Thursday, August 4, 2011

Warning over drug-resistant salmonella superbug - Health Nutrition ...

A potentially deadly drug-resistant form of salmonella is spreading across the world and has already infected hundreds of people in Britain, scientists have warned.

The S. Kentucky ?superbug? variant of salmonella bacteria appears to have developed due to the use of antibiotics in chicken and turkey farming, rendering it untreatable by those same drugs once it has infected humans.

Symptoms of salmonellosis, the common food poisoning illness that arises from an infection by the bacteria, usually involve nothing more serious than diarrhoea or vomiting. But it can present far more serious problems for the elderly or those with weakened immune systems ? of the 1.7 million infections that occur in the US and Canada every year, 2,800 are fatal.

That number would be higher but for the use of the antibiotics whose effectiveness is now at risk from S. Kentucky, which infected 244 people in England and Wales between 2000 and 2008, according to the research.

It is thought that the strain originated in chickens and turkeys from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Morocco, and that cases in Europe have occurred through imported meat and travel to those countries. But concern has been growing for some time at the burgeoning use of antibiotics in British farming too, and in May the presence of one ?homegrown? superbug ? a new type of MRSA ? was identified in milk.

As The Independent reported in June, three kinds of drugs described by the World Health Organisation as ?critically important in human medicine?, are being used on animals as much as 800 per cent more than a decade ago, despite a fall in the number of farm livestock. Significantly it is one of those three types, fluouroquinolones, that is used to treat salmonellosis.

Worries about resistance have also led to calls for the NHS to reduce the use of antibiotics. Last week it was revealed by the health magazine Pulse that ministers want to cut use of the drugs by holding GPs to account for how often they prescribe them.

The research detailing the spread of S. Kentucky, carried out by the Pasteur Institute in France and published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, appeared all the more serious as its conclusions were announced on the same day that an outbreak of a separate, drug-resistant strain of the bacteria was confirmed in the US. That strain, S. Heidelberg, has so far killed one person and infected 77 others.

One of the scientists who conducted the study, Dr Simon Le Hello, said: ?We hope that this publication might stir awareness among national and international health, food, and agricultural authorities so that they take the necessary measures to control and stop the dissemination on this strain before it spreads globally.?

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poland's Jaruzelski exempted from standing trials (AP)

WARSAW, Poland ? A court has exempted Poland's last communist leader Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski from two trials due to his ill health.

The Warsaw regional court's press office told The Associated Press on Monday that the 88-year-old retired general has been taken off the lists of defendants on trials over the 1981 imposition of martial law in Poland and over the shooting deaths of shipyard workers in 1970, when he was defense minister.

It means separate trials will have to be opened against him if he is ever to go before the court again.

Jaruzelski has undergone chemotherapy for cancer and doctors have banned him from attending court sessions.

The trials will continue for other defendants. Both trials have dragged on for years.


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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Link Building Service Introduction |

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Monday, August 1, 2011

bryonmengle ? Blog Archive ? Web design Glasgow : Graphic design ...

Web design Glasgow : Graphic design Glasgow ? Obtain Unique and also vibrant web site

Posted by admin on July 30th, 2011 ? Posted in web design

Now per day, Online marketing an internet-based clients are growing day by day. You will find One from 4 individuals utilize web for buying anything at all. Thus online business is growing more and more an internet-based business internet sites will also be increasing. Enterprise website is most beneficial and simple approach to reach your products worldwide. You will find 60000 fresh sites are looks on the internet every day. With this large amount of recent web site, all these sites have a specific design ? distinctive, ripped off as well as composed the unknown people, simply taken from the template. Any company web site represent as revenue man of your company plus it needs to be vibrant and unique. These days web design is actually involved almost everyone the second. But really unique and appreciated design is competent to create completely very few.

Web design and also graphic design plays big part to get vibrant and unique design. Web design and also graphic design tend to be demands expertise from your web developer or even graphic custom. They should have beauty and also power to generate fascinating photos after that to convey all of them on the screen keep an eye on display screen is given never to everybody. Regardless if you are new venture company or even well-established company, recognizable self-image advertise is important and it helps you to make you be noticeable contrary to the opposition. Graphic design makes it work perfectly. Simply by distinctive as well as effective graphic design of organization or perhaps merchandise internet site, it?s going to rapidly identify and target to reach your unique audience. Just like unique and vibrant graphic design, properly fantastic design and excellent usability web design also just as much crucial. Uses of E-Commerce, Cms (Content management systems) tend to be important and a lot employed a part of web design. E-Commerce will be straightforward method to make more money regarding company.

Website cms is straightforward method to manage the website articles without resorting to any complex coaching. Always choose good as well as experienced web design and graphic design company to your web site. There are lots of business of web design Glasgow and graphic design Glasgow. For selecting excellent web design Glasgow as well as graphic design Glasgow, have to check out some important issue. Always check Graphic Designers Glasgow Company?s profile, clients in addition to their previous function. Furthermore verify web design Glasgow features they offer like CMS, e-commerce etc. Furthermore verify the way they offer idea associated with Web design Glasgow or even Graphic design Glasgow. They need to offer all unique as well as bright notion of web design as well as graphic design. Web design Glasgow as well as Graphic Glasgow bundle will also be most critical. Constantly evaluate package deal along with other organization. Examine solutions as well as support associated with web design Glasgow furthermore. These types of most critical problem to engage virtually any web design or perhaps graphic company. By choosing Graphic design Glasgow or web design Glasgow company, you would get better services and service additionally.

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