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Climbing Mount Kinabalu in One Day- Will You Truly Achieve it ...

Usually tourists get two days to climbing Mount Kinabalu, to ensure they?re able to benefit from the sights and relaxation for an evening on the warm lodgings in Laban Rata. But when you?re feeling you happen to be in very good bodily and psychological problem and you also tend not to care about having a great meal along with a good sleep previous to continuing your quest into the major, it is possible to climbing in a single day. Here is what you ought to do if you want to climbing the four,095 m superior peak in just one day:

. You should arrive on the Kinabalu National Park Headquarters in advance, to book your climbing day
. Search for the guide to accompany you; it is a compulsory condition if you need to climb Mt Kinabalu
. Come across a bus or some thing to receive you from Kota Kinabalu towards the park headquarters. Whichever you take, it will likely be about two hours prior to arriving to the park. Bear in mind that you simply will need to begin your climbing day incredibly early if you?d like to produce it to your top on time. Converse in your tutorial about that and set a meeting hour.
. Make sure you stay in very good wellbeing and shape mainly because it?ll be pretty exhausting to have for the prime in only one particular day. Also, pray once and for all weather. You might be dealing with some challenges if it rains.
. You should reach Laban Rata close to eleven am if you?d like to move forward further more, towards the top. When you arrive in Laban Rata as well late, you could not have the opportunity to proceed your climb.

When you consider you?re okay with all the above described ailments, then you definately really should also take into consideration the ?warnings? composed down below prior to seriously deciding to climbing Mount Kinabalu in a single day.

. Like I?ve presently explained, weather conditions is usually an important and uncontrollable factor. In case you are unlucky and it begins raining greatly, then your guideline might be pressured to consider you again, for ones security. This tends to ruin your ideas.
. Also, you might not be as rapidly when you consider. In case you fall short to achieve Laban Rata just before twelve am, you could possibly locate oneself from the impossibility of finding on the best promptly
. Your system might let you down, despite the fact that you think that you happen to be in excellent bodily ailment. Factors similar to this just take place. It?s an extensive and tiring way to the top.
. You will likely miss the many fantastic factors which have been to get witnessed; usually do not make the climbing the sole objective of your respective journey; especially because you can climb Mt Kinabalu and see the many amazing sights in just two days; why hurry to end in a single?

They are the specifics; the decision is yours. Anyway, it is actually always a fantastic knowledge to climb Mt Kinabalu, irrespective of whether you get it done in a single, two or a few days. Just take each of the time you would like to appreciate on your own and admire every one of the beauties that nature gives us. And don?t forget about to just take some photos, regardless of whether you might be in a rush. They will generate a fantastic photo-album.

Read more info on: climb Mount Kinabalu and Kinabalu National Park


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Kirsten Dunst: Depression Isn't an Embarrassing Topic

Kirsten Dunst: Depression Isn't an Embarrassing Topic

Kirsten Dunst isn't ashamed of struggling with depression. In an interview with Canadian fashion magazine Flare, the 29-year-old actress says she hopes to remove the social stigma of battling the clinical mood disorder.

"People are embarrassed to talk about it," Dunst tells Flare. "I would never put anyone down that was in that kind of space."

In 2008, the Spider-Man star admitted herself to the Cirque Lodge Rehab Center in Sundance, Utah. The actress was attempting to treat depression -- not a drug or alcohol problem, as was rumored at the time. Through her treatment, Dunst says she came to understand that dealing with depression isn't some abnormality.

"I think that most human beings go through some sort of depression in their life," she says. "And if they don't, I think that's weird."

Dunst's depression, she admits, even helped her professionally. For her role in Lars von Trier's critically acclaimed drama Melancholia, which earned her the best actress award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, Dunst tapped into her own melancholy to channel the character's emotional range.

"It was really hard for me to watch because I don't recognize myself in parts of that film," Dunst explains. "It weirds me out a little bit. Like my voice change, this look in my eye. It scared me a little bit."


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Six Pack Quest German Bauchmuskelbibel, Health & Fitness

Greg Cote's capsules and predictions for NFL games this weekend - Sacramento Bee

Health & Fitness; Books & Media; Fun ... Pack has won five of past seven meetings in series including last season's NFC title ... the influential early 20th Century German ...

Milan fashion features feminine pleated styles - Raleigh News & Observer

Health/Science; Traffic; Weird; Best of ... and light enough to pack off for a weekend at the beach or fancy port. ... German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, ...

NAPER SETTLEMENT - Chicago Sun-Times

Fitness; Food; Lifestyles; Music ... including German classics and local ... magician William Pack uses storytelling and historical magic recreations to go beyond the myth and bring to ...

Pope Benedict 'Returns Home' To Germany - WDSU

Health. Diet And Fitness ... In a video message broadcast by German TV network ARD last week, ... Cyclist Attacked By Pack Of Dogs. Tropical Storm Ophelia Strengthens In Atlantic.

Rangnick quits as coach of Schalke for health reasons - Daily Mail

... Rangnick guided Schalke to a win over Inter Milan in the Champions League quarter-finals and to the German ... s fitness after keeper ... a pack of problems as captain ...

Farmers produce potatoes galore - Rutland Herald

German Linda has a long oval shape and ... their daughter Debra gave Don a variety planting pack from a grower in Maine ... Health and Fitness ...

Chelsea ?looking at Mario Gomez to replace Torres? - First Post

But German rag Sport Bild says ... Villas-Boas said he believed Anelka would leave on a free transfer next summer but the player himself hinted he might pack ... Health & Fitness ...

Howell: Help celebrate the outdoors with National Hunting and ... - Wichita Falls Times Record News

Health & Fitness; Home & Garden; Family ... we'll follow behind a German shorthaired pointer named "Maggie," as a new generation of ... ?Register to win Family 4-Pack tickets to ...

Inside Gaming: Germany's Online Gaming Strides, Caesars' Loveman ... - Poker News

German State Votes to License and Tax Online Sports Betting and Poker. ... the last remaining landmark from Rat Pack-era Las Vegas, ... Fitness & Health;

The coyotes next door - Los Angeles Times

Fitness & Nutrition; Mental Health; ... where residents reported a pack living in a burned-out house earlier ... I always found a big German Shepherd works ...


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How to Jump Higher Effectively ? Prudent Articles

Basketball players and even mere basketball lovers and fans are aware of how important high jump is when it comes to basketball. They are also aware that most of the good players and players who have made it to the hall of fame because of their extreme popularity already owe their achievements from their ability to jump high. In other words, good and popular players are players who know how to jump higher in basketball.

If you ever wonder why, well, it is because high jumpers in basketball have higher chances to perform a dunk, an action that guarantees a score an action that has higher chances of shooting the ball into the ring. In fact, basketball is not the single game that requires this ability as volleyball and other sports also requires it.

