unveiled as Europe's biggest ever lottery winners, scooping ?162 million ($262 million) in the EuroMillions jackpot.

Colin Weir, 64, and his wife Chris, 55, who have been married for 30 years and live in the seaside town of Largs near Glasgow, claimed the prize after Tuesday's draw which followed a series of rollovers.

The money catapulted them into 430th place in this year's Sunday Times Rich List for Britain, nine places beneath footballer David Beckham and his fashion designer wife Victoria Beckham, who have an official fortune of ?165 ($266 million).

"We were tickled pink," Chris Weir, a former psychiatric nurse, said as the couple faced the press for the first time after waiving their right to anonymity.

"I even had a glass of white wine, which is something I normally only do at Christmas. It really is unbelievable."

Colin Weir, a former TV cameraman and studio manager, appeared slightly dazed by the attention.

"When we first realised we had won, it felt like a dream. But it feels like a good thing; something we should not be afraid of but for us to enjoy with the children," he said.

The Weirs said they will buy homes for their daughter Carly, 24, a photography student, and their son Jamie, 22, who works in a call centre. Their children will also take their first driving lessons, they said.

They said they wanted to see the Great Wall of China and Uluru in Australia, as well as art galleries in Paris and Russia, while Colin, a fan of Spanish football, hopes to see Barcelona play from a personal box at the Camp Nou stadium.

The Weirs said they had both had several serious health conditions in recent years and have been unable to work.

Colin Weir suffered a leg injury and rheumatoid arthritis while Chris Weir worked in nursing for 37 years before quitting three years ago due to poor health.

The couple said they would have preferred not to go public but did not think they could keep their win secret, although they said they hoped their new-found wealth would not change them.

"We are not flashy people," she said. Her husband added: "With wealth comes great responsibility."

The win makes them richer than former Beatle Ringo Starr, who is worth £150 million ($242 million), and singer Tom Jones who is on £140 million ($226 million), according to the Rich List.

The previous British record jackpot holder, who won ?113 million ($182 million) in October last year, chose to remain anonymous.

The EuroMillions lottery, launched in 2004, is now played by nine countries across western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.


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treatment for dogs | Pet Natural

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 15:09:22 GMT+00:00

Wed, 13 Jul 2011 16:39:25 GMT+00:00

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 17:37:48 GMT+00:00

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 16:29:33 GMT+00:00

Tue, 12 Jul 2011 15:05:55 GMT+00:00

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 12:28:50 GMT+00:00

Tue, 12 Jul 2011 22:38:16 GMT+00:00

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 15:10:47 GMT+00:00

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 10:09:20 GMT+00:00

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 13:41:39 GMT+00:00

Tue, 12 Jul 2011 07:23:42 -0700

Thu, 07 Jul 2011 23:48:47 -0700

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 10:53:44 -0700

Take steps to help pets beat heat

Zeus, an American bulldog recently adopted from the Veterinary Treatment Facility, plays in a pool of water June 14 at the VTF. Dogs should have constant access to cool water and adequate shade with good airflow when outside in warm weather. Read more

Wed, 13 Jul 2011 23:11:51 -0700

Wed, 13 Jul 2011 05:20:00 -0700

Mon, 11 Jul 2011 14:32:35 -0700

Wed, 13 Jul 2011 07:18:51 -0700

Wed, 13 Jul 2011 02:36:28 -0700

Sterilized dogs are safer pets

View full sizeStar-Ledger photoIn the wake of several recent pit bull attacks, officials in Ellenville, N.Y. are considering requiring dogs to wear muzzles to protect residents from bites. But the best way any community can prevent dog bites is... Read more

Tue, 12 Jul 2011 07:20:18 -0700

71 dogs seized by B.C. SPCA

The B.C. SPCA seized 71 dogs from a Vancouver Island breeder, Green Acres Kennels in Merville, last week, alleging the dogs were being repetitively bred and suffering as a result. Read more

Mon, 11 Jul 2011 15:31:21 -0700

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Children's books not just for kids anymore

 Children?s books not   just for kids anymoreSaturday July 9, 2011

North Adams Transcript

You may have heard of a parody children?s book that has been lighting the Amazon pre-order charts on fire. It?s captured people?s imagination largely through its use of a vulgarity and mixing it with the time-honored lullaby trope ? it?s called ?Go the F*** to Sleep.?

