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QiiBO: La Microsoft Surface llegar? con Windows 8 el 26 de octubre | http://t.co/xz0A46LB | #Surface #Windows8

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Automatic Wealth: The internet Makes It Attainable - CareCrunch ...

Attaining wealth and prosperity is actually a dream most everybody has, but handful of ever accomplish it. Why? The typical particular person is stuck inside a rut using a job they dislike and overwhelming debt. This cycle is difficult to break, but several people are breaking out and attaining their economic ambitions through the internet. The net has created it feasible for millions of folks to create automatic wealth, and there is nevertheless room for you! Here?s how you are able to learn your Net wealth dreams.

Generate Wealth, Not Just an Income

With all the Net, the opportunity is there for you personally to make automatic wealth, not merely an revenue. You can build one automatic business or a number of until they reach prosperity ? appropriate from your personal property laptop or computer. The internet creates the ultimate wealth package because it?s so vast in the quantity of men and women that use it, but but, so individual in that one little niche industry can earn you a fortune.

You can pick from thousands of organization ideas and pick a single tiny market to target for the business. A small industry on-line, nonetheless, can mean large dollars for you personally simply because it may well include thousands or millions of prospects about the planet. The web connects you for the outside world and does not limit you to those who drive or stroll previous your local store location.

Automated Enterprise

Yet another reason it?s far more feasible to achieve automatic wealth on-line is simply because you can have an automated organization. Automated means it can run on auto-pilot after you design your site and set items in motion. It is possible to obtain automated payments by means of on the internet types. It is possible to automate an e-zine (email newsletter) for your clients. You?ll be able to automate electronic items by email including e-books or education materials. You can find quite a few ways to create automated wealth with an Net business.

No Longer Wait for Paychecks

Yet another benefit of an Internet business is you are able to receive every day payments through your web site. A lot of on-line organization owners accept credit cards or use a third party payment processor including PayPal or StormPay to accept payments from their clients. By way of these venues, cash goes directly into your account. This gives you a steady cash flow for your enterprise so it is possible to have capital for your income, company promotion, and inventory.

Ideas to Create Automatic Wealth

*Use your cost-free time at house to surf the web and find business possibilities that interest you.

*Join with a single or possibly a few others who are already successful so it is possible to find out the basics of on-line organization. Even when you need to make a small investment, it may be nicely worth the education you will obtain.

*Decide on a business that is correct for you and schedule day-to-day times to function on your business ? promoting, analyzing, and constructing.

*Keep constructing until you have acquired adequate automatic wealth to quit your day job!

Whatever Web enterprise you choose, don?t forget that it takes patience and consistency to develop an online business, just because it would any other kind of company. The primary differences are that you can perform out of your residence as you happen to be building the business, you?ll be able to set your personal operate schedule, and you can earn a good deal just by reaching a little niche market place for nearly any well-known item. Start right now together with your new on-line company, and you also can soon realize your dreams!

Buy good value led bulb from authorised led tube Store straight away with Swift Shipping and delivery, Get Payment & Fantastic Customer Satisfaction from us.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Florida Lotto jackpot rises to $11 million

The jackpot in the Florida Lotto game has grown to $11 million after no one matched the six winning numbers in the latest drawing, lottery officials said Sunday.

A total of 36 tickets matched five numbers to win $4,743.50 each; 2,934 tickets matched four numbers for $48.50 each; and 55,015 tickets matched three numbers for $5 each.

The winning Florida Lotto numbers selected Saturday were: 3-8-9-12-33-52.

Source: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/29/2919009/florida-lotto-jackpot-rises-to.html

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Jordyn Wieber Falters, Falls Short of Gymnastics Finals

A dramatic Sunday night in London ended with one of America's best hopes for a Gold Medal in tears yesterday, as Jordyn Wieber failed to qualify for all-around final in Women's Gymnastics.

The reigning world champion faltered a bit on her vault, beam, bars and floor routines, earning scores below teammates Aly Raisman and Gabrielle Douglas. Only two representatives from each country are permitted to perform in the final round.

Olympic photo

"It's a little bit of a disappointment," the 17-year old Wieber said in a statement. "It's always been a dream of mine to compete for the all-around at the Olympics, shoot for that gold medal. But I'm really proud of Aly and Gabby both. And I'm glad that I'll be able to help the team out in the team finals."

Questions now arise over both the judging and the rules of this sport.

Wieber's coach, John Geddert, acknowledged that his pupil didn't enjoy her best day, but was still taken aback by her numbers.

"That's the lowest floor score she's gotten... ever," said Geddert. "And again, they gave her nothing in her floor routine that was questionable."

The other issue is why only two athletes per country are allowed to move on to the final 24. This is the Olympics. Shouldn't it showcase the very best in the world, regardless of how many of those athletes represent the same nation?

Wieber is now turning her attention to her next competition: the team final, which take places tomorrow.

"Thank you all for your love and support," she Tweeted last night. "I am so proud of our team today and I can't wait for team finals!!"

Source: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2012/07/jordyn-wieber-falters-falls-short-of-gymnastic-finals/

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Health & Fitness: Self Improvement

In short measure, brain training is simply ?a set of activities that are designed to stimulate thinking skills and problem solving?. Today, brain training has been mainly targeted on older adults.

Mostly, these exercises are being used to improve the thinking and reasoning skills of this older group in our society. (Years earlier, it was found out that older adults who neglected or were unable to use their mental powers lost most of their mental abilities after some time.)

In the course of these exercises, researchers uncovered another happy discovery. The participants were able to transfer the results of their brain training in their other everyday functions and activities.

In contrast with their untrained counterparts, those who received brain training (memory, speed of processing and reasoning) were reported to have fewer difficulties in doing everyday tasks such as cooking, managing their finances, and following their medication instructions to name a few.


On the other hand, medical authorities are now looking into the big possibility that another set of senior citizens today have learning disabilities. The causes are totally different, however.

These are the healthy older adults who do not seem to be victimized by any mental deterioration through disuse or other forms of neglect, disease or other causes. They are the older adults who belong mostly to the baby boomer generation.

Public schools

They are today?s senior citizens who attended school before special education programs were around. In those days, these learning-disabled children were mostly regarded as lacking in abilities, simply lazy, or euphemistically referred to as ?slow learners.?

In those times, public schools were considered the best and most efficient in educating children. They are typically straightforward with little no flexibility in organization, in educational practices and in their rules.

Instructions were lecture types and lessons were mostly from textbooks. Many students who struggled were underachievers and could have fared better with more appropriate educational services.


Many of these ?poor? students did not continue their high school. Instead, they opted to work and marry and live their lives as best as they could. Despite this, they were among the most productive of generations.

Many took jobs where their disabilities did not affect performance, and they used their excellent survival skills handed down by their resourceful parents.

Present struggles

Today, many of these adults have problems processing information quickly. They would have problems at check-out counters and in other areas where speed is needed to get by.

Usually, they would have problems balancing their checkbooks or paying bills. Many would be having problems understanding and managing their own health care needs. Most of them have low retirement income because they took low-paying jobs in their working years.

Brain training

Current research has proven (through MRI) that brain training had been effective in improving memory even in persons with brain impairments or learning disabilities. The theory is that these daily mental activities may have improved blood circulation to the brain and improved its functions.

Today, researchers emphasize that consistency is the most important key in getting the full benefits of any brain training program, just like any physical exercise. They have also been proven to help improve the mental functions of learning-disabled adults.

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  1. Delaying Dementia With Brain Training
  2. Brain Training Games
  3. The Benefits Of Training Your Brain

Source: http://newshealthfitnessworld.blogspot.com/2012/07/self-improvement_29.html

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British Chocolate Bars #01 | Water Cooler Chats

If you like chocolate get PLAIN AERO bar or GALAXY BAR, if you like mint you HAVE to get MINT AERO bar. or KINDER BUENO its a choc coverd wafer? with pockets of hazlenut cream, they are adictive, or MORO BAR or STARBAR, its peanut centre, or DOUBLE DECKER BAR or CRUNCHY BAR its honeycomb centre OR PEANUT M and M?s and please say you have MALTEASERS overthere they are so sood with a cup of tea.

Source: http://watercoolerchats.com/food-drinks/chocolates/british-chocolate-bars-01/

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Samsung Nearly Doubles Apple?s Smartphone Share, Pressure On iPhone 5

The numbers are in and it?s no contest: Samsung is the most prolific supplier of phones in the world by a long shot. According to the latest figures from IDC, Samsung shipped a whopping 50.2 million smartphones last quarter, nearly doubling the numbers from Apple, the silver medal shipper. Together, the two companies account for 49.5 percent of all cell phone shipments around the globe ? albeit in very different fashions.

?Samsung employs a ?shotgun? strategy wherein many models are created that cover a wide range of market segments,? senior research analyst Ken Restivo said in IDC?s press release. ?Apple, in contrast, offers a small number of high-profile models.?

Although iPhone sales were up 28 percent compared to 2Q 2011, sales of Apple handset slipped 26 percent between the first and second quarters as customers hesitated in the face of the looming iPhone 5. Sales of the iPhone typically slip a couple of quarters after the release of a new model.

Samsung attacked the opportunity provided by Apple?s comparatively lackluster shipments. The company?s overall mobile phone shipments leapt up 172.8 percent and Samsung?s electronics division posted a 48 percent increase in profit compared to 2Q 2011, to $4.5 billion net, with the mobile division accounting for 60 percent of the operating profits. As much as Apple and court judges have against the company?s Galaxy phones, customers are buying them up like crazy, apparently.

In other news, Nokia ? the Finnish former king of the feature phone ? saw demand for its mobile offerings plummet, shipping just 10 million units in the second quarter. Things look much brighter for ZTE: the Chinese manufacturer saw shipments jump an amazing 300 percent compared to last year, largely on the back of sales of entrylevel phones on the Chinese mainland.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/LAPTOPBuyingGuides/~3/Uxmwxiv0PjU/samsung-nearly-doubles-apples-smartphone-share-pressure-on-iphone-5

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Shellfire hits Aleppo after army says retook rebel area

ALEPPO, Syria (Reuters) - Artillery and mortar fire reverberated across Aleppo early on Monday and a military helicopter clattered towards a district that the Syrian army said it had recaptured from rebels in battles for control of Syria's biggest city.

Hospitals and makeshift clinics in rebel-held areas in the east of the city were filling up with casualties from a week of fighting in Aleppo, an commercial hub that had previously stayed out of a 16-month-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad.

"Some days we get around 30, 40 people, not including the bodies," said a young medic in one clinic. "A few days ago we got 30 injured and maybe 20 corpses, but half of those bodies were ripped to pieces. We can't figure out who they are."

The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 18 people were killed in the Aleppo area on Sunday out of more than 150 people, two thirds of them civilians, slain across Syria.

Outgunned rebel fighters, patrolling in flat-bed trucks flying green-white-and-black "independence" flags, said they were holding out in the Salaheddine quarter despite a battering by the army's heavy weapons and helicopter gunships.

However, the government said it had pushed them out of Salaheddine, the focus of fighting in the southwest of the city.

"Complete control of Salaheddine has been (won back) from those mercenary gunmen," an unidentified military officer told Syrian state television late on Sunday. "In a few days safety and security will return to the city of Aleppo."


The army's assault on Salaheddine echoed its tactics in Damascus earlier this month when it used its overwhelming firepower to mop up rebel fighters district by district.

Assad's forces are determined not to let go of Aleppo, where defeat would be a serious strategic and psychological blow. But military experts believe the rebels are too lightly armed and poorly commanded to overcome the army, whose artillery pounds the city at will and whose gunships control the skies.

Reuters journalists in Aleppo were not able to approach Salaheddine after nightfall on Sunday to verify who controlled it. The Syrian Observatory said fighting was still in progress.

Warfare has stilled the usual commercial bustle in this city of 2.5 million. Vegetable markets are open but few people are buying. Instead, crowds of sweating men and women wait nearly three hours to buy limited amounts of heavily subsidized bread.

Rebel fighters, many of them from rural areas near Aleppo, still remain in control of swathes of the city, moving around those areas armed with assault rifles and dressed in items of camouflage clothing in an edgy show of confidence.

They were emboldened to strike at Aleppo and Damascus after a July 18 explosion that killed four of Assad's top security officials in a damaging blow at the president's inner circle.

Government forces have reimposed their grip on the capital and are eager not to allow Aleppo to slip into the hands of the rebel Free Syrian Army, whose checkpoints in some districts fly the black and white banners of Islamist militants.

With big powers divided, the outside world has been unable to restrain Syria's slide into civil war.

France said it would ask for an urgent meeting of the U.N. Security Council to try and break the diplomatic deadlock on Syria, but gave no indication that Russia and China would end their longstanding policy of blocking measures against Assad.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Sunday attacks on Aleppo were putting the nail in the coffin of Assad's government, showing he lacks the legitimacy to rule.

"If they continue this kind of tragic attack on their own people in Aleppo, I think it ultimately will be a nail in Assad's own coffin," Panetta told reporters.

The deputy police chief of Syria's western Latakia city defected and fled to Turkey overnight with 11 other Syrian officers, a Turkish official said on Monday, adding that another 600 Syrians had arrived in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of Syrian refugees in Turkey to around 43,500.


The United Nations humanitarian chief said 200,000 people had fled Aleppo, only 50 km (30 miles) from the Turkish border, in two days. It was not clear how this estimate had been reached given the difficulties of assessing relief needs in war zones.

"Many people have sought temporary shelter in schools and other public buildings in safer areas. They urgently need food, mattresses and blankets, hygiene supplies and drinking water," said Valerie Amos, the U.N. official.

Cars entering one Aleppo district came under fire from snipers on Sunday and a Reuters photographer saw three bodies lying in the street. Unable to move them to hospital for fear of shelling, residents had placed frozen water bottles on two of the corpses to slow their decomposition in the baking heat.

A charred tank lay in the street. Another had been captured and covered in tarpaulin. Burnt cars could be seen elsewhere, some marked "shabbiha" - a reference to pro-Assad militiamen.

Near the centre, most shops were closed, some with "Strike" painted on the shutters. Only a bakery selling subsidized bread was open, with a queue stretching around the block.

Syria's foreign minister also declared victory on Sunday in the battle for Damascus.

"Today I tell you, Syria is stronger ... In less than a week they were defeated (in Damascus) and the battle failed," Walid Moualem said on a visit to Iran, Assad's closest ally. "So they moved on to Aleppo and I assure you, their plots will fail."

Assad's ruling system is dominated by his minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shi'ite Islam, while his opponents are mostly from Syria's Sunni Muslim majority.

The sectarian element in the conflict has raised fears that it could inflame Sunni-Shi'ite tensions elsewhere, particularly in Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

(Additional reporting by Yara Bayoumy and Dominic Evans in Beirut; Writing by Giles Elgood; Editing by Alistair Lyon)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/shellfire-hits-aleppo-army-says-retook-rebel-area-103707161.html

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Midwest Acquire Backyard's Sioux City SD Cluster - RADIO ONLINE ?