The question now is how can one learn how to jump higher or how can one improve his jumping abilities? Well, there are effective ways on how to learn to jump higher and these are:

* Leg exercises. You must apply leg exercises by learning what the best leg exercises are that can help you strengthen your leg muscles and increase its stamina and such types of exercises could be jumping up and down, jogging, jumping rope as well as stretching and relaxation of the leg. * Keep body fit and healthy. Of course, it is important to keep your body in good shape or as much as possible, lose weight, if you feel you have excess of it because keeping your nobody fit and healthy can help you carry yourself better, making it easy for you to lift your body up when jumping. * Do not overwork your leg. As much as you need to exercise your leg muscles, do not overdo it and apply the saying ?too much of something is bad? because your leg also needs relaxation so it won?t be too strained to even stand up. * Follow the best programs and manuals to improve your high jump. There are numerous programs and manuals offering you tip and techniques to learn the ability of jumping higher and you must follow the best one or find the one that truly works by:

-reading reviews about a certain program/manual. This will help you get a glimpse about that program, its methods, and what it can achieve for you. Reading reviews can also save you the time, effort and money looking for programs and manuals that you are not sure may meet your needs or may even work.

-asking for opinions and testimonials. This will help you learn something about a certain program from people who actually used it and this will give you an idea whether you can trust a certain program to be effective or not.

-availing of free trials. Some programs offer your free trials so you can try out their product before purchasing it and this can help you prove to yourself whether the product is user-friendly and effective.

-trusting only a complete/thorough training program/manual. A lot of people have failed in their quest to learn how to jump higher and that is because they fail to find the best and complete program/manual to help them. Just because a program has great exercises doesn?t mean it is the best because great programs and manuals do not focus on exercises alone. Rather, it deals with a complete package from nutrition, body management and exercises. This is because if you want to know how to jump higher, you must first make sure your body is fit to be equipped with that ability.

Basketball players and even mere basketball lovers and fans are aware of how important high jump is when it comes to basketball. They are also aware that most of the good players and players who have made it to the hall of fame because of their extreme popularity already owe their achievements from their ability to jump high. In other words, good and popular players are players who know how to jump higher in basketball.


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Disney hopes game character makes it to big screen (AP)

LOS ANGELES ? The Walt Disney Co. has used mobile games to promote its movies, but now it's trying something new: launching a cuddly character in a game in the hope he makes it to the big screen someday.

In a first effort at the new strategy, Disney is launching this week an animated alligator named "Swampy," whose bizarre quest in the 99-cent iPhone game "Where's My Water?" is to keep clean.

The reptile, unlike his in-the-wild counterparts, lives under a big city and mostly hangs around in his bathtub, waiting for iPhone owners to dig a digital trench that allows water to flow into his poorly connected plumbing.

Disney Mobile general manager Bart Decrem says one goal of the launch is to incubate new characters that can cross over into other Disney business units like movies and merchandise.

"Maybe five years from now, wouldn't it be great if there was a movie that started up on the App Store?" Decrem said.

He said mobile devices are becoming central to kids' lives and Disney wants to make sure it is there.

"To me, this is where a generation of kids is growing up. And it's really critical for the success of the company that we be there and telling stories and introducing characters to a new generation of kids," he said.

Disney's interactive unit has long been a troubled one. Expensive forays into making video games for consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 3 have resulted in big losses.

In the most recent quarter through July, Disney's interactive unit lost $86 million on revenue that grew 27 percent from a year earlier to $251 million. That marked the 11th consecutive quarterly loss since Disney began breaking out results for the unit in late 2008.

Analysts have questioned what Disney is doing in the games business, especially after its $563 million purchase of social games maker Playdom last year didn't help stem the losses.

The unit's new co-presidents, John Pleasants and James Pitaro, have made it a goal for interactive to be profitable in 2013.

The focus on mobile games, rather than console games, is part of what Disney hopes aids the turnaround. Decrem said mobile games take up to a dozen people about half a year to create. That's far less expensive than console games, which can take hundreds of programmers two to three years to finish.

Disney Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo told an investor conference in New York on Wednesday one focus of the interactive unit is to deliver products at lower cost. "Clearly, we've got a lot of work to do in this business," he said.


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Reflections on Priorities ? Get Ready for the Holidays Now ? All ...

On September 11th of this year, I experienced several unconnected situations that required me to check in on my priorities and how they gel with society.

The morning was spent as I imagine many of you spent it, watching the coverage from New York, Washington & Pennsylvania.?It was an important time to reflect on the events from a decade ago. I was pleased to see that, even in our current disappointing political climate (a Congressman called government approval levels ?somewhere in the friends and family only area? on a recent Sunday morning news show), for at least one day, we were able to reflect on one of the most tragic days in our history and, perhaps more importantly, the sense of community it created in the weeks and months that followed.

That afternoon was spent moving my wife?s grandfather?s out of his condominium as he transitions to a nursing home.?Without going into great detail, it became an opportunity to prioritize the importance of ?stuff? in our lives, reflect on some important memories for some of the family and effectively evaluate wants versus needs when it comes to sentimental value.

The day ended with a stop at the mall for a quick errand.?To my surprise, I had to walk through an entire floor fully decked out for Christmas before reaching my destination. Less than a week had passed since Labor Day. Halloween is still well off into the future. How could we already be emptying Santa?s sleigh into the local mall?

While a strange combination of events, it culminated in my realizing that this is the year I?m going to have a sincere talk with my family about the holidays before it catches me by surprise again. Every year, too much time and money is spent buying stuff that none of us really need. We rush to get to and from the mall, get it all wrapped, making sure everyone has ?enough? to open. By the time we get to actually spending time together to celebrate the holiday and the year we?ve had, we?re out of time and out of energy. We discuss how silly it all is. How the time together and the simple traditions are really what means the most, but it?s too late. When the?next year comes, we get blindsided by feelings of obligation, and the cycle continues.

Thanks to the timely reflections provided by the focus of the 9/11 memorial ceremonies, a family member?s move to a nursing home, and a disturbing scene at the mall, this year I?m taking a stand.?I?m going to discuss these issues with my family now, not when we?re all gathered around the tree. I want to focus on experiences as gifts and trading the time spent running around the malls for time spent together.

I hear these concerns echoed throughout the year from so many friends, clients and colleagues, and wanted to sound the alarm a little earlier this year in the hopes that we?d all have time to reflect on how we want the holidays to look this year.

So before the mall and television ads nudge you back to the typical holiday shopping pattern, take the time now to consider making some changes this year. As with investing, retirement or most anything in life, you?re much more likely to succeed with a little planning in advance.

Chip Workman, CFP?, MBA
Lead Advisor
The Asset Advisory Group
Cincinnati, Ohio

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SE Asia risks China's ire to discuss sea dispute (AP)

MANILA, Philippines ? Southeast Asian maritime experts were close to endorsing a Philippine plan for settling a long-standing dispute over potentially oil-rich islands in the South China Sea that are claimed by six countries including China.

The experts gathered in Manila Thursday for a two-day discussion of the plan, which is seen an attempt by the Philippines to present a unified regional policy in confronting China. Beijing claims all the islands while the other countries claim them in part in a constantly bubbling dispute that has often led to regional tensions.

The meeting was limited to maritime and legal experts from the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations. China has reportedly protested against the meeting because it prefers bilateral negotiations with each claimant country.

A draft of the final statement to be issued after the meeting ends Friday indicated all the participants were inclined to support Manila's proposals.

The statement, obtained by The Associated Press, describes the proposal as "consistent with international law," and urges claimants to "explore the possibility" of delineating the disputed areas for joint projects.

A Philippine diplomat said that if ASEAN can forge a common stand, the bloc would then try to get China's concurrence. The proposal will make little headway unless China accepts it, but that seems to be a tough ask given that Beijing has refused to consider claims by other countries.

China has already questioned why ASEAN should deal with the disputes as a group when the majority of its members are not claimants, another diplomat told the AP.

The two diplomats said Beijing had also protested against the ASEAN maritime experts' meeting. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to reporters.

Only four ASEAN countries ? Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam ? lay claims to the region believed to be rich in oil. The other claimant besides China is its rival Taiwan.

The Philippine proposal includes delineating the disputed islands so claimants could demilitarize them and turn them into a "zone of peace, freedom, friendship and cooperation."

The Philippines says that not the entire South China Sea is disputed, but only the Spratly archipelago, which is sought by all six claimants, and the Paracel Islands, which are being contested by China, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Once the disputed areas are delineated, claimants can decide to withdraw their troops, replace them with civilian forces and undertake joint research projects and disaster drills to boost trust, according to the Philippine proposal.

However, segregating the disputed areas would be tough. The Philippines, for example, claims as its own a potentially gas-rich area called the Reed Bank, which lies off its western province of Palawan.

China, however, contests that claim, and two Chinese patrol boats tried to drive away a Philippine oil exploration ship from the area in March. The Philippines protested the incident as one of several intrusions by China into its territorial waters that reignited tensions in the first half of the year.

The dispute is so entrenched that claimant countries can't even agree on the names of the islands and surrounding waters. The Philippines calls the South China Sea the West Philippine Sea.

Resolving the dispute "may take centuries," acknowledged Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay while talking to reporters after delivering an opening speech to the maritime experts.


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Tech FAQ, FAQ Technology, Foreign pets along with Exotic ...

In the beginning considered, wrong from it? When individuals have ample income to afford a number of pet like that why not? But don?t forget: a creature is not only a toy or perhaps an indoor design; it?s actually a new member of your respective family requiring its very own space and also specific consideration. Isn?t it time to allow a good aboriginal through Africa savanna or possibly a local from the Amazon online marketplace new world in your residence? With an foreign animal is much like the aboriginal from your dog entire world because they pets didn?t adapted for the human being atmosphere as standard pets such as pet cats or even puppies possess.

The very first dilemma is to make a habitation. And getting any terrarium or possibly a wire crate for the family pet is not sufficient you need to supply the correct indoor imitating the pet?s local home place. You will also have to use care of unique meals so be well prepared that will buying rats, grasshoppers and specific vitamin supplements can be as usual to suit your needs since coming to the nearby store on your regular foods.

Not to mention you mustn?t overlook particular training along with rules of safety. Many of these unique lizards, snakes or perhaps spiders are generally toxic and can consider very a common circumstance pertaining to prospective risk or menace. Consequently, they?re able to suddenly attack their particular master mistaking her or him because of its victim.

The problem could get even worse in case your dog will get sick and tired. A lot of veterinarians do not know how to deal with this example thus you will get no expert treatment and guidance. From the while our chinchilla received consequently undesirable that it just could not even drink or eat along with ended up being laying all day motionless in its parrot cage. Two or three vets showed up however no one might declare definitely exactly what the issue has been. I was told that it could be simply intestinal trouble something like that. And all of all of them told us all our inadequate Chilla might perish shortly. And then we was required to search all of the particular community forums along with web-sites to find the symptoms and discovered which it had been most likely only deficiency of Vit . b that may produce this kind of scenario. The next three days we experienced just like nurses making shots as well as giving our family pet with vitamin and mineral herbal tea from the dropper. Thank God, we had been fortunate and our own chinchilla has been Okay in a week. But the fact is how the overall majority of foreign animals are unable to acquire proper vet attention as well as are not going to make it through any time receiving unwell.

Consequently, should you be gonna have some remarkable pet you must uncover enough time to examine all its normal habits, dwelling situations, diet as well as health care peculiarities and stay able to turn into a patient instructor, veterinarian as well as nutritional expert just for this amazing creature. And also to start with, just before permitting a whole new foreign animal into your household think carefully: are you currently genuinely able to use a brand-new whimsical monster in your loved ones? And which can be more important: so why do you require it? Could it be merely your own impulse or possibly a genuine adoration for that?

For more info, go to all of us: reptiles

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Carmel council votes to give itself health insurance

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) - Carmel's city council rejected criticism of a health insurance plan Monday night, voting to extend benefits to themselves.

The problem, in the eyes of the critics, is that council members are considered part-time employees. Most of the council disagreed, saying, while the job is considered part-time, in reality it's full-time work.

And, several councilors argued, it's only fair to allow council members to participate in an insurance plan that's available to other city employees in Carmel. The council voted in favor of the proposal, five to two.

If every member of Carmel's council took advantage of the coverage, it would cost the city about $140,000 dollars. Mayor Jim Brainard said that's a "relatively small" amount in a budget of over $100 million.

The option takes effect in January, when a new council term begins.


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List Building For Network Marketing The biggest asset on line is your auto responder list. You are the owner of your own list so you send them the messages that you want to send them. The majority of the subscribers that come on to your list will never join you. You can not do anything about this no matter how much value you give them. When you are marketing to existing network marketers, you must understand that these prospects have their own network marketing business. What they want from you therefore is value driven communication that can help them with their own efforts going forward So to make money off all the people that hop on to your list, simply offer affiliate programs and training modules to assist them in their marketing efforts. This will create additional income streams for you that will make your business so much powerful There are a variety of ways you can build your prospect database. A lot of marketers build their lists by giving away something of value for free. By being all over the Internet and highly visible on the social media sites, you can quickly build up a following on line. It is essential you use a capture page with your branding on it so you can capture information which will build your list. Submitting content to article directories can give you some free traffic. Also submitting videos to video sharing sites allows you to build more free traffic streams. By consistently providing unique content to the search engines, you will get ?
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'Modern Family,' 'Mad Men' win big at Emmy Awards (AP)

LOS ANGELES ? The Emmys keep buying what "Mad Men" is selling. The 1960s Madison Avenue saga won its fourth consecutive best drama series award Sunday, while big-hearted romp "Modern Family" claimed its second best comedy trophy.