Recently I joked that I wanted to write an answer book called ?Shut The F*** up Dad and Quit Whining, You got Mom Pregnant, now put Down Your iPhone and just Accept Your Parental Responsibilities with some Dignity.?

It?s a hard book to review, but that answer book title may qualify as mine. The real question when writing a review of the book, though, is whether it would stand out from the crowd without the F word? I don?t think it would. In fact, you take the F word out of it and the one thing that obscures the true tone is revealed ? this is a whiny book.

The book does address some real concerns, but not the ones everyone talks about ? I?m speaking of publishing concerns. The leaking of the PDF and the massive sales indicate that the official line in regard to so-called piracy is once again taken to task ? big sales can still happen. and imagine if these guys were self publishing. An author gets around 5 percent of the cover price with a publisher, but depending on the circumstance, can get much more as a self-publisher.

The book also addresses a stale quality that has infected the children?s publishing industry, in which edginess appears in the form of fart jokes, not ideas. bad behavior is still punished, lessons must still be learned and the entire scene has turned into a clubhouse for slumming celebrities with little to say beyond whatever pleases the marketing guys who control the industry. ?What the F? answers that with the idea that there are other corners of family life that can be addressed, while still pushing the same old conformity that the industry celebrates.

Combine that with the burgeoning culture of kid ridicule ? there?s certainly an audience for kid hostility, at least on some level, as the popular websites like bad Kids Art and Sh** my Kids Ruined reveal ? and you?ve got the recipe for a hit.

From my perspective the non-sleeping kid in the book is a culture jammer, a trickster, a wake-up call in more ways than the obvious one, trying to pull the parents outside their comfort zone, outside the cozy little life that they?ve managed to build, and challenge them to adapt, survive and, most importantly, do something different.

One of the biggest reasons some people fear having children is that they change your life ? your big picture life and your daily life ? after all the work you?ve done to get it where you want it so you could afford to have a kid. But that?s the strength of having a kid, that?s a major reason to have a kid ? it shakes things up, it keeps you on your toes, it challenges you and offers reinvention based on options you never considered because life was too safe.

?What the F? is a line in the sand, really ? you can rise to the challenge, or you can just whine. You can laugh as part of the little club that complains about children have ruined their life, or you can embrace the chaos.

Sure, getting a chuckle out of ?What The F? is harmless, and definitely not dangerous. Danger is in the book that empowers the kid to take that attitude towards the parent, and I don?t know of any publisher, big or small, who?s quite willing to go there right now.

John seven is the Transcript?s arts and entertainment editor.

what can i do with a lot of nice kids art work,drawing ,paintings,sculpture.suggestions please?

i work with kids for 14 years now ,i have nummbers of nice kids art work,different materials & different age .Did some exhibitions ,art contest &festivals ,still see that i meed to do some more with that fine art but do not know how or what or who can help me with this

You could put it on display at a local children's clinic....

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  5. The Book Bench: Ideas We Like: Books for Low-Income Kids : The New Yorker


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Friday, July 15, 2011

An Easy Glance About Beachfront Rentals | Computer Repair Articles

An Easy?Glance?About Beachfront Rentals

Many men and women?these days work with passion?and also excellence for eight hours a day?and also five days a week. Having to help work all-year round can send a determined?and also passionate worker into bored and also?dissatisfied employee. For anyone hard-working men and women who choose?to help?need a quick holiday?and also a holiday, a rented house on the beachfront is one of many convenient answers to help the problem.
In general, beachfront rentals are any method of houses or home?based?close to the beach as a resting or leisure place for travelers and tourists. These rentals are particularly built along the coastline to help?acquire?simple access to help the beach so to be near as achievable.Beachfront rentals are varied ? certain areas?make use of cottages while others are built such as houses or in groups such as a villa or a resort determined by the land structure and also the beach.
In a beach villa or resort, additional amenities such as swimming pool, spa clinics, gym or sport equipment rental shops could be available.
A beachfront rental is a house carried out with house appliances and also amenities such as bedrooms, dining rooms and also bathrooms. It is literally a residential home on the beach. Moreover?to help the rooms and also appliances, a lot of beachfront rentals have a magnificent view of the beach also as sunsets everyday at the duration of a guests stay.
Families, couples and even?individuals can go and also avail a beachfront rental determined by the cost and also duration of the guests stay.
Beachfront rentals as a real estate are a good investment for owners because?there are?several tourist and also travelers who need?to help experience residential home life near beach and also?too enjoy various activities such as water sports (water ski, snorkeling, scuba diving, beach sports (beach volleyball) and even romantic walks, picnics and also dates along the beach.
Moreover?to help tourists and also travelers, such method of rentals is likewise becoming widely used?since of beach weddings. Generally?after the wedding ceremony, the couple and also the guests can held the reception and also honeymoon in the nearby rental, villa or resort as a package deal.
The availability and also security of a beachfront rental might depend on the place?and also the season. Some are private and also?while others are available for any person who can pay off the rent.
Overall, these rentals are very widely used?since they give a convenient method?to help unwind and also enjoy life and also leisure under the sand, sun and also heat. Grab your own swimwear and also rent that getaway! computer bugs