Midwest Acquires Backyard's Sioux City SD Cluster

Midwest Communications has agreed to acquire KELO-AM & FM, KSQB-FM, KXQL-FM, KRRO-FM, KTWB-FM and KWSN-AM/Sioux Falls, SD, from Backyard Broadcasting. Terms were not disclosed. Backyard is a Jacksonville, FL-based company, headed by President/CEO Barry Drake, that also owns broadcast interests in Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York. "I am very pleased to see these stations go to Duke Wright and Midwest Communications. Duke and his group have an outstanding reputation and a true love for local radio. Midwest communications will be a terrific addition to the Sioux Falls community," said Drake "We are truly excited to be entering the Sioux Falls, SD, radio market with the pending acquisition of the stations operated by Barry Drake's Backyard Broadcasting Group. Sioux Falls is an excellent market and the Backyard stations have provided excellent service to the area for many years. we look forward to continuing that tradition," said Midwest President/CEO Dule Wright. Midwest Communications is a Wisconsin-based company comprised of Midwest Communications Inc. and WRIG Inc. which collectively owns forty-seven stations throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. Kalil & Co. was the exclusive broker (07-25-12) Menu | Contact Us | Subscribe | Advertise | Privacy Policy | About Us

Copyright ? 1989-2012 RADIO ONLINE ?
The publisher makes no claims concerning the validity of the information posted on RADIO ONLINE and will not be held liable for its use. No part of this material may be reproduced in any form, incorporated in any information retrieval system or otherwise redistributed without the prior written permission of the publisher.
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When you need to monitor a radio station, call the National Aircheck. Any station, anywhere, anytime.

Source: http://news.radio-online.com/cgi-bin/rol.exe/headline_id=b13371

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Challenges In Enterprise Risk Management ? ProductDossier Blog

Posted on by marketing@ProductDossier

Enterprise risk management (ERM) as a term has developed over recent years to mean differing things to different people.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is as an enterprise-wide, integrated (holistic) approach to corporate management. The aim is to increase corporate value by systematic risks responding and securing the company?s goals against disruptive events.

The essence of ERM is built around the pragmatic use of risk management as an effective management tool and to be a significant driver of value. In today?s economic climate, the demand for a more comprehensive approach to risk management to ensure that risks and opportunities are systematically identified and the risk responses are developed has never been more critical.

Defining risk management?s role within the business (and vice versa) is also an extremely common topic of conversation. As rules and standards keep changing, this will remain a top challenge. Other frequent issues include event/loss management, building a ?risk taxonomy, and evaluating vendor/partner risk.

Challenges In Enterprise Risk Management

Assessing ERM?s value

Privilege (of access to risk information)

Defining risk

(Selecting a) risk assessment method

Qualitative versus quantitative (assessment metrics)

Time horizon (for risk assessments)

Multiple possible scenarios

ERM ownership

Risk reporting

Simulations and stress tests


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Source: http://productdossier.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/challenges-in-enterprise-risk-management/

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What To Ask Your Car Insurance Agent | Modest Money

The following is a guest post. If interested in submitting a guest post, please read my
guest posting policy and then contact me.

People who are purchasing their first car insurance policies are inexperienced on this subject, so it is understandable that they do not always know what they need to ask their car insurance agents. Without this knowledge, they can be susceptible to purchasing more coverage than they need or they may leave coverage behind that would be necessary in their situations. By reading this article, they will know exactly what they need to ask their car insurance agents so that they can obtain the best coverage for the lowest price.

Do I Qualify for Any Discounts?

Qualifying for discounts can bring a person?s car insurance rates down a significant amount. Some people may be able to qualify for several at once, and they can see a huge portion taken off of their rates. They only need to know that they must broach this subject when they are discussing coverage with their agents because the agents will not necessarily tell them that there are discounts available for them.

One example is the multi-policy discount. Some insurance companies sell policies for more than just car insurance and may have homeowner?s insurance as well. When clients of these companies purchase car insurance and homeowner?s insurance from one company, they can receive the multi-policy discount. Similarly, insuring more than one car will qualify them for the multi-vehicle discount.

What Happens If My Car is Totaled?

If a vehicle cannot be repaired for less than its fair market value, car insurance companies call it a total loss. Another way of stating this is to say that the car has been ?totaled.? When this occurs, the car insurance company offers the client a sum of money to replace the vehicle. What these clients need to clarify before they sign the contract is exactly how much this will be.

Damages resulting from a collision are covered under the collision insurance and damages resulting in any other way are covered by comprehensive insurance. When people purchase this type of coverage, they will have the option of choosing the actual cash value or the agreed upon value. With the actual cash value, the depreciation will be subtracted from the amount they receive for the car.

People need to ask their insurance agents if they have the option of choosing the agreed upon value that they will negotiate every year when they renew the policy. The advantage is that the amount they agree upon at the beginning of the term will be the amount they receive regardless of the depreciation.

Is Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Worth It?

Collision and comprehensive coverage is excellent coverage for a newer, more expensive vehicle but owners of used cars may not benefit from it. This just may be another piece of information that the car insurance agent may not mention to someone new to buying car insurance. Adding collision and comprehensive coverage increases people?s premiums, and they will have to pay a deductible first.

The deductible is the portion of the bill that the policyholders will need to pay before the car insurance company will pay the remainder. People often choose to pay a high deductible to help lower their car insurance premiums, and it can be as high as $1,000. If the vehicle has a low market value and the policyholder needs to pay $1,000 first, the car?s owner may not think that it was worth it to pay the premiums every year and the deductible to receive the $2,000 they will be entitled to if the car is ever totaled.

In the above scenario, collision and comprehensive coverage may not be worth the price.

What Is the Difference between Liability and Optional Coverage?

Most states require that people purchase bodily injury and property damage liability coverage in case of a collision. The at-fault driver?s bodily injuries and property damages will not be covered. Even if the policyholders were not at fault and were hit by an uninsured driver, they will not be able to access their own liability coverage for payment of their medical bills and to have their cars repaired.

Those living in states where coverage for bodily injuries and property damages caused by an uninsured driver is available will want to ask their agents about it. Unlike with collision coverage, a deductible will not apply and the coverage does not cost the policyholder as much to add to their packages.

What Types of Parts Will Be Used If My Car Needs Repairs?

When speaking with a car insurance agent, people need to ask them about the parts that will be used to fix their vehicles. If the car needs to be repaired, some car insurance companies choose to use generic parts or aftermarket parts because they are cheaper. What people will want to clarify is that their car insurance companies will use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that are parts made specifically for their own cars. Some companies do allow for the use of OEM parts but others categorically refuse. Ask the agent to find out if OEM parts are a possibility or not.



Author bio: Chris is experienced internet marketer interested in key technologies to make your online business perform. During his career he worked for some of biggest Australian brands. Currently employed as marketing consultant for AU based insurance company, Real Car Insurance.

Source: http://www.modestmoney.com/what-to-ask-your-car-insurance-agent/

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Toronto International Film Festival Line-Up Includes Malick, Affleck, Wachowskis

Has the summer movie season gotten you down? Did some of those hopeful-looking blockbusters disappoint you? Well, we have some good news for you. Today we learned the date of the start of fall movie season: September 6, the opening of the Toronto International Film Festival. This year, the TIFF line-up is heavily skewed toward [...]

Source: http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2012/07/24/toronto-international-film-festival-line-up/

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Can a person with terminal brain cancer obtain life insurance ...

Can a person with terminal brain cancer obtain life insurance?

Recently my sister has been diagnost with terminal brain cancer. She has been given 6-12 months to live. She is a 50 year old living in Michigan. We are wondering if there is any chance of her obtaining life insurance. If so from whom?

You can compare quotes from different companies for free at: Usa insurance quotes

Not likely. And if you did find one that agreed, I would be very hesitant to trust them.
Recently upgraded my term-life policy from work, (before knowledge of brain tumor) and they wanted ?eligibility of insurability? forms (about two weeks after surgery). First question was ?Are you currently receiving medical treatment for?.?
Declined increase in benefits, dropped coverage. Imagine that.
Probably, but you?d be considered high-risk so they?d charge you a lot.
1 person rated this as good
source: insurance quotes

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Source: http://www.decadesilove.com/2012/07/24/can-a-person-with-terminal-brain-cancer-obtain-life-insurance-question/

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ear - Natural Remedies | Revista Women's Health

An earache can be described as a sharp pain, throbbing or dull pain that causes much discomfort. It is very common in children but can affect people of all ages.

The most common cause of earache is otitis, an infection of the middle ear (the space behind the eardrum) or otitis externa, inflammation of the external ear canal. Ear pain is easily treatable and rarely causes complications.

The most common symptoms of a middle ear infection (otitis) include:

Fever or high temperature

  • Earache
  • Dizziness
  • Temporary hearing loss
  • Persistent Crying, especially in infants
  • Irritability


Symptoms and signs of outer ear infection include:

  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Pus in the ear

What causes an earache?

The most common causes of ear pain include:

  • Obstruction in the ear tube (eustachian tube)
  • Objects in the ear
  • Ear infection
  • Arthritis of the jaw
  • Infection of the tooth
  • Damaged or broken eardrum
  • Sinusitis
  • Sore throat
  • Tonsillitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Accumulation of ear wax
  • The soap or shampoo lodged in the ear

Diagnosis of ear pain

Diagnosis of ear pain is a physical examination based on the symptoms. Your doctor will examine the outer ear, the ear canal and eardrum with an instrument called an otoscope. The examination may also involve the mouth, nose, throat and teeth. In some cases, radiographs can also be ordered.

Help for sore ears

Ear pain is usually treated with eardrops containing antibiotics to help fight infection. Medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen also provide pain relief. If ear pain is not severe, apply a warm compress, wet the outer ear to reduce pain.

Insert warm olive oil in the ear canal to relieve pain or gently massaging below each ear. For more serious episodes of ear pain, an oral antibiotic along with ear drops may be prescribed. Children who experience repetitive ear infections may require a surgical procedure that involves having tubes inserted in his ears.

Natural Remedies

People are increasingly choosing herbal and homeopathic remedies as a natural alternative to antibiotic treatment for ear pain. These treatments are safe and gentle on the body system and also support the overall health of the ear.

Herbs such as pulsatilla purpurea (pasque flower) and Echinacea act as nerve relaxant and reduces inflammation while also stimulating the immune system. Homeopathic ingredients such as hepar. Sulph, belladonna, pulsatilla and Levisticum treat the symptoms of ear infections.

Source: http://revistawomenshealth.com/diseases/ear/ear-natural-remedies.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ear-natural-remedies

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What is the best order to invest money? Roth vs. 401K vs. Life ...

What is the best order to invest money? Roth vs. 401K vs. Life Insurance?

I am a 34 year old, married, father of 4, resident physician who just got a $60K pay raise. I was making $42K during my first year of residency training, but now with moonlighting, I am making $100K. What is the best order to invest? Of course I started with the 401K because my employer matches 4% if I invest 5%. But what next? Life Insurance, Roth, Traditional IRA, etc. or should I pay down my mortgage($200K at 8%APR) or student loans($150K at 3%APR)? My wife has a small traditional IRA, but we have no other investments. Thanks for any advice.

You can compare quotes from different companies for free at: Usa insurance quotes

Best order to invest money?

1) Max out your Roth IRA contributions. I would divide the maximum limit over a 12 month period. For example, invest $333.33/month vs putting $4000 once a year.

2) Max out your 401(k) contribution.

3) If your wife isn?t working, you can max out her IRA contribution on her behalf.

4) Setup an emergency fund (use money market fund as an emergency fund). There should be enough in there to last you 3-6 months in case there is an emergency (such as losing your job).

5) If you still have money left over, check out Metlife?s PrimeElite IV variable annuity.

As you can see here, I did not list life insurance. Life insurance is never an investment. It is insurance that pays a death claim in the event that you die. I would stay away from any life insurance policies that builds cash value. Cash value is the biggest scheme and if you are uneducated about it, you would fall into the deception that the cash value belongs to you.


Discover Questions in Personal Finance
How would u feel if money wasnt used anymore?
How long do student finance gives you maintenance loan?
Please help! I need $150 in a week for a ticket! I don?t have time to get a job either!?
How To Save Money to go to asia?
source: california car insurance

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Source: http://www.decadesilove.com/2012/07/25/what-is-the-best-order-to-invest-money-roth-vs-401k-vs-life-insurance-question/

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Making Tech sexy- Design is what I do


Tech BKstyle! I have to make tech ?SEXY!?... I'm ?sitting trying to figure out how to ?communicate the design ?process and what ?makes for a successful product, to ?someone who insist they have a "winning" idea. I am reminded of my ?fashion design process! ?sign up?Http://tuberiam.tibiaetech.com?

I'm charged with ?bringing tech to ?my community... not the?Facebook?stuff but encouraging local businesses to embrace technology as a solution "addressing need or?even?more demanding to "disrupt their industry , niche sector!

Tibia Tech Inc is a NY based tech startup that ?is in the business of change management addressing the glaring problem of lack of minority-owned businesses in today?s tech sector and the adoption of technology in today?s business culture, We provide a support system that is unprecedented ... and needed ?


o Technology

o Funding & Financing-

o Education- Technical Training Programs & Development of Skill Sets

o Business & Resource Development & Procurement-

o Media, Marketing & Communication and distribution experts



More importantly we ?encourage the establishment of?startups... "change the ratio" the urban version!?Already ?we're facing "I have a brilliant idea I just need a developer! ?The ideas are great and more importantly truly needed!

Yet as?each?plan is presented... I see blatant holes in?the?business model, strategy design, user interface ... mainly ?from lack of knowledge!

My partner said it simply, "you have to make it sexy ?for our people!"?


They want the "Matrix" meets the "Minority Report"... and he is not off track. Few want to do the research, investigate, challenge and INNOVATE!?

So as I'm ?sitting trying to figure out how to ?communicate the design ?process and what ?makes for a?successful?product ?to ?someone who insist they have a "winning" idea. I am reminded of my ?fashion design process! I Have to make tech ?SEXY!I ?use several design techniques but eventually ?before they ?hit the shelf they must be?redesigned?from an ?art perspective to a consumer product focus! I?usually?use??the??educate, Investigate, brainstorm ?leave?to?simmer then?design?from "inspiration". The fact ?is in that ?process "inspiration is a carefully ?induced process!?

In the image above I ?sat ?through several ?free-form?jazz jams in?the?late 1999 at ?Palm Court ?and as my ?friend improvised I ?let my ?hands "move. In 2002 I ?took those?sketches?and executed these garments that were shown at Harlem Fashion Week in ?2003!?



?646 829 3146?



We're presently Working onm the Tibiae tech ?concept and language.. The ?Space will launch in September and we are currently ?identifying and working ?with our first ?stratups!

Tibiae Tech Solutions provides technology, funding , mentorship, incubation, marketing and distribution to enable experts in niche local micro sectors who answer the question ??what would you do with technology if you could?? to access and develop technologies, focused on scalable next generation concepts! Tibiae Tech brings the Silicon Culture into local neighborhoods ?as a start-up designed specifically to facilitate the adoption, adaptation and creation of new and emerging ?technology by and for local entrepreneurs! ?Tibiae Tech seeks to help local experts make culturally relevant and successful transitions to the inevitable tech powered "solution" within their niche and thus proactively create effective solutions. Tibiae tech?s mission is focused on shifting ?the economic decline ?in urban ?communities into thriving businesses that can compete in today?s emerging high-growth marketplace. As opposed to the usual one-level approach, Tibiae Tech will employ a multi- pronged strategy utilizing the comprehensive resources to develop, nurture and support a successful small business.

Tibia Tech is in the business of change management addressing the glaring problem of lack of minority-owned businesses in today?s tech sector and the adoption of technology in today?s business culture. By proving space, pools of resources and making them accessible, we can jump-start these businesses. We first conceptualized an ?irrigation? system that would funnel resources to urban tech ?start-ups, as well as an ?incubator with relevant ?mentorship, training and support. Founders also noted that we we would not only need an ?incubator and an accelerator but we would have to develop a ??hatchery? and started brainstorming the challenge of fostering new ideas. ?The fact is fact we need to ?create a pollination and fertilization ?process before we can incubate... Distribution needed to be supported by offline and online venues connected and integrated seamlessly across digital platforms and so the Tuberiam was designed. ?We opted for the co-working model. in order to fulfill the small business needs, Tibiae Tech has to create the resources/ thus experts in each discipline are coming together to provide their expertise and creating ?a culturally ?sensitive ?programing and resource solutions. That introduces new concepts in Business as well as new and elerging technologies ad encorages exploration ad testing ?theories through to concept and product development! the challeng e of support ?staff ad their technical training will also be addressed! ?To facilitate this a comprehensive funding and financing ?protocol ?will be put in place! Tibia Tech believes that a ?comprehensive approach will create the ?necessary traction ?needed to ?push ahead. ?Tibia Tech ?July ?1st ?we begin ?p[rparing ?the core members with a soft ?launch with a target ?date of September for a permanent location


Source: http://knitsbymichi.blogspot.com/2012/07/making-tech-sexy-design-is-what-i-do.html

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Amelia Earhart search to continue despite lack of hard evidence (+video)

Amelia Earhart, whose 115th birthday is celebrated on Google's home page Tuesday, disappeared with her navigator over the Pacific Ocean in 1937. A new search for her remains has returned nothing definitive.