"Modern Family" producer Steve Levitan, whose picture of the American family today includes gay couples and interracial families, told of being approached during shooting by a real-life gay couple who wanted to say thanks.

"They said, `You're not just making people laugh, you're making them more tolerant,'" said Levitan, whose show received a total of five awards.

While "Mad Men" gained the top drama award, it couldn't pull honors for stars Jon Hamm or Elisabeth Moss.

Kyle Chandler was the surprise winner in the best drama actor category for the last season of Texas football drama "Friday Night Lights," blocking odds-on favorites among his fellow nominees, including Hamm.

"I knew for a fact I would not be standing here. I did not write anything and now I'm starting to worry," said Chandler, who also beat out Steve Buscemi of "Boardwalk Empire."

It was a fitting victory for Chandler and "Friday Night Lights," which was critically acclaimed but struggled for an audience, and whose high school football team's motto was, "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

Julianna Margulies won top drama acting honors for "The Good Wife." Margulies, who navigates politics, law and family in the show, added to her Emmy stash. As part of the "ER" medical drama cast, she won a supporting actress Emmy in 1995.

Melissa McCarthy of "Mike & Molly" was honored as best lead actress in a comedy series with an Emmy and a glitzy prom queen's crown, while Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory" earned his second trophy in the best actor category.

"Holy smokes. Wow, it's my first and best pageant ever," said a beaming McCarthy. "I'm from Plainfield, Ill., and I'm standing here and it's kind of amazing."

Moments earlier, she and her fellow nominees had broken with tradition by jumping up on stage as their names were called, led by Amy Poehler of "Parks and Recreation."

They earned a standing ovation from many in the audience, which seemed fitting in a year in which TV shows and movies are giving women edgier leading roles. Among them is the box-office hit "Bridesmaids," which featured McCarthy.

Parsons looked genuinely surprised at his victory. "This is so odd for so many reasons. I was assured by many people in my life that this wasn't happening," he said.

The first awards in the drama category went to Jason Katims of "Friday Night Lights" for outstanding writing, and Margo Martindale, named best supporting actress for the show "Justified."

"Sometimes, things just take time. But with time comes great appreciation," said the veteran actress.

Peter Dinklage, the winning actor in the category for sci-fi fantasy "Game of Thrones," was awed by another winner, filmmaker Martin Scorsese, who received a directing trophy for "Boardwalk Empire."

"Thanks. Wow. Wow. I followed Martin Scorsese. My heart is pounding. You are a legend," Dinklage said.

The directing trophy was the sole award Sunday for "Boardwalk Empire," HBO's lavishly produced tale of Prohibition-era mobsters and crooked politicos on the make in freewheeling Atlantic City, N.J.

The ceremony aired by Fox opened with a pre-taped comedy sketch that generated controversy because Alec Baldwin's part was cut after he included a joke about the News Corp. phone hacking scandal. Fox is a unit of News Corp.

Baldwin tweeted that Fox killed the joke about the hacking scandal in Britain involving the now-closed News of the World tabloid. Fox said it believed the joke was inappropriate to make light of an issue being taken very seriously by the company.

Leonard Nimoy stepped in and the bit was retaped. It featured host Jane Lynch celebrating television in a musical number, singing about TV as "a vast wonderland, a kingdom of joy in a box."

"Oh, there's Betty White. She's the reason we start the show at 5 p.m." Lynch cracked during her opening monologue.

Charlie Sheen presented the lead actor award, using his time onstage to make nice with his former "Two and a Half Men" colleagues. He was fired from the show after bitterly clashing with its producer and studio, and was replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

"From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season," he said. "I know you will continue to make great television."

"Modern Family" won the first four Emmys, capturing best supporting comedy actress, best supporting comedy actor, best writing for a comedy and best direction for a comedy series.

Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell, who play husband and wife on the series, won best supporting actor honors for a comedy series.

"Oh, my God, I don't know what I'm going to talk about in therapy next week," said a shocked-looking Bowen. "I won something."

Burrell spoke of his own father in accepting his best supporting actor award.

"I actually got kind of a late start in acting. My dad actually passed away before he ever saw me perform and I can't help but wonder what he would think about all this ... going to work in full makeup," Burrell said.

Christina Hendricks of "Mad Men" and Julia Stiles of "Dexter" were among those bringing glamor to the ceremony.

"She looks awesome, as always," said fan Jessica Steiner, 26, of Hendricks, who was wearing a rhinestone-encrusted gown with a plunging neckline.

"Modern Family" nominee Sofia Vergara wore an ultra-glam, one-shouldered peach goddess gown and chandelier earrings. Gwyneth Paltrow stood by her, in a sleek black gown with cut-outs.

"Gwyneth is classy, and Sofia is sexy," said fan Vanessa Baeza, 27. "But I think Sofia looks better. Her dress is more flattering."

Steve Carell of "The Office" made his last Emmy stand for his fifth and final season as clueless manager Michael Scott, but lost again.

A new category, which combines the previously separate best miniseries and made-for-TV movie nominees, included the miniseries "Mildred Pierce," with Kate Winslet nominated in the role of an embattled mother, and the movie "Too Big to Fail," about the U.S. fiscal crisis in 2008.

Film star Winslet, an Oscar winner, captured the trophy for lead actress, while her co-star Guy Pearce won the award for best supporting actor.

"I'm thrilled. I had a crush on Guy Pearce since I was 11 years old, so just to stand in the same room as him was really thrilling for me," Winslet said.

Barry Pepper, who played Robert F. Kennedy in the controversial miniseries "The Kennedys," won the best supporting actor award. Maggie Smith won supporting actress honors for the miniseries "Downton Abbey," which also was named best in its category.

In the reality-competition category, perennial winner "The Amazing Race" returned to triumph Sunday after losing last year to "Top Chef." "American Idol" lost its ninth shot at winning, this time for a season in which it successfully navigated the loss of key judge Simon Cowell.

HBO had a leading 19 awards, including trophies given Sunday and at last week's creative arts awards for technical and other achievements. PBS, which had a hit with "Downton Abbey," earned 14 to shoulder past the commercial networks and come in second, ahead of CBS with 11, Fox with nine, ABC with eight and NBC with six.

After hitting an all-time viewership low of 12.3 million in 2008, the Emmys rebounded somewhat in the last two years and drew a 2010 audience of 13.47 million, compared to 26.7 million for this year's Grammys and nearly 38 million for the Oscars.



AP Entertainment writers Sandy Cohen, Anthony McCartney, David Bauder, Solvej Schou and Beth Harris contributed to this report.