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The Obama-Cantor spat: Is a debt deal still possible? (The Week)

New York ? The House Majority Leader says the president stormed out of Wednesday's debt-ceiling meeting, and there's a rising concern that the talks can't be saved

President Barack Obama?walked out of a stormy debt-limit meeting Wednesday evening, after telling congressional leaders that "enough is enough," according to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. The House's second-ranking Republican said the clash came after he suggested the GOP might accept a short-term hike in the debt ceiling, accompanied by spending cuts, to avoid default on Aug. 2, with another vote next year. President Obama, who has repeatedly said he'll only accept a long-term debt solution, and has tried to engineer a "grand bargain" of massive spending cuts and smaller revenue increases with Republicans, is?reportedly?fed up. Saying that no past president would have patiently allowed such negotiations, Obama reportedly told congressional leaders, "I've reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this."?Are negotiations doomed?

Yes. We'll get a Band-aid, not a real fix: The White House insists Obama stormed out because Cantor "badgered" him, says Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post. "Heavens, can't have that." Republicans are justifiably frustrated after pitching concrete plans, and promising that they'll OK a deal tomorrow if it cuts spending as much as it raises the debt ceiling. But Obama refuses to offer a counter-proposal that could pass either house of Congress, so we'll be left with some lousy fall-back option that solves nothing.
"A position, a plan, and a walk"

Cantor's whining only made matters worse: Clearly, the GOP is "run entirely by petulant children," says Steve Benen at Washington Monthly.?Eric Cantor is "undermining the process itself by pouting for the cameras" and whining that Obama hurt his feelings. But, theatrics aside, "the substantive gaps between the parties appear to be turning into chasms," so the talks are bound to go nowhere before they're scheduled to end on Friday.
"Going backwards with 19 days to go"

They will strike a deal. They must: This testy exchange changed nothing, says James Pethokoukis at Reuters. At this point, both sides know Republicans won't accept tax hikes, and Democrats won't agree to the GOP's "dollar for dollar" deal if it means matching the debt-ceiling hike entirely with spending cuts. So ultimately, Republicans will probably accept something like $1.5 trillion in cuts, instead of the $2 trillion-plus they want. It won't be perfect, but compared to the possibility of Obama turning a debt crisis into a weapon against the GOP in his re-election campaign, even "spending-hawk House Republicans" may agree to this deal.
"Maybe Cantor should have stormed out instead"

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Internet Search Engine Marketing ? The Response to Your Company Needs

Within this modern world where marketplaces have developed online, it's important for any business to make use of cyberspace. Due to this demand, most companies build their websites for that promotion of various items and services convinced that individuals will think it is. Regrettably, that's not the situation. With an incredible number of websites readily available for individuals to see, just creating the first is not adequate enough. It needs to be promoted to drive traffic towards it and obtain the outcomes you'll need. Offline marketing like providing fliers and giveaways might be a great way, however it takes lots of your time and effort, money, and energy. The simplest and the best way to create clients for your web site is thru Internet Search Engine Marketing (Search engine marketing).

Search engine marketing increases website visibility through a mix of various methods for example Ppc (PPC) campaigns or Compensated Search Advertising, and Seo (Search engine optimization). They are two of the very popular aspects of Search engine marketing. PPC is really a tool for market visibility where clients seek the assistance of search engines like google to locate clients to click their advertisements for a small fee. Whereas Search engine optimization increases your websites page ranking in search engines like google like Yahoo and google with keyword optimisation, link shedding, and several other tools. Another manner of Search engine marketing is Content Creation with positioning and distribution to 100s of sites online. These advertising models require effort and huge time allotment. A positive thing is the fact that you will find Internet Search Engine Marketing services for you, to help you leave your burden towards the experts.