By Oskar Garcia,?Associated Press / July 24, 2012

Google honors Amelia Earhart with a doodle on her birthday. The aviatrix would be 115 years old today.



Even though a monthlong voyage for?Amelia?Earhart's?plane wreckage turned up nothing definitive, the searchers devoted to the hunt say they have a trove of evidence to examine that will help shed light on what happened to the famed aviator 75 years ago.

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' + google_ads[0].line2 + '
' + google_ads[0].line3 + '

'; } else if (google_ads.length > 1) { ad_unit += ''; } } document.getElementById("ad_unit").innerHTML += ad_unit; google_adnum += google_ads.length; return; } var google_adnum = 0; google_ad_client = "pub-6743622525202572"; google_ad_output = 'js'; google_max_num_ads = '1'; google_feedback = "on"; google_ad_type = "text"; google_adtest = "on"; google_image_size = '230x105'; google_skip = '0'; // --> Seventy-five years ago, Americans learned that Amelia Earhart was missing. Now, the 10th expedition searching for that aircraft is about to take off. CBS's Lee Cowan reports.

The expedition to a remote atoll roughly 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) southwest of Hawaii was well on its way back to Honolulu on Tuesday as?Earhart's?family and others marked what would have been the American icon's 115th birthday.

Google honored?Earhart?by changing the logo on its homepage, while her family said on their website that?Earhart's?legacy remains relevant.

"The aviation pioneer, who was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, continues to make lasting impressions on people all over the world," the statement posted Tuesday said.

Pat Thrasher, president of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, said plans are already in the works for a land-based expedition to the Kiribati atoll of Nikumaroro next year.

The voyagers looked at footage as it initially came in from a tethered underwater vehicle rigged with cameras and lights. But the group expects to learn more through repeat viewings, picking up new insights on the underwater landscape where they believe the plane went down. The group has countless hours of high-definition video and sonar data.

"It's unbelievably difficult as an environment and your eyeballs fall out after a while" watching the video, Thrasher said. "The only way you can be sure you know what you found is to go back through the data very carefully."

The expedition cost $2.2 million. The group was short nearly $500,000 at the start of the voyage and will need to raise more funds for any future trips.

But the group still believes?Earhart?and her navigator crashed onto a reef off the remote island, Thrasher said.

Remnants of the plane, the group believes, could be in hard-to-see caves within a reef that drops like a cliff thousands of feet underwater. Or, it might have simply floated away to another area that's impossible to predict.

"This is just sort of the way things are in this world," TIGHAR president Pat Thrasher said. "It's not like an Indiana Jones flick where you go through a door and there it is. It's not like that ? it's never like that."

Source: http://rss.csmonitor.com/~r/feeds/csm/~3/FmKc4z_cXro/Amelia-Earhart-search-to-continue-despite-lack-of-hard-evidence-video

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'Gator Boys' Finale: Team Must Save Abused And Starving Gator With Its Mouth Taped Shut (VIDEO)

  • "The Bachelor"

    <strong>"The Bachelor," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> You really think we've seen the last rose handed out? Not in a million years. ABC has already tapped their next "Bachelorette," and we know they'll have their eyes peeled for a hot rejected man from that spinoff to be the next "Bachelor."

  • "The Bachelorette"

    <strong>"The Bachelorette," ABC</strong> <br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Bachelor" Brad's also-ran Emily Maynard is getting her turn as the rose giver for the seventh season of "The Bachelorette" this summer. As long as there are people willing to look for love on reality TV, this show will keep on trucking.

  • "Body of Proof"

    <strong>"Body of Proof," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Body of Proof" has been falling below its timeslot competitor, CBS's "Unforgettable," but it still draws a decent audience and its fans are very vocal. ABC has decided it deserves a third season.

  • "Castle"

    <strong>"Castle," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This show's ratings have definitely suffered without "Dancing With the Stars" airing beforehand, but it is a consistent performer. And now that Castle and Beckett's relationship is evolving, a fifth season of "oh yes they will" is a no-brainer.

  • "Charlie's Angels"

    <strong>"Charlie's Angels," ABC</strong> <br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Not really a shock for anybody, but "Charlie's Angels" is cooked. Flimsy story, bad remake, questionable casting.

  • "Cougar Town"

    <strong>"Cougar Town," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed -- for TBS!<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The Season 3 ratings weren't boosted much by holding this show until midseason, but ABC's wonky air schedule also didn't help ... which is why the news that TBS has picked up the show for a fourth season is huge. Cheers with your Big Carl!

  • "Dancing With the Stars"

    <strong>"Dancing With the Stars," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "DWTS" may have lost its luster in the ratings, but if the viewers are still coming.

  • "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"

    <strong>"Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> ABC's new bleep-worthy comedy starring Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker and James Van Der Beek is a funny one, and definitely embraces the quirk (Beek Jeans!), so we're excited to see what they do with a second season.

  • "Desperate Housewives"

    <strong>"Desperate Housewives," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> After countless deaths, murders, betrayals and natural disasters on Wisteria Lane over the show's eight seasons, the ladies of "Desperate Housewives" will say goodbye forever this May.

  • "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

    <strong>"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> After a whopping nine seasons, the do-gooding show came to an end in January. But worry not, it will continue to have a few specials to make viewers cry tears of joy.

  • "GCB"

    <strong>"GCB," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This "Desperate Housewives"-esque dramedy premiered to less than 8 million viewers, and the phenomenal cast (Kristin Chenoweth, Annie Potts, Leslie Bibb) couldn't bring in a Texas-sized audience, so ABC canceled it.

  • "Grey's Anatomy"

    <strong>"Grey's Anatomy," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Shonda Rhimes' medical drama is a ratings juggernaut, even in its eighth season, and with most of her <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/10/greys-anatomy-ellen-pompeo_n_1506113.html?ref=tv" target="_hplink">big stars signed on for more</a>, ABC gave the go-ahead for a ninth season.

  • "Happy Endings"

    <strong>"Happy Endings," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This show is way too "ca-yute" to bubble it, and obviously someone high up at ABC agrees. After its first season was moved around and aired all out of order, the network still gave it another chance to find its audience in Season 2 ... and it has, and hopefully will continue to in Season 3.

  • "Last Man Standing"

    <strong>"Last Man Standing," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status: </strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Ratings for Tim Allen's return to sitcoms have been very strong, making it Tuesday's most-watched comedy. If you can beat "Glee" and "The Biggest Loser," a second season is a given.

  • "Man Up!"

    <strong>"Man Up!," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> ABC pulled the show after eight episodes.

  • "The Middle"

    <strong>"The Middle," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Now in its third season, "The Middle" is still holding onto its middle position in the ratings on Wednesday nights, and that seems just about right. It doesn't do "American Idol" or "Survivor" numbers, of course, but with over 7 million viewers, it's a strong comedy for the network that easily beats anything NBC is offering.

  • "Missing"

    <strong>"Missing," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Ashley Judd lead this drama about a former CIA agent whose son goes missing, kicking her back into action to find him. The series was only set to air 10 episodes, miniseries-style, with the potential for more, but a cancellation means that's all they're getting.

  • "Modern Family"

    <strong>"Modern Family," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Modern Family" remains ABC's biggest sitcom success story of the last decade, both in ratings and awards love. This critical darling is getting a fourth season of hijinks with the hilarious Pritchett-Dunphy clan.

  • "Once Upon A Time"

    <strong>"Once Upon A Time," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Once Upon a Time" has gotten praise for being one of the more family-friendly dramas on TV, and it's been pulling in close to 10 million viewers each week because of it. We're excited by the almost endless possibilities for new fairy tale-inspired stories to tackle in Season 2.

  • "Pan Am"

    <strong>"Pan Am," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Poor "Pan Am" just never quite took off. The series' vintage look actually worked against it, much like NBC's swiftly canceled "Playboy Club" -- guess when you're being compared to award-winning shows like "Mad Men," it makes it more than a little tough to live up to the hype.

  • "Private Practice"

    <strong>"Private Practice," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Private Practice" has never gotten "Grey's Anatomy"-level ratings, and things got shakier when ABC bumped it to Tuesday nights to make room for creator Shonda Rhimes' <em>other</em> new show, "Scandal," but they've given the show a sixth season order.

  • "Revenge"

    <strong>"Revenge," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> With a clever mix of drama, mystery and serious revenge-ing, this is hands down one of the most addictive new shows on TV, and we can't wait to see where they take things in Season 2.

  • "The River"

    <strong>"The River," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The promise of "Paranormal Activity"-like scares each week quickly fizzled after this show premiered, along with the ratings. The first season's eight episodes came and went, and ABC has nixed any plans for more.

  • "Scandal"

    <strong>"Scandal," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Shonda Rhimes' latest show isn't about doctors at all -- and that's why we're glad it's sticking around. Kerry Washington is amazing as Olivia Pope, a Washington, D.C. fixer with a crack team of specialists helping make bad headlines vanish before they're ever written. Here's hoping for more than seven episodes in its second season.

  • "Shark Tank"

    <strong>"Shark Tank," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Now in its third season, this reality competition show is unlike any other on network TV and ABC is keeping it around for more for that very reason.

  • "Suburgatory"

    <strong>"Suburgatory," ABC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> It's smart, quick and not too cute -- "Suburgatory" is consistently named the sitcom you should be watching, but probably aren't. The great cast makes this one a no-brainer, and the ratings have stayed pretty consistent, too. We're thrilled it's getting a second season to shine!

  • "Work It"

    <strong>"Work It," ABC</strong> <br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Let us count the ways ...

  • "2 Broke Girls"

    <strong>"2 Broke Girls," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>At first, people balked at the racist supporting characters, but now it seems that audiences are all over "2 Broke Girls" -- it's ratings have seen a steady increase, and it won the People's Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy.

  • "A Gifted Man"

    <strong>"A Gifted Man," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>"A Gifted Man's" total viewer numbers were OK for a Friday night, but a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic is especially bad for CBS. Another bad sign: star Patrick Wilson tweeted about the end: "I had a great time. Thanks to my fans. So happy it's done." And done it is.

  • "The Amazing Race"

    <strong>"The Amazing Race," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status: </strong>Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Voted the best reality show on TV several times (albeit years ago), "The Amazing Race" isn't going anywhere. Ratings have dropped a bit, but are still solid.

  • "The Big Bang Theory"

    <strong>"The Big Bang Theory," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Nothing seems to be able to make a dent in this show. With fantastic ratings (it beat "Idol"!) and a rabid following, we'll be seeing plenty more "Big Bang" before its run is over.

  • "Blue Bloods"

    <strong>"Blue Bloods," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The anchor of Friday nights on CBS, "Blue Bloods" has performed well, pulling in around 11 million viewers an episode. The show might not have the youngest audience, but it's still enough for CBS to keep it on the schedule.

  • "Criminal Minds"

    <strong>"Criminal Minds," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Paget Brewster might be checking out, but "Criminal Minds" is here to stay. In Season 7, the procedural is still a consistently strong ratings performer for CBS.

  • "CSI"

    <strong>"CSI," CBS</strong> <br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Whenever the time comes, the "CSI" mothership will end with a lot of fanfare, but not this year. With new faces Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue around, there is going to be at least one more season.<br />

  • "CSI: Miami"

    <strong>"CSI: Miami," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Out of the three (!) "CSI" programs on the air, "CSI: Miami" is the one to say goodbye first. The one-time ratings giant has been affected by football overruns (just as "The Good Wife" has) and "CSI: NY" has the edge in terms of total viewers, meaning a "Miami" sunset was inevitable. <br />

  • "CSI: NY"

    <strong>"CSI: NY," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Of the two "CSI" spinoffs, "CSI: NY" is the stronger -- pulling in more than 10 million viewers on a Friday night is no easy task -- and with "CSI: Miami" canceled, "CSI: NY's" renewal was a no-brainer.

  • "The Good Wife"

    <strong>"The Good Wife," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This critical darling suffered after its move from Tuesdays to Sundays thanks to sports overruns. The viewers are frustrated, but given its strong cast and Emmy love, the show is still coming back for more.

  • "Hawaii Five-0"

    <strong>"Hawaii Five-0," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Despite the scheduling setback as Alex O'Loughlin seeks treatment, Season 2 is still doing well for CBS in a very competitive timeslot.<br />

  • "How To Be a Gentleman"

    <strong>"How To Be A Gentleman," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Not even having "The Big Bang Theory" as a lead-in could save this David Hornsby project, which only lasted three episodes.

  • "How I Met Your Mother"

    <strong>"How I Met Your Mother," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> CBS renewed "How I Met Your Mother" for two more seasons in March 2011, so fans can look forward to being strung along about the titular mother's identity for a bit longer.<br />

  • "The Mentalist"

    <strong>"The Mentalist," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Although the show hit a season ratings low in the middle of February, its fanbase and overall ratings were enough to have it return for another season.

  • "Mike & Molly"

    <strong>"Mike & Molly," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Thanks to an Emmy win and Oscar nomination, Melissa McCarthy is a Hollywood power player and CBS is keen to keep her around. Just look at the multiple pilots she has in the works as a behind the scenes player! "Mike & Molly" will be back for a third season.

  • "NCIS"

    <strong>"NCIS," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The long-running procedural has become a ratings juggernaut at a time when most shows start shedding viewers. Season 10 is now happening.

  • "NCIS: Los Angeles"

    <strong>"NCIS: Los Angeles," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong>Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This show has gone up in the ratings over the last couple of years, and people can't get enough of L.L. Cool J and Chris O'Donnell.

  • "NYC 22"

    <strong>"NYC 22," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This "Rookie Blue" clone from executive producer Robert DeNiro didn't really move the needle when it premiered midseason; CBS officially axed it with three episodes left to air.

  • "Person of Interest"

    <strong>"Person of Interest," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> With ratings matching juggernauts like "Grey's Anatomy" and fans popping up everywhere, we'll be seeing another season of "Person of Interest."

  • "Rob"

    <strong>"Rob," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Rob's" spot after ratings juggernaut "The Big Bang Theory" probably went a long way in helping it survive to see the end of its first season, but that's as far as it'll get.

  • "Rules of Engagement"

    <strong>"Rules of Engagement," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This show has moved around so much it's hard to remember when it's on, and with six seasons under its belt it's had quite a nice run. Despite slipping ratings and the aforementioned constant switcheroos, there's still a future for "Rules of Engagement."

  • "Survivor"

    <strong>"Survivor," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status: </strong>Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Of <em>course</em> we have "Survivor" coming back for another season. Where else are we going to see petty squabbles and insane behavior on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world?

  • "Two and a Half Men"

    <strong>"Two and a Half Men," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Despite a less-than-favorable critical response, the revamped "Two and a Half Men" keeps pulling in respectable numbers every week. Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones will all return for a Season 10.

  • "Undercover Boss"

    <strong>"Undercover Boss," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The inherent addictiveness of this show has gone a long way in securing loyal viewers -- it has been on top of the ratings several times this season alone.

