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HSBC to pay $249M to end foreclosure reviews

18 hrs.

HSBC Holdings Plc agreed to pay $249 million to end a case-by-case review of past home foreclosures in the United States, bringing the total payout by banks to resolve related issues to $9.3 billion.

London-based HSBC agreed to pay $96 million to eligible borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure in 2009 and 2010, and provide $153 million in other assistance, including loan modifications and forgiveness.

HSBC said in a statement it was pleased to have reached the agreement and expects to record a pre-tax charge of $96 million in the fourth quarter of 2012 for the cash portion of the settlement. The bank said it expected to cover the loan assistance through existing reserves.

The settlement, with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve Board, is the 13th the agencies have reached this month.

They stem from reviews of individual loan files the regulators ordered in 2011 and 2012, after widespread mistakes were discovered in the way mortgage servicers had processed home seizures.

The reviews, initially expected to determine which borrowers were harmed and to compensate them based on their individual experiences, proved slow and expensive.

Ten banks, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and JPMorgan Chase, agreed to pay a total of $8.5 billion - some in cash, and the rest in loan assistance - to end the reviews last week.

On Wednesday, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley agreed to a similar $557 million deal.

Around 112,000 borrowers whose homes were in foreclosure with HSBC Bank and other HSBC subsidiaries will receive some cash, regulators said.

Regulators said last week the payouts will be based on whether a borrower falls into one of 11 categories. The categories include whether the person was eligible for protections under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, whether the borrower was not in default, or whether he or she was denied a loan modification.

The Fed and OCC are expected to reach similar agreements with other servicers that had been asked to conduct the reviews, including Ally Financial Inc, EverBank Financial Corp and OneWest Bank FSB.

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Remote Sensing, Vol. 5, Pages 415-431: Satellite-Observed Black Water Events off Southwest Florida: Implications for Coral Reef Health in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Remote Sens. 2013, 5(1), 415-431; doi:10.3390/rs5010415 (doi registration under processing)


1 College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, 140 Seventh Avenue, South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA 2 Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Florida Atlantic University, 5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946, USA 3 Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies, University of Miami, 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149, USA 4 NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic & Meterological Laboratory, 4301 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149, USA

* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.

Received: 1 November 2012; in revised form: 4 January 2013 / Accepted: 8 January 2013 / Published: 18 January 2013

Abstract: A ?black water? event, as observed from satellites, occurred off southwest Florida in 2012. Satellite observations suggested that the event started in early January and ended in mid-April 2012. The black water patch formed off central west Florida and advected southward towards Florida Bay and the Florida Keys with the shelf circulation, which was confirmed by satellite-tracked surface drifter trajectories. Compared with a previous black water event in 2002, the 2012 event was weaker in terms of spatial and temporal coverage. An in situ survey indicated that the 2012 black water patch contained toxic K. brevis and had relatively low CDOM (colored dissolved organic matter) and turbidity but high chlorophyll-a concentrations, while salinity was somewhat high compared with historical values. Further analysis revealed that the 2012 black water was formed by the K. brevis bloom initiated off central west Florida in late September 2011, while river runoff, Trichodesmium and possibly submarine groundwater discharge also played important roles in its formation. Black water patches can affect benthic coral reef communities by decreasing light availability at the bottom, and enhanced nutrient concentrations from black water patches support massive macroalgae growth that can overgrow coral reefs. It is thus important to continue the integrated observations where satellites provide synoptic and repeated observations of such adverse water quality events.

Keywords: ?black water?; MODIS; SeaWiFS; water quality; coral reef; Florida Keys

MDPI and ACS Style

Zhao, J.; Hu, C.; Lapointe, B.; Melo, N.; Johns, E.M.; Smith, R.H. Satellite-Observed Black Water Events off Southwest Florida: Implications for Coral Reef Health in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Remote Sens. 2013, 5, 415-431.

AMA Style

Zhao J, Hu C, Lapointe B, Melo N, Johns EM, Smith RH. Satellite-Observed Black Water Events off Southwest Florida: Implications for Coral Reef Health in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Remote Sensing. 2013; 5(1):415-431.

Chicago/Turabian Style

Zhao, Jun; Hu, Chuanmin; Lapointe, Brian; Melo, Nelson; Johns, Elizabeth M.; Smith, Ryan H. 2013. "Satellite-Observed Black Water Events off Southwest Florida: Implications for Coral Reef Health in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary." Remote Sens. 5, no. 1: 415-431.