With Internet Search Engine Marketing, you're assured of visibility to online customers that will deliver immediate leads to your company's status. About 90% of internet customers worldwide use search engines like google to locate information, items, and services. Think of the an incredible number of clients who may go to your websites an internet-based ads if rated wonderfully. Search engine marketing is going to be made effective by producing quality and visible quite happy with search key phrases, underlying Meta data and statistics for optimisation, as well as posting your websites links on articles, blogs, reviews, comments, forums and also to any relevant spaces open to increase the amount of site visitors in your page.

Internet Search Engine Marketing includes a proven history of giving clients satisfaction and excellent results using the endless chance of growing the amount of website visitors. Not just that, with Search engine marketing, you don't just target any people, but individuals who're your most probable clients. Companies frequently make common mistakes in focusing on clients, by spending a lot of cash on advertising on televisions or radios without selecting the very best airtime for his or her key clients. Search engine marketing experts and professionals understand how to target your audience and where your websites should be placed.

In addition to that, in comparison to traditional mainstream marketing tools for example Print Advertising and tv Advertisements, Internet Search Engine Marketing is comparatively less costly. Large and established companies may employ this way of consistency of recognition. For small or beginning companies, Search engine marketing is good introducing what you are, that which you do, and that which you offer. Imagine the advantages of reaching clients worldwide without you doing any work but simply finding the right Search engine marketing provider. Consider your rivals and also require acquired this particular service and therefore are taking pleasure in its benefits. Well, stop the thinking and begin the doing. Search engine marketing is definitely the response to your company visibility needs.

Search engine optimization-Search engine marketing Professionals provides Professional
Internet search engine marketing - check out the website and phone us for the services - http://world wide engine optimization-search engine


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Best Debt Management: Car finance-drive home, new car finance ...

Cars from different to the people. A luxury car can anybody consume less gas and Pocket easily choose economical car garage adoring themselves would be. It feels the necessity of all individuals is true the only stumbling block price factor. And car and manufacturing automotive manufacturer safety issue with global warming, while adhering to the strict emission standards. These factors, the car is quite an expensive option? But can people buy cars there ways. In this regard, is car finance big support.

Car finance, name references, you can use or buy car models is available for financial institutions. Loan to buy his or her favorite vehicle is basically the applicant, the financial assistance provided. Also can apply for finance to raise the utilization, second hand car 5-but older and not in six years.

That total amount through finance, borrowers need 80-100% gain. But the need to determine a model borrower, car ago availing of the financial. Help borrowers to easily see to evaluate various car dealer car prices, no slip. You can rent the exact amount required to purchase a car this way that borrowers are.

Further organized into financial secured and unsecured form. Secure financial form for borrower offers larger amounts, but using it to buy car has promised. In addition, collateral eventually to put the to the relatively low-cost loans for the borrowers can. Unprotected financial form is lost promise of collateral. Limited quantities on the basis of the borrower's income and ability to repay is approved. These loans typically have a shorter repayment term. Usually it's 5-7, spans the period.

Car finance, traditional as well as in the online market to supply from current lender. But it is advisable to save time, and to apply online to get the best deal loans.

Provides advice about by Eunice Scott car financial United Kingdom financial advisers and financial, and insurance. In recent years to provide informative articles of his independent financial advice he has taken. To learn more about the cheapest car finance, car finance United Kingdom at the United Kingdom of personal car finance, car finance United Kingdom visit .


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google Offers Beta Expanded From Portland To New York And The SF Bay Area

Following the debut of Google Offers, currently in beta, in Portland last month, Google is today launching deals for New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. Also starting later today, you can purchase, view and redeem a Google Offer of the day with the free mobile application Google Shopper 2.0 for Android.


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The Importance of Understanding Site Requirements for Your Retail ...

Browse >
Home / Resources / The Importance of Understanding Site Requirements for Your Retail Franchise Business

Whether your choice is an auto repair facility or a pastry shoppe, a pharmacy or a flower stall, the single most important decision that will impact the success of your franchise business is the selection of its location. Any retail business, no matter how large or small, requires a strong market presence to attract customers and drive revenues. The right location is the key element to meeting these objectives to create a successful retail franchise business.