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Shogun Bros. updates Chameleon X-1 mouse / gamepad, tosses it up for pre-order

Perfection is an undeniably lofty goal, but that's exactly what Shogun Bros. is striving for, with a freshly announced update to its Chameleon X-1 gaming mouse. Available in three different colors, the company's "Perfect Version" of its gamepad / mouse boasts an enhanced rubberized coating for better grip, a new layout for remote control operation and, perhaps best of all, extended battery life. Other than that, it's essentially the same device we saw way back in December, with a 5-stage adjustable 1600dpi optical sensor, a full slate of 16 buttons and force feedback support. Shogun Bros. won't be releasing this perfected peripheral until October 1st, but you can pre-order one now at Amazon, for $60. Hit up the source link to make the purchase, or slice past the break for a very succinct press release.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cdma Flip | Cell Phones and Accessories

Cdma Flip

Cell Phone Plans and How To Choose The Best Plan For You Cell Phone Plans and Service

Cell phones are more than just convenient communication tools: They allow you to check e-mail, sync with the calendar and contacts on your PC, dial a number by the sound of your voice, surf your favorite Web sites, take photos, play games, send text messages, view and edit documents, listen to music, and more. But choosing a phone?and the service plan to go with it?requires some legwork.

Your choice of phone may depend on your choice of wireless service provider. If you?re shopping for a carrier, you first need to figure out which carrier offers the best coverage and monthly service plan in your area. Then you?ll have to select a phone from the assortment that your chosen service provider offers. With the exception of a few handsets, most phones work only on one provider?s system because carriers have mutually exclusive networks, and many carriers lock their phones so you can?t take the same phone to another provider.

The third generation of mobile communications technology, commonly called 3G, is now more widely available. It?s supposed to boost data-transfer performance to 2 megabits per second from the more common data-transfer rate of 19.2 kilobits per second, and is particularly handy if you use a phone to wirelessly access data such as e-mail, text messages, and the Web.

Though the availability of 3G service has improved, it remains a mixed bag outside most major metropolitan areas. Sprint and Verizon Wireless use the Evolution Data Optimized (EvDO) network, which offers average download speeds of 400 to 700 kbps and potential maximum download speeds of 2 mbps. AT&T and T-Mobile support a 3G network called HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), which is available only on select handsets. (AT&T?s HSDPA is also available for use with PC Cards.) In theory, HSDPA can reach download speeds of 3.6 megabits per second; in actuality, it delivers average download data rates of 400 to 700 kbps with bursts to more than 1 mbps. AT&T is currently upgrading its network to support HSDPA 7.2, which can deliver download speeds of up to 7.2 mbps; the upgrade won?t be complete until 2011, however. While more phones are offering support for HSDPA, many AT&T and T-Mobile phones still support EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution), which promises data transmission speeds of 384 kbps, and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), with an average speed of 40 kbps but the capability to go up to 115 kbps.

Key Phone Features

Wireless standard: World travelers are more affected by wireless standards than are users based strictly in the United States. Most of the world uses networks based on the GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) standard. U.S. carriers, however, use a variety of networks in addition to GSM. U.S. carriers work on the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution), and/or EvDO (Evolution Data Optimized) standards. AT&T runs on the AMPS, EDGE, GSM, GPRS, and TDMA networks. Sprint Nextel uses the iDEN network exclusively. Sprint and Verizon Wireless run on CDMA and EvDO. T-Mobile supports GSM and GPRS networks. It is important to note that while AT&T runs on both GSM and TDMA networks, the services and the phones that use them do not interoperate.

Band support: The more radio bands a phone supports, the more frequencies it picks up. Quad-band phones, as their name suggests, operate across four frequency bands. Theoretically, they provide better coverage than triple-, dual-, or single-band phones. These so-called world phones are compatible with four GSM frequencies?850 MHz (prevalent in the United States), 900 MHz (prevalent in Europe), 1800 MHz (prevalent in Asia), and 1900 MHz (also available in the U.S.). As a result, they function around the globe. You can also find tri-mode phones that work on two digital frequency bands in addition to an analog network, a particularly handy feature if you travel to rural areas.

Wi-Fi support: A phone that can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots enables you to surf the Web or transfer data at much higher speeds. Even if your phone supports 3G networks, you may want Wi-Fi support, too, as it tends to be faster and more reliable than cellular networks. It can be cheaper, too, since surfing on a Wi-Fi network doesn?t require using your carrier?s service.

Design: You can choose among flip-open, clamshell-style phones; nonflip, candy bar-style phones; slider-style phones that?obviously?slide open; and swivel phones that twist open. Low-end flip phones may lack a separate caller ID screen, but many of today?s phones sport dual screens?a small, external LCD on the cover plus an internal display. If you buy a nonflip phone, make sure it has a keypad lock that prevents inadvertent dialing?a helpful feature when you put the phone in a pocket or bag.

Whichever type of phone you choose, check its ergonomics. Is it comfortable against your ear, and can you hear callers without constant adjustment? Can you use the phone with one hand? Consider hands-free use: Can you comfortably hold the phone to your ear by scrunching your neck and shoulder? Also, look for the placement of the headset jack?a jack located on top of the phone is often more convenient than one located on the side.

Size and weight: Part of what makes a phone easy to use is its portability. A typical standard cell phone weighs less than 4 ounces, and cell phones continue to get smaller and slimmer than ever. Smartphones with full QWERTY keyboards, such as a Palm Treo or BlackBerry device, tend to be a bit larger, which you should keep in mind if you plan to use one for long phone calls.

Battery life: Most new phones allow at least 4 hours of talk time and 2 to 6 days on standby. Some phones can last up to 14 days or more on standby. Keep in mind that several factors affect battery life; high-speed 3G networks tend to be power-hungry, for example, and the phones that support them often have shorter battery life. The signal strength of your cellular service also has an effect, since a phone that constantly searches for signals will run itself down quickly. Depending on the phone, recharging the battery should take about an hour or longer. When you buy a phone, consider optional accessories such as a higher-capacity battery and a portable charging adapter for use in a car.

Screen: If you intend to send and receive text messages, surf the Web, or use the phone?s organizer, make sure the screen is up to snuff. Make sure it?s big enough for you to take full advantage of the phone?s features. If you?re going to surf the Web or edit office documents on your phone, a screen that?s less than 2.5 inches diagonally will feel very small.

The screen?s contrast and backlight strengths are also important. The phones we?ve seen show marked differences in viewing quality. If your phone allows you to adjust such settings, you can make text and graphics easily viewable?even in bright places.

You also should consider the screen?s resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the screen will look?an important consideration if you plan on using your phone to watch videos or look at photos.

When the first-generation iPhone launched in 2007, it touched off a touch-screen frenzy. Since then, more and more phones have come out with touch screens. If you?re looking for such a phone, keep in mind that not all touch screens are created equal. Some?like the iPhone?s screen?support multitouch, which means they can register more than one touch point at a time. This technology allows you to pinch and grab the screen to zoom in and out on a Web page, for example. Other phones support single touch only, and can register only one tap at a time. Some touch screens also offer a type of feedback?either a slight vibration or a sound?when they register your touch, which can prevent you from tapping needlessly. Finally, consider ease of use: How simple is it to scroll through items on a particular touch-screen menu? Can you adjust the sensitivity of it to your liking?

Keypad: If you can?t figure out how to use certain functions on a phone pretty quickly (with or without consulting the manual), try another; remember, though, that if you?re looking at a phone that packs a lot of features, you should spend some time learning how to use them. Regardless, the keypad layout and menu system should be intuitive. The buttons should be responsive and easy to press. Check out the navigation buttons on the keypad. A joystick-style knob on some phones can make navigating menus quick. Most handsets come with up/down and left/right arrow keys. Buttons that protrude slightly are much easier to use than flat or recessed keys.

Many phones come with a small QWERTY keyboard. The tiny keys may not suit everyone, but they can save you a great deal of time if you plan to use your phone for sending e-mail messages and editing office documents. Even very small QWERTY keyboards can be much easier to use than a software-based keyboard on a touch-sensitive screen.

Operating system: If you?re looking to do more than make calls and send text messages with your phone, you should consider the platform on which it runs. The mobile operating system you choose will greatly affect the capabilities of your phone. Smartphones that run the Windows Mobile OS, for example, usually come with mobile versions of the Microsoft Office suite, so you can view and edit documents when you?re away from your PC. Windows Mobile is available on a wide range of handsets from all carriers, so you?ll have plenty of choice in hardware. BlackBerry smartphones run the BlackBerry OS, which has recently been updated. It sports a newer, more modern look and is easier to use than in the past. Various third-party software titles are available for BlackBerry phones, and with the launch of BlackBerry App World (an on-phone download catalog), we should see even more. The Palm OS is not as widely available, but it retains a devoted following, largely because of its easy learning curve; you?ll also find a good deal of productivity software available for Palm OS-based phones. The Symbian platform, which is available on most Nokia smartphones, is not as user-friendly, but it supports a range of business and productivity apps.

Newer platforms include the modified version of the Mac OS that runs on Apple?s iPhones. While the iPhone doesn?t ship with any true office applications, it does include easy access to Apple?s App Store, where you can find an incredible range of applications?for work and play?available for download. Another new platform is Google?s Android, which is available on relatively few handsets so far, such as the T-Mobile G1 smartphone. Android phones include access to their own marketplace for downloading applications, but the selection there isn?t as vast as that at Apple?s App Store?though it is growing. The newest platform is Palm?s WebOS, available on the Palm Pre. WebOS offers many refinements not found on other mobile platforms?including the ability to keep more than one application at a time open for multitasking. WebOS also offers its own application catalog, but the platform is still quite new, and the selection of applications is sparse.

Voice communications and organizer: Mobile phones bombard you with call-management features?voice-activated calling, voice recording, phone books, call histories, speed dialing, and so on. Enabling some of the features (such as caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling) depends on your service plan. Most phones also provide security features that can restrict incoming and outgoing calls, lock the keypad, and protect or mass-delete phone book entries. Many handsets also provide a speakerphone. Some even function as two-way radios, connecting you with others on the same carrier; and in many cases, such communications don?t count as airtime?a great benefit for IT personnel and other roving staff.

If you want to talk on the phone hands-free (a must if you use the phone while driving), look for a model that comes with a headset or an earphone. If you don?t want to mess with cords, consider a phone that supports Bluetooth, which allows you to pair the device with a wireless Bluetooth headset.

Wireless data: Nearly all cell phones are capable of sending and receiving e-mail and instant messages, downloading custom ring tones and simple games, or connecting to the Internet (sometimes merely by way of a minibrowser that?s designed to work best with text-only versions of popular sites like Amazon, Google, and Yahoo). Such features, however, are heavily dependent on your provider and your service plan.

Going online while you?re waiting for the elevator is a cool idea, but most phones connect at slow speeds: only up to 115 kbps on a GPRS network and up to 384 kbps on EDGE; 3G networks, such as EvDO and HSDPA, provide faster connections at up to 2 mbps. A Wi-Fi connection can be faster and more reliable than a carrier?s data network, but you must be within range of a wireless hotspot in order to use it.

Key Service Provider Features

Coverage: The biggest nationwide carriers are AT&T Mobility, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Not all networks are created equal, however. Service can be erratic even if a carrier claims to have coverage in an area; the quality of the reception varies, too. One way to find out about a carrier?s network reliability is to try the service and one of its phones. Most nationwide carriers offer a trial period of up to 30 days where you pay for only the minutes you use. You should also poll friends and colleagues about their experiences. Find out how good the phone signal is at your home, office, or anywhere else you?ll need to use it.

Plan type: The national phone plans that the major carriers offer will let you send and receive calls anywhere in the United States (and even in parts of Canada) at no extra charge. You may be able to sign up for a local or regional plan that limits the areas where you can originate a call and still pull from your monthly pool of minutes; this option may be worth considering if you use your phone for local calls exclusively. If you have a world phone and plan to use it in other countries, choose service with international roaming.

Data plan: You should also take into account your data usage (e-mail, photos, IM, and Web access) when selecting your cell phone plan. Some carriers bundle voice and data plans together, while others let you select a voice and data plan separately. You can always pay for messaging and data use a la carte, but you?ll likely be charged a higher rate. So if you think you?ll be sending and receiving data with your phone, you?ll want to select some sort of data plan.

Minutes: When choosing a plan, it?s best to overestimate the number of minutes you?ll be using for every sent and received call. Because one carrier?s definition of off-peak may be different from another?s, ask the carrier to specify the times for its peak, off-peak, and weekend hours. Other service charges include a data plan (see above), three-way calling, and downloads.

Contract: Virtually all carriers offer discounted service fees if you commit to a specified period of time, usually two years, though one year is sometimes available. The longer the contract period, the lower the rate. If you break the agreement, you?ll incur hefty fees.

Other services: Activating service to your phone or switching the service from your old phone to a new one almost always incurs a fee. Look into phone-replacement plans or extended warranties, both of which typically entitle you to a new phone if yours is lost, stolen, or goes kaput. You should also find out who you can contact if something goes wrong with your phone. Find out exactly what you?ll need to do?and how much you?ll need to pay?in order to fix your phone.

The Specs Explained

While a cell phone can make your life easier, just getting one can be a huge hassle. When you look at handsets and service plans, the sales reps may bombard you with a ton of terms and restrictions.

The two most important questions to ask yourself before you decide on a phone and plan are, ?How much will I use the phone?? and ?Where will I use it?? Those two questions will help you determine how many minutes you need and whether to go with a local, regional, national, or international plan.

The service meter starts running the minute you place and receive calls. The most common plans are national plans, which allow you to call from anywhere in the United States (and perhaps from some parts of Canada) without additional charges. You may also be able to sign up for a local service plan (one that allows you to make and receive calls from within your local area without so-called roaming charges being added) or for a regional plan that allows you to call from a wider area without incurring additional charges. If you travel overseas, look for an international plan that lets you use your world phone both stateside and in several other countries.