  • "Unforgettable"

    <strong>"Unforgettable," CBS</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> In its timeslot, "Unforgettable" keeps emerging on top, beating out "Parenthood" and "Body of Proof." Leading lady Poppy Montgomery has been called "the female version of 'The Mentalist,'" another top-rated show, so things are looking positive.

  • "90210"

    <strong>"90210," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> While its ratings have plummeted since last season, the Beverly Hills crew is still doing better than "Supernatural," "Hart of Dixie," "Nikita," and "Gossip Girl" on average.

  • "America's Next Top Model"

    <strong>"America's Next Top Model," The CW<br /> Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Tyra Banks' reality show is in the early stages of its 18th cycle with a Brit vs. U.S. installment. Cycle 19 will be the show's inaugural "college edition."

  • "Gossip Girl"

    <strong>"Gossip Girl," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Fans will get to say goodbye to the Upper East-Siders in a sixth and reportedly shortened final season.

  • "H8R"

    <strong>"H8R," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Apparently, the opposite of MTV's former series "Fanatic" proved people don't love to hate Kim Kardashian and Snooki as much as we thought. It lasted four episodes.

  • "Hart of Dixie"

    <strong>"Hart of Dixie," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Josh Schwartz and Rachel Bilson return for a sophomore season of "Hart of Dixie," hopefully so they can make more viral videos.

  • "Nikita"

    <strong>"Nikita," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>We're shocked the show is coming back for another season, but its hard-core fans will certainly be happy.

  • "One Tree Hill"

    <strong>"One Tree Hill," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> After nine seasons, it's time to say goodbye to "One Tree Hill." After subpar ratings, the network decided to pull the plug on its long-standing teen soap. Thankfully, the CW gave "One Tree Hill" a final 13 episodes to wrap up all of the drama.

  • "Remodeled"

    <strong>"Remodeled," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> As good as dead<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Not only has "Remodeled" already been replaced on the CW schedule, but it debuted with one of the CW's lowest-rated premiere ever, scoring a terrible 0.3 in the coveted 18-49 demo.

  • "Ringer"

    <strong>"Ringer," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Sarah Michelle Gellar's double-life proved too complicated and poorly-produced for viewers to care much about.

  • "The Secret Circle"

    <strong>"The Secret Circle," The CW</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Somewhat of a surprising development given its decent ratings, but it never quite lived up to its lead-in, "The Vampire Diaries."

  • "Supernatural"

    <strong>"Supernatural," The CW<br /> Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This fan favorite will return for Season 8.

  • "The Vampire Diaries"

    <strong>"The Vampire Diaries," The CW <br /> Status:</strong> Renewed <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Vampire Diaries" is The CW's golden child ... the vampires and witches and werewolves of Mystic Falls aren't going anywhere.

  • "Alcatraz"

    <strong>"Alcatraz," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Alcatraz" -- and almost every other recent J.J. Abrams TV project -- proves that slapping "from J.J. Abrams" on a show does not equal ratings success. The series debuted strong, but fizzled in the ratings, leading Fox to pull the plug.

  • "Allen Gregory"

    <strong>"Allen Gregory," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Jonah Hill's animated series only lasted seven episodes. The Oscar nominee should probably just stick to movies for a while ...

  • "American Dad"

    <strong>"American Dad," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Fox gave out early renewals to "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show," keeping its Sunday night animation block intact. <br />

  • "American Idol"

    <strong>"American Idol," Fox</strong> <br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The show's declining ratings have been widely reported this season, but it's hard to imagine TV life without "Idol."

  • "Bob's Burgers"

    <strong>"Bob's Burgers," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Too soon to tell<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The sophomore season of this quirky animated comedy kicks off this month (Sun., Mar. 11), so don't expect to hear about a Season 3 just yet.<br />

  • "Bones"

    <strong>"Bones," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed <br /> <strong>Why: </strong>The show got a ratings boost thanks to its lead-in "The X Factor." With the floundering state of Fox's dramas (see ya, "House"), Fox is holding on to this one.

  • "Breaking In"

    <strong>"Breaking In," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>After a last minute revival, "Breaking In" returned for a second season with Megan Mullally in tow, but it wasn't enough to revive this D.O.A. comedy.

  • "The Cleveland Show"

    <strong>"The Cleveland Show," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Fox gave "The Cleveland Show" and "American Dad" early renewals and this spinoff will be back for a Season 4, but no word on a fifth season.<br />

  • "Family Guy"

    <strong>"Family Guy," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>Fox handed out early renewals to the Seth MacFarlane animated comedies.

  • "The Finder"

    <strong>"The Finder," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "The Finder" hit the benches for a bit before moving to Fridays, and the numbers never improved. Averaging less than 6 million viewers an episode (not so hot for a Fox drama), it was only a matter of time ...

  • "Fringe"

    <strong>"Fringe," Fox <br /> Status:</strong> Renewed <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This fan favorite has struggled in the ratings, but Fox has agreed to give it a 13-episode order for a fifth and final season to wrap up all the mysteries of both universes.

  • "Glee"

    <strong>"Glee," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status: </strong>Renewed<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>The hit teen series is breaking records in music sales, but its overall viewership has slipped. After a bit of a PR debacle about graduating characters that ended with spinoff plans being squashed, "Glee" will get another season.

  • "Hell's Kitchen"

    <strong>"Hell's Kitchen," Fox <br /> Status:</strong> Renewed <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Last year at this time, Fox renewed the Gordon Ramsay series for two more seasons, so it's all set.

  • "House"

    <strong>"House," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> After eight seasons and countless unsolvable medical cases solved, this Fox medical drama is coming to an end.

  • "I Hate My Teenage Daughter"

    <strong>"I Hate My Teenage Daughter," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why: </strong> As if getting panned by critics wasn't enough, "I Hate My Teenage Daughter's" shrinking ratings had the show marked for death, then Fox benched the sitcom for three months after only four episodes and then ... yep, buh-bye forever. No shock there.

  • "Kitchen Nightmares"

    <strong>"Kitchen Nightmares," Fox <br /> Status:</strong> Renewed?<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> In early February, Fox signed on for a?16-episode fifth season of this other Gordon Ramsay series. They're in the Gordon Ramsay business, and they're not going anywhere.

  • "MasterChef"

    <strong>"MasterChef," Fox <br /> Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> No official announcement has been made regarding a third season, but there was a casting call issued during episodes throughout Season 2. And if Gordon Ramsay's track record with Fox is any indication, it's as good as renewed.

  • "Mobbed"

    <strong>"Mobbed," Fox <br /> Status:</strong> On the bubble <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> It started with a ratings bang, but things have only gone down from there for Fox's flash mob reality show with Howie Mandel at the helm. It's not on the schedule in any regular timeslot though, so it's possible they'll continue producing a few episodes a year.

  • "Napoleon Dynamite"

    <strong>"Napoleon Dynamite," Fox <br /> Status:</strong> On the bubble<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> After a decent debut, "Napoleon Dynamite" dropped about half of its audience to about 4 million viewers per episode. It could go either way.<br />

  • "New Girl"

    <strong>"New Girl," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "New Girl" was the first new Fox show to get a full Season 1 order and the show has continued to perform well in the ratings and in the 18-49 demographic. America loves that adorkable charm.

  • "Q'Viva: The Chosen"

    <strong>"Q'Viva: The Chosen," Fox</strong> <br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Too soon to tell/Not their call<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>Shortly after the Latin American-based show -- starring J. Lo and her ex-husband Marc Anthony -- debuted on Univision, Fox picked up an English-language version that debuted in early March. Though the reality series underperformed in its Saturday night timeslot, it's not Fox's decision whether or not we'll see more "Q'Viva."

  • "Raising Hope"

    <strong>"Raising Hope," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Thanks (or no thanks) in part to the success of "New Girl," the sophomore season of "Raising Hope" has moved around timeslots, but it has retained about a 2.1 score in the adults 18-49 demo.