Criteria are based on the type of business and the demographic associated with target customer. For one franchise business a prominent storefront presence in a busy urban center may be required. This location, typical of commercial districts, features daytime and early evening pedestrian traffic. These locations are usually at or near public transit centers and offer easy access to popular bus and subway routes for residents, employees and visitors.
Another franchise business may be better suited to locations in retail shopping malls. In this type of location the customer is attracted to the major retail anchor tenants. These tenants reflect the economic status of a specific consumer group and this group of customers frequents this location. It is important when selecting this type of location to know your customer, such as their shopping habits and preferences, and to match these with the preferences and shopping habits of the average customer at the designated mall location.
Still other franchise businesses might be better suited to locations outside the city center. These suburban or rural locations may be either a free standing building or a storefront in a neighborhood retail center. Locations of this type need to be prominently positioned on well traveled streets or highways since it is the visibility of the location that will initially generate awareness of your franchise business. The location should have sufficient parking for customers and provide easy access and egress to the parking area. If the location is on a major highway it is important that the location be easily identified with appropriate signage. An easy on/off ramp from the highway to the site must be available to facilitate customer traffic to the location.
Whichever is the best site for your franchise business ? downtown location, retail shopping mall, or a free standing building ? the franchisor should provide site selection and evaluation guidelines. These guidelines identify the types of locations best suited to your franchise business based on a demographic identification of your target customer. These guidelines are the result of a careful analysis by the franchisor of franchise customers and their shopping habits. Knowing this information is key to better identifying and evaluating locations for your franchise business.
Typically these guidelines are provided as a manual outlining step-by-step instruction on how to implement a site selection survey. The survey, prepared by the franchisor, consists of a series of questions which are specific to understanding characteristics associated with a retail location. These questions identify major assessment criteria such as pedestrian traffic patterns or proximity to other similar retail competitors. A checklist may also be included to identify internal characteristics of the site such as availability of utilities or actual street frontage. The franchisee, when completing the survey, may be asked to include photographs of the location and the area immediately adjacent to the site.
The site selection survey is conducted by the franchisee. Upon completion the survey is submitted to the franchisor who is responsible for verifying its accuracy. The franchisor may request additional information, either from the franchisee, the site?s property manager, or the landlord. This information, in addition to demographic reports, traffic studies, and other data, is reviewed by the franchisor. Based on this analysis, the franchisor will then discuss with the franchisee the merits of a specific location for the franchise business.
It is important that before initiating the site selection process, a franchisor briefs the franchisee on what the requirements are for a location for the franchise business. While the franchisee is identifying potential locations, the franchisor should be available to answer questions and provide general guidance to the franchisee. Implementing a comprehensive process involving both the franchisor and the franchisee insures that both parties are establishing the framework for a strong working relationship. This framework is the basis for a successful long term franchise partnership.

About the Author. Ms McDonald is an international franchise consultant with experience in assisting local enterprises in developing their concepts as franchise businesses. Contact her at or at

Next Month: After the Lease is Negotiated, What?s the Next Step?


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Woman Men Adore Review ? The Truth On Bob Grant's Book

The Woman Men Adore is one of the most popular relationship books for women available online on these days.

On this Woman Men Adore review we will talk about this book, take a look at some of the pros and cons of it and learn if Bob Grant?s guide can really help you or not.

The Woman Men Adore Review ? What Exactly Is It?

Created and written by Bob Grant, a licensed professional counselor and relationship Coach for more than 17 years, the woman Men Adore a step-by-step guide showing how to understand all the men and women better understand how loving relationships and satisfying success purports to create.

The main aim of the book is about love, the differences between men and women and how you can make as a woman, women use to understand people, and finally, in order to you.

What is so special about this book is that allthe strategies inside are based on a real life experience that Bob Grant had with lots of women he has come into contact with during his career, and he actually claims that by following the advice inside his Woman Men Adore guide you will find out exactly how you can understand men and how you can finally create the relationship of your dreams.

To find out if it is true and to learn if Bob Grant?s guide is actually for you let?s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this product.

The Woman Men Adore Review ? The Pros And Cons

The Pros

Can Save You A Lot Of Money

On these days counseling sessions cost something between $45 to $200 per session and Bob Grant himself charges more than $150 per session.

In terms of money, the great thing about the Woman Men Adore is that Bob Grant actually gives any woman the chance to get the same insights and to learn the same strategies that have worked for its customers in the last 17 years, but only for a fraction of the normal price of its consultations.

Step-by-step guide that is very easy to follow

Another great thing about the woman Men Adore is that all concepts are presented in this book in an extremely organized and professional, making it very user-friendly guide.
The book is also available in plain English, that every strategy and technique in itself makes it very clear, writtenand easy to follow.

The Product Comes With Full Money Back Guarantee

The Woman Men Adore is backed by 8 weeks of full money back guarantee and if for any reason you will not be completely satisfied with the results of Bob Grant?s strategies and advice then you can get all of your money back, so actually there is no risk.

The Cons

There Are No Audios And Videos

Although the fact that The Woman Men Adore is a user-friendly guide, some people prefer to watch video tutorials or listening to audios instead of reading a guide.

However, it seems that Bob Grant preferred to sell his product for a reasonable price rather than charging higher price for the same advice just in different form, and as a result you won?t get any videos or audios with the guide.

Available For Purchase Only Online

The book is available for purchase only on the internet and you will not find it at the bookstores.

The Woman


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How to quit online game ? Gaming

Here are some thoughts that came in my mind at work. If we think about singleplayer games, in most cases gamers stop playing the game, when it came way too hard, it started to repeat or just played it 100%. In singleplayer game you dont have any friends in the game (except In real life), so basically you can stop the game at anytime you want, and you don?t need to tell anybody that you got bored and uninstalled the game. But the problem comes in multiplayer game, lets say it online game for further.

At online game, you maybe have quite a lot players at your friend list, aswell as guild, maybe some kind of guild alliance, of course you have your own arena team friends, in real life friends and many many more. So if you just quit the game and never come back, there will be a lot (and when I mean a lot, I really mean it) of players that keep thinking that why that UberSlayer58375 havent been online for quite long time? Of course im not meaning that you should tell every your 400 friend that you are going to quit the game cause?

What is good reason to quit the game? In most online games the reason will be that the game doesn?t feel anymore same as it was feel like week ago. So players get bored for the game, this is one huge quitting reason at online games. At online games, there isn?t like the end, so you can?t like quit the game cause you have end with the end.

When we talk about mmorpg, these pretty much all same kind of games, so if you just quit every game after a month, you wont get pretty far. So basically if you want to get in the end game at mmorpg, you must keep playing it longer than 70hours. So how you keep playing a mmo without getting bored so fast? One good tip is to just stick till milestone. Like if we dream that you have a level 86 character and you get little bit bored, you should keep saying to yourself that im going to level 100. That really help that you have something to aim. And when you get in your milestone, in this case it will be level 100, im pretty sure that you have totally different feel about the game. Cause a lot of things have changed in that travel, you got some new items/skills, you maybe meet some new friends and stuff like that. So get something to aim for, it really help.

Another good tip is that stick in one character. This is basically the same thing as the milestone one, so get something to aim. But if you get bored in your character but not in the game, then its different. Cause if you always make new character, and you make it cause the other is a lot of cooler/stronger, dont do that, think that the game is fully balanced and your character is just fine. If you make all time new character, lets like think that max level is 100 and you make new character every time at about level 30. So you basically play the 1-30level like 5 or more times again. I can tell that you get pretty fast bored to the game, cause you do all the same quests all time, so everyone know what happen if the game keep repeating it self. So basically just try to get higher levels, it give more fun to game when you have new quests, items and skills.

I just posted way out of the topic, so let?s go back in the thing what I was thinking at start, I keep playing in the same time, so my mind is doing some tricks to me.

How to quit online game

If you are playing an online game that is totally boring game without friends and of course you have some in real life friends playing it aswell. So this is the start setup. You have great game, friends and peace is in the world. What will happen when you saw that your friend havent logged in for 3 days? You keep thinking that did he quit, is he at vacation? Of course if its you?re in real life friend you should know if he is going to vacation.

Your friend got bored and quited, this is the situation now. But how your friend is going to tell it to you?

  • -Sorry man, I just got bored to the game, have fun anyway.
  • -Sorry man, I just got bored to the game, by the way this game sucks.
  • -Sorry man, I just got bored to the game, any ideas how I can get back in to the game?