Many companies require that you buy a phone from them when you sign up. Some offer great discounts when you do so. In some cases you can buy the phone from a third party and sign up for service with the carrier of your choice.

Cell Phone Specs

If you?re shopping for a low-end cell phone, you can expect to spend anywhere from nothing to about $100. Many low-end phones are free when you sign a contract with the service provider, or after a mail-in rebate. Also, many cell phone companies offer great discounts when you purchase phones online. A typical cell phone costs anywhere from $100 to $299, while higher-end cell phones run $300 and up.

Because you?ll be carrying the phone, its weight and size are fairly important factors to consider before you buy. Most cell phones weigh from 3 to 6 ounces; generally, the more expensive a phone is, the smaller and lighter it is. (Smartphones with QWERTY keyboards, however, are an exception to this rule; they tend to be bulkier and heavier than standard cell phones.)

Battery life is another important factor, since it determines how long you can go without recharging the phone, and you don?t want to be stranded with a dead battery. Talk-time battery life can range from little more than 1 hour to over 10 hours, depending on your handset. A phone that supports a 3G network is likely to have a shorter battery life than a non-3G phone. ?Standby battery life? refers to battery life while the phone is on but not in use. Vendors will estimate both talk-time and standby battery life, but their estimates do not always reflect real-world usage; for more on battery life, check out Good2chat cell phone reviews.

Today?s phones let you do more than just talk. You can send and receive instant messages and even listen to songs or watch videos after downloading them. You need to take into account what you?d like to do with your phone before deciding on the right handset for you. Most low-end phones support sending and receiving text messages, handling basic e-mail chores, and doing limited Web surfing. More low-end phones are adding features like built-in cameras and music playback, but if you want faster or more-advanced Web access, video playback and recording, or GPS functionality, you?ll probably have to spring for at least an average or higher-end cell phone. And if you?re looking for a phone that will let you view and/or edit Office documents, consider a more-advanced smartphone.

Choosing among single-, dual-, tri-, and quad-band phones isn?t critical for most users. The more bands a phone supports, the more frequencies it picks up. Quad-band phones, as their name suggests, operate across four frequency bands. As a result, theoretically, they provide better coverage than tri-, dual-, or single-band phones.

Cell Phone Shopping Tips

Here are recommendations for cell phones and service plans that fit the needs of most users.

Service Plans

Does your plan have enough minutes? The basic plans of most carriers offer 300 to 450 minutes. Unless you intend to use your phone only for emergencies, you?ll need at least that many.

Go national: Even if you don?t travel extensively around the country, a national calling plan often provides the best mix of minutes, features, and cost.


Get at least 3 to 4 hours of talk time: Make sure a single battery charge on your phone covers at least that. This can save many headaches later.

Pick up a headset or earphones: Inexpensive hands-free earbud headsets let you safely converse while driving, working, or just walking. Some phones even allow you to set voice commands to dial frequently called numbers, so you rarely need to touch the keys.

Ask about E911: This is especially important if you are purchasing a cell phone to replace your home phone line. Ask your provider if its emergency services can track a handset to its exact location. Enhanced 911 service is critical if you intend to use the phone for emergencies.


About the Author is an online retailer of wireless services. We offer cell phone service for At&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. We offer most phones for free with contract and Android and Smart phones a deep discount prices.

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Zooey Deschanel: a funny lady as 'New Girl' (AP)

NEW YORK ? Change of plans.

Zooey Deschanel, star of the sassy new Fox comedy "New Girl," was supposed to meet a reporter for breakfast after her appearance Thursday morning on "Live With Regis and Kelly." But a throng of paparazzi trailed her from the studio to an Upper West Side restaurant a few blocks away, where the reporter was waiting.

This wasn't going to work. Deschanel stayed put in the big, black SUV, while her handlers scooped up the reporter at Caf? Luxembourg's front door to make their escape.

Plan B: head to downtown Manhattan for the interview, fleeing the paparazzi in the process.

But three of her bicycle-riding pursuers weren't giving up so easily.

"The Tour de France," said Deschanel, peering through her window as those cyclists scrambled to stick with the SUV. "Tour de Zooey!"

Meanwhile, another paparazzo in a white van stuck close behind, speaking into the cell phone he held, clearly not hands free, clapped to his ear.

"That's not legal," Deschanel cracked. "I'm making a citizen's arrest."

While her publicist called to arrange an alternate breakfast site and the SUV's driver inched through the traffic with its unsought entourage, Deschanel registered a mix of amusement and amazement that this kind of thing could be happening to her.

"I am NOT very famous," she laughed.

Even so, at 31, Deschanel is a seasoned actress who has logged mainstream credits ("Elf," "Yes Man") as well as the art-house fare ("Almost Famous," "(500) Days of Summer," "Our Idiot Brother") with which she is more closely identified.

Deschanel comes from show-biz stock that includes her Oscar-nominated cinematographer father, Caleb, and her actress mother, Mary Jo, as well as sister Emily, who stars on the long-running Fox crime series "Bones."

She is mega-pretty with her trademark raven bangs, creamy skin and blue eyes that seem in a state of perpetual surprise.

A refreshingly normal person sparked by an endearingly iconoclastic style, she reigns with indie cred: filmdom's "alt-heroine," as New York magazine put it in a recent Deschanel cover story. But she is confronting the prospect of big-time stardom (and the glare of fame that comes with it) on a big-time network TV hit.

Her series premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT, but, befitting the promotional push that Fox has given it (she gratefully salutes her network as "very, very cool") the "New Girl" pilot is already on view as a free download from iTunes.

On the show, she plays Jess Day, a schoolteacher who is goofy, good-natured and unguarded in her dealings with the world ? and particularly tone-deaf with respect to men. When she catches her boyfriend in their apartment with another woman, she bolts for new quarters that she finds on Craigslist. It's a spacious loft she will share with three guys (played by Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and, replacing Damon Wayans, Jr., after the pilot, Lamorne Morris) who, despite their reservations, welcome her as surrogate big brothers. (After the pilot, Wayans returns to his ABC sitcom, "Happy Endings," returning for its second season.)

Jess is the sort of gal who sings to herself her own theme song ("Who's that girl? It's Jess!"); who mourns her breakup by watching "Dirty Dancing" while she blubbers a half-dozen times a day; who sets her hair on fire with her curling iron; who greets a strange man in a bar with, "Hey, sailor!"

"Well, I guess I can't hide my crazy," Jess laments to one of her roomies after her latest foible.

For "New Girl" to succeed (and many critics think it succeeds brilliantly, listing it among their fall favorites), the viewer must believe that a beautiful girl can also be such a dork that her social life (and general well-being) are routinely upended.

"Here's the thing: You can be a nerd and be awkward, AND be attractive at the same time," Deschanel said. It was a half-hour after the chase began and, unable to shake the paparazzi, she had graciously let them snap her on the sidewalk outside Balthazar, her Soho substitute restaurant where now she was settling into a banquette. "Being attractive and smooth aren't mutually exclusive.