  • "The Simpsons"

    <strong>"The Simpsons," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> After a very tense contract standoff, the voice actors of "The Simpsons" and the studio agreed to new terms and the show was renewed through Season 25.

  • "So You Think You Can Dance"

    <strong>"So You Think You Can Dance," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status: </strong>Too soon to tell<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Season 9 of "So You Think You Can Dance" won't debut until this summer and when it does, there will be changes: Fox has nixed the results show entirely. If the fanbase is still there, the cheaper production could save the show for another few seasons.

  • "Terra Nova"

    <strong>"Terra Nova," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Fox pulled the plug on this very expensive dinosaur drama, but reports indicate producers are looking to keep the show alive on a different network.<br />

  • "Touch"

    <strong>"Touch," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The Kiefer Sutherland drama had a sizable audience (about 12 million viewers) for its preview and has remained somewhat steady since its premiere. Fox showed faith in the series, giving it the post-"American Idol" slot, and it paid off.

  • "The X Factor"

    <strong>"The X Factor," Fox</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>Fox has already renewed the singing competition for a second season and boy will there be changes: two new hosts and two new judges will join Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid at the table.

  • "30 Rock"

    <strong>"30 Rock," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong>"30 Rock" is showing its age, but the star power of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin can't be denied -- NBC has renewed the show for a seventh and final season of 13 episodes.

  • "America's Got Talent"

    <strong>"America's Got Talent," NBC <br /> Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> NBC's top-rated summer show is moving to New York for this upcoming season, but it's most likely not going anywhere. Unless, of course, the new judge -- shock jock Howard Stern -- really messes things up somehow.

  • "Are You There, Chelsea?"

    <strong>"Are You There, Chelsea?," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> With just over 3 million viewers an episode, it wasn't not exactly a strong performer, even by NBC's standards. Even Chelsea Handler and NBC's fondness for funny ladies couldn't save this show.

  • "Awake"

    <strong>"Awake," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> "Awake" had gotten some great promotion, but its numbers were pretty middle of the road and only went down further -- genre shows with heavy serialized elements are always tricky.

  • "Bent"

    <strong>"Bent," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled <br /> <strong>Why: </strong>The Amanda Peet comedy premiered in late March and had six episodes to prove itself, but NBC didn't give it much of a chance, airing them back-to-back.

  • "Best Friends Forever"

    <strong>"Best Friends Forever," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong>Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The female buddy sitcom starring and co-created by Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham was yanked from the schedule and then axed for good.

  • "Betty White's Off Their Rockers"

    <strong>"Betty White's Off Their Rockers," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Too soon to tell<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Even though Betty White isn't doing the pranking, "Off Their Rockers" could still make a comeback.

  • "The Biggest Loser"

    <strong>"The Biggest Loser," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> NBC's weight loss competition show has been around for years, and despite sagging overall ratings, its 18-49 rating (a recent episode got a 2.0) is still one of NBC's highest.

  • "Celebrity Apprentice"

    <strong>"Celebrity Apprentice," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Series low ratings probably won't kill this franchise. But are there any D-listers left who haven't competed for Donald Trump's approval?

  • "Chuck"

    <strong>"Chuck," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The Josh Schwartz spy dramedy ended its five-season run in January.

  • "Community"

    <strong>"Community," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status: </strong>Renewed<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>Beloved by (a very vocal) few, ignored by many -- that's "Community" in a nutshell. After getting benched in January, "Community" returned to NBC's schedule with a vengeance, getting it a fourth season pick-up for 13 episodes to air on Fridays. Cool, cool, cool -- you can pop, pop! that champagne now.

  • "Fashion Star"

    <strong>"Fashion Star," NBC</strong> <br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why: </strong>The high-style reality series with Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Elle Macpherson and John Varvatos has certainly been confusing, but it's still a smart business model: The winning designs each week are for sale in stores the next day, and those stores just happen to be covering a large portion of production and advertising costs.

  • "Fear Factor"

    <strong>"Fear Factor," NBC <br /> Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Despite the donkey semen scandal that cut this season of "Fear Factor" a bit short, <a href="http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/12/13/fear-factor-returns-and-makes-a-ratings-splash/" target="_hplink">"Fear Factor" boosts NBC's ratings</a> ... and can a scandal really compete with that?

  • "The Firm"

    <strong>"The Firm," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> As good as dead<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The show hasn't officially gotten the axe yet, but "The Firm" was moved to Saturdays after turning in an incredibly poor performance (less than a 1 rating in the 18-49 demo) on Thursday nights.

  • "Free Agents"

    <strong>"Free Agents," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> This show just didn't have much life in it. It was canceled after just four episodes, despite its awesome lead actors Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn.

  • "Grimm"

    <strong>"Grimm," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The supernatural fairy tale drama has been doing well for NBC on Friday nights -- it hovers around the 5 million viewers mark, which is pretty solid by NBC standards and why the network gave the drama an early renewal.

  • "Harry's Law"

    <strong>"Harry's Law," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong>Cancelled<br /> <strong>Why: </strong> While earlier this year "Harry's Law" was one of NBC's top players, after a three-month break between January and March, the Kathy Bates drama saw mediocre ratings and failed to hold on to viewers.

  • "Law & Order: SVU"

    <strong>"Law & Order: SVU," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The only "Law & Order" left, "SVU" has been an NBC power player for 13 years and will return for a 14th.

  • "The Office"

    <strong>"The Office," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> It's hard to imagine a long-running, fan-favorite show like "The Office" going away without a big promotional push. The numbers are still good (by NBC standards) and "The Office" will return for a Season 9.

  • "Parenthood"

    <strong>"Parenthood," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The perpetual bubble show has done pretty consistent numbers for NBC this season, but three seasons in and no signs of growth is both a good and bad sign ... luckily for fans, NBC gave it a Season 4 all the same.

  • "Parks and Recreation"

    <strong>"Parks and Recreation," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Just like the rest of NBC's Thursday comedy block, "Parks and Recreation" has serious ratings blues. Can critical acclaim keep "Parks" around for a Season 5? The answer is yes! "Parks" will return for Season 5.

  • "The Playboy Club"

    <strong>"The Playboy Club," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Canceled<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Apparently fictional slutty bunnies and real-life homewrecker Eddie Cibrian do not a successful show make. It only lasted three episodes. "The Girls Next Door" did it better.

  • "Prime Suspect"

    <strong>"Prime Suspect," NBC <br /> Status:</strong> Canceled <br /> <strong>Why:</strong> Maria Bello's gruff detective failed to capture the audience NBC hoped. At least we had all those hat jokes. <br />

  • "Smash"

    <strong>"Smash," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed <br /> <strong>Why: </strong> After a huge promo blitz, "Smash" debuted nicely, but started losing viewers quickly. A handful of episodes in, it stabilized, becoming NBC's #1 drama in the 18-49 demo, and NBC announced it was getting a second season.

  • "Up All Night"

    <strong>"Up All Night," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The critical favorite of NBC's new comedy offerings, "Up All Night" debuted strongly to more than 10 million viewers, but has since dropped to less than 4 million viewers an episode. It will return for a Season 2.

  • "Whitney"

    <strong>"Whitney," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The show is one of the better performing freshman offerings on the Peacock network -- and NBC chief Bob Greenblatt told members of the press at TCA that he is "hopeful Whitney will be a long-term player for us." Looks like Season 2 is a good start, with the show moving to Friday nights.

  • "The Voice"

    <strong>"The Voice," NBC</strong><br /> <strong>Status:</strong> Renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> We may not even be at Season 2's live shows yet, but NBC is already up for more of "The Voice." Hopefully, Cee Lo's cat "Purrfect" will return for Season 3 as well.

  • "Who Do You Think You Are?"

    <strong>"Who Do You Think You Are?," NBC<br /> Status:</strong> Likely to be renewed<br /> <strong>Why:</strong> The celebrity-centric family tree series has helped NBC on Friday nights and hit its ratings high in March.

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