Those are first 3 that came in my mind. If your friend is real friend, he should say that first line. If he is just friend, he will maybe tell all the bad things about the game and try you quit aswell, go to line 2. Personally I have seen a lot of quitters in my gaming life, but never seen anyone ask me that last line. This should be the way that everyone quit the online game. They got bored, but don?t give up that easily, they are asking advice to get back in the fun. I told some tips at start how to keep the fun up, but if you got some other tips, please put them on the comments. I totally need them aswell cause I don?t like to get bored in to the game, I want to be the best in every game! If we ask about Word of Warcraft players how not to get bored, you know what they will answer? Maybe they answer that their wallet don?t want to quit, way too much have spent in this game. But that is just joke, in most cases they will say that take a break. Taking like 2week break from a game is on pretty good way to get off boring, try out that next time you are trying to click the uninstall.


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Mideast mediators fail to agree on new peace talks (AP)

WASHINGTON ? Already dim prospects for any quick resumption to Mideast peace talks have been dealt a blow as international mediators failed to reach agreement on how to restart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and a confrontation that is likely to set back efforts even further looms at the United Nations.

Faced with the urgent task of getting the two sides back to the table before the Palestinians seek recognition of an independent state at the U.N. in September, the "quartet" of Mideast peacemakers ? the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia ? was unable after hours of talks on Monday night to produce a unified statement on how to proceed. Such a statement had been an already modest goal of the meeting.

A senior U.S. official said Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, E.U. foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov acknowledged that there were significant gaps are still impeding progress among both the mediators and the parties themselves and that "much more work" needs to be done before the quartet can issue a call to relaunch negotiations that stalled last September.

The official said talks would continue but acknowledged that the mediators were "realistic" about the gaps and could not come to consensus on how to address them. The quartet usually issues statements following meetings of its top officials, and the fact that none was forthcoming Monday underscored the slim chances for bringing the Israelis and Palestinians back to talks anytime soon.

The U.S. official refused to elaborate on the gaps but said now was a time for private diplomacy and not public statements, suggesting deep pessimism among the mediators for getting negotiations restarted before the Palestinians plan to bring their bid for independence before the United Nations General Assembly in September. That move is likely to make the decades-old deadlock even more intractable.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private working dinner among the quartet principals at the State Department.

Earlier Monday, Clinton and Ashton told reporters that the U.S. and European Union remained committed to getting the two sides back to the table. They said negotiations are the only way to resolve the conflict and Clinton noted that negotiations were what led to the creation of the world's newest state, South Sudan, this weekend after decades of civil war.

"Sudan and South Sudan negotiated a peace agreement that led to independence," she told reporters at a joint news conference with Ashton. "That is what we're asking the Palestinians and the Israelis to do."

But neither Israel nor the Palestinians have shown any sign they are ready to resume direct talks after nine months of inaction, and the Palestinian push for U.N. recognition has further complicated things.

The new U.S. special Mideast peace envoy, David Hale, and White House adviser Dennis Ross have been unable to persuade the Palestinians to back off. Israel and the U.S. support an independent Palestine but oppose attempts to establish one without negotiations.

The measure probably will pass, providing the Palestinians with increased diplomatic power, even though independence still will need U.N. Security Council approval, something the U.S. would surely veto.

The U.S. has been furiously trying without success to get the Israelis and Palestinians to commit to new discussions based on parameters President Barack Obama outlined in a May speech: two states based on the territorial boundaries that existed before the 1967 Mideast war, with some territory swaps to account for population shifts and security concerns.

Speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss confidential meetings, American officials have offered negative assessments of the atmosphere surrounding the peace process. They described it as gloomy and depressing.

And until last week, the United States wasn't even sure it made sense to meet with the other mediators, believing there was nothing new to discuss. Eventually, the administration relented to European calls to get together.

Speaking before the quartet meeting on the Voice of Palestine radio station, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the Palestinians hoped for a strong statement from the group.

"The quartet needs not only to state that the negotiations should be based on the 1967 borders, but Israel also needs to endorse that in order for us to resume the peace talks," he said. He said that given Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's opposition to these terms, "we demand the quartet hold Israel responsible for the collapse of the peace process."

The Israelis, meanwhile, are still fuming over Obama's May 19 speech. By endorsing language on territory that had long been a Palestinian goal as a basis for the talks, Obama upset Israel, which has maintained that all boundaries should be subject to negotiation.


Associated Press writer Bradley Klapper contributed to this report.


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