"Jess is a person who spent six years with the same guy. She's not a dater. And now she's being put out there in a way she's never been before. She's a little bit guileless and tries to see the best in people," Deschanel added with a laugh, "and you know THAT always goes wrong!

"She's different from me in some ways," Deschanel went on, her hands flying and head bobbing with gusto, "but there's a part of myself that really is her: 13-year-old me was very much Jess ? optimistic, excited all the time. A lot of these things that Jess is, I feel like are at my core.

"I made a career being cast as smart-aleck-type characters, but I'm not sarcastic at all. I'm not ironic. I'm very sincere, generally. So this role played into a part of myself that I hadn't been using on the screen."

Deschanel's love life seems happily fulfilled. Two years ago she married Ben Gibbard, front man for the rock band Death Cab for Cutie. And she has supplemented her acting career by teaming with M. Ward in a folk-rock duo, She & Him, which has a Christmas holiday record coming out later this year.

Zooey-watchers marvel: Without getting into scrapes, with no scandalous headlines, Deschanel charts her own course, staying cool, collecting adorers and, in a culture of copycats, retaining her sense of self.

Now she waits to discover how "New Girl" and the higher prominence it might bring impact on Zooey Deschanel.

"I haven't quite seen yet what that does to my personal life and freedom," she said, noting with a chuckle, "This has been my first weird paparazzi chase. But I think it was just a weird fluke. I really think those guys just wanted the exercise."




EDITOR'S NOTE ? Frazier Moore is a national television columnist for The Associated Press. He can be reached at fmoore(at) and at


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Precious Metals Investing - Gold Trading - Invest in Silver and Gold

Not really! but..Presently, the price of gold per gram is $60. I have to admit, after a comment reading session on Yahoo Finance I'm ready to sell every stock I own to invest my money in canned goods and ammunition. Because gold has been around for so many years, many have seen and reap the benefits of this type of metal. These comments can be downright scary for anyone reading them no matter what their depth of economic knowledge is. You can use gold as a way to trade for things, and you can also use it as a commodity that strengthens your portfolio. You should search throughout the internet for places that do gold acquisitions, trading, bartering, and other forms of investment.Do you own any damaged or unused gold at home? Gold fillings, broken gold jewelry, dental gold, or gold extracted from an electronic appliance or gadget are some of the most common examples of scrap gold or junk gold. For future investors, it is important to be acquainted with the market and latest trends distinctive to their chosen venture. Despite the fact that gold is a very favorable investment, we cannot change the fact that not all are capable of investing in gold. Are you interested to sell your scrap gold for the best market price? Now it's simple to turn scrap or junk gold into profit. You want


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Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Start a Construction Business? | StartUp Growth Expert

Many people are attracted to the construction business because of big budget projects. It?s not uncommon to hear people who became multi-millionaires or even billionaires in a short period of time by starting off in the construction business.

So, we asked an expert who?s been in the construction industry for over 20 years on his views on the construction business.

How does the construction business work?

There are usually two types of projects ? public projects and private projects.

In the public realm, the construction business works off engineers and related clients, they include municipalities and related entities that put out plans and specifications for bids. Construction companies that can do that type of work will purchase the plans and submit a bid.? It is usually an open bid situation where bids are submitted by a certain time, then they?re opened and the lowest bidder wins.

The other type of work is private work that is usually negotiated, but based on plans and specifications.? Usually 3 to 6 construction companies are asked to give a price.? They are NOT opened publicly.? Developers base their decision on the best product for the best value and the best relationships.

Private projects usually have greater gross margins than public projects.

The average gross margin for private projects is about 20% in the last 3 years (previously more like 30%).

Public projects will always have low margins. Currently, about 5-15%.

Finding Work and Customers in the Construction Business

Some of the ways to find work and customers in the construction business is,

  • To develop relationships with engineers, planners and municipalities who will usually give information regarding upcoming projects.
  • Membership in the AAGeneral Contractors magazine that publishes a weekly list of jobs coming out for bids.

On the private side, it is all about relationships and reputation.? You will be asked to do value engineering on private work ? revamp the plans in order to give them a better outcome and a better finished product.? Value engineering is a strong competitive edge.

Insurances and permits required by a construction company

This depends on the state and the country you live in. The most common ones are General Liability and Workers Compensation.

Keys to success in the construction business

  • Pay close attention to detail. Then, train your superintendents to pay close attention to detail.? Never give a superintendent over 2 jobs to manage.? Superintendents should have good foremen who manage crews.? Each job should have a foreman managing a crew.? Each job should have a dedicated office person to review all the paperwork, billing, correspondence with owners, engineers and clients.
  • Have a good lawyer review each contract before you sign it. The lawyer should be someone who is familiar with construction.
  • Have a good team. Your team should include a banker, an accountant and a bonding company.? Then, find smart, bright people to run the jobs (superintendents).? You need experienced operators of heavy equipment.

Skills Required to be Successful in the Construction Business

You need to be very astute at understanding contract documents. You need to know your area of expertise, that is, utilities, heavy grading and site development.

Where to learn these skills?

You learn them from hard knocks.? You can?t learn it in school.? Construction management will give you the basics but then you have to go to work in order to really learn it.? Intern with a company ? stay on for 3 ? 5 years before starting your own business.

How many employees do you require when you start a construction company? And, in what job functions?

You need a minimum of 8 people.

They include, 2 Operators, Laborers, People with Drivers License (this is BIG in the construction industry).? Not all are qualified or legal drivers.? Driving is a must for work.

Owner with estimating and bidding skills.? As you grow, you can hire an estimator and a safety director (OSHA standards are huge ? know these inside and out).

Do you need to buy or lease construction equipment? Or, can you outsource/sub-contract your entire project?

When you start, rent the equipment. Avoid a lease locked into a certain period of time.? DO NOT purchase until you know for sure that your business will survive.? With rentals, you can rent as you need it, month by month without the commitment of a lease or purchase that could financially wipe out any positive cash flow once the project is complete.

You can sub-contract the entire project, but most project specifications have a clause that requires the bidder to perform at least 50% of the work.? This is a safety precaution that prevents overly sub-contracted work and ensures fiscal responsibility.

How do you effectively sub-contract your projects? What is the due-diligence required?

  • You should insist on sub-contractors to have insurance, workers compensation and their own equipment.
  • Check references of previous jobs.

What are the best books or training programs you can recommend for someone who wants to start in the construction business?

Go to work at a construction company.? See if you like it first.? Invest your money wisely.? Research it first by working in it.

About the Author

John H McArthur, III and his wife Patsy McArthur started McArthur Construction Company in 1986 and then incorporated it in 1989.? MCC is a full service utilities and site development construction company licensed in North and South Carolina.? John hasn?t met a piece of equipment he couldn?t operate and makes sure all the people he hires are equally responsible and if not, willing to learn from the ?ditches? up!

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