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Nerd Herder gadget wallet XL in Matryoshka for iPhone 5, Android, iPod, MP3, digital camera, smartphone, guitar picks by rockitbot

The Nerd Herder gadget wallet... XL

The perfect all-in-one solution constructed a little taller for iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, iPods, digital cameras and cell phones on the go! Little pockets round up your earbuds, SD cards, USB devices, jump drives, guitar picks and lip balm.

*** This gadget wallet is 5 1/2" tall and sized to fit a wider variety of gadgets, Androids and iPhone 5 (5.5" or 13.9 cm maximum gadget height).

Professionals: Phone, business cards, USB device and jump drive.

Travelers: US Passport and small valuables stash. Pair with an adjustable strap and wear it discretely around your neck!

Photographers: Small digital camera, extra SD cards, battery and charger in one place.

Everyone else: All the basic essentials at the ready for shopping, a trip to the park or a night out.

The RockitBot Nerd Herder wallet closes with an elastic band that stretches over the wallet, keeping it nice and snug, compact, and creating closure for your smartphone or gadget.

Constructed of an interfacing reinforced fabric exterior (fabric placement may vary slightly), a coordinated wool blend felt pocket interior and features a swivel lobster clasp that allows you to clip the wallet to your bag, belt loop or keys, an optional wristlet or shoulder/neck strap.

Add on a RockitBot shoulder strap or wristlet and enjoy your Nerd Herder wallet as a mini-purse!
This item comes with a FREE hipster wallet insert (see 4th photo) that expands the wallet to hold 4-8 credit or ID cards.

Check out RockitBot's full line of gadget holders, wristlets and shoulder straps here:

Want to see more in this fabric? Click here:

Looking for other ready-to-ship XL sized Nerd Herder gadget wallets? Click Here:

Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.


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Using Social Media to Engage eCommerce Customers | Business 2 ...

Social Media campaigns can be integral to marketing eCommerce businesses. However, just setting up social media accounts is not enough to make a company a social success. Social media communications are an outlet for the company?s online presence .

Set Up and Presence

Engagement and interaction with a business? customers is the key. The first order of business for an online eTailer wanting to get into the social arena is to realize that the main goal of a social media campaign is not to increase sales; the top objective is to interact and engage with current and prospective customers, clients, and guests.

A good social marketing campaign with interaction can lead to increased profits through happy and engaged customers. When setting up a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube and any other pages or accounts for a business, it is important to take into consideration the branding, message, and alignment with current company image and outlook.

Customer Service

Communication really is important and giving your social media campaigns a personality in line with the business? core values, outlook, and level of professionalism must be taken into consideration during development and throughout execution; do not let the moniker fool you into being too friendly.

Many customers look to contact businesses through online platforms, especially if they are an Internet-based business, so having a professional there to answer questions and support comments is very important. Response to all comments must be timely and tactful. Treat the people addressed in social channels as if they were guests at your retail location.

Just like any form of communication, online interaction is a two-way street, not just the company making announcements to the public. The employee who handles social media interaction needs to be trained in best practices as well as the customer service guidelines for the company.

Companies also need to have policies in place, not only for employees? personal accounts, but for the regulation of the company?s pages and guidelines and policies in writing as to what happens to an account in the event that an employee is no longer with the company.

Promotions of products, sales, special events

Social media communications definitely should include promotions of company products, sales, and special events. However, those messages need to be mixed in with engagement and the sharing of other relevant content. Consistent messaging of a business? information is still important, but it should not be the focus.

Making a weekly and monthly schedule of ?marketing? posts will help fan out the messages so that they are consistent, spread out over time, and mixed in with other types of posts. Sending several promotional messages out all at the same time is not best practices for social media.

Use messaging tools such as Buffer to schedule posts ahead of time if necessary. Treat those who interact with your business on social platforms as if they were guests at a retail location, or even guests at a party. The host of a party would not simply make one-sided announcements. Instead, mix it up with conversation back and forth and share other information that visitors will enjoy.

In addition to sales and promotions, social messaging can include important industry information, connections to the company?s other outlets, funny (yet tasteful) images related to the product, industry or company, tips and tricks, infographs, and seasonal messages or current events; all OF these can create a nice mix of integrated messages to keep the attention of fans and followers. One idea to keep those fans and followers engaged with your social channels is to ask questions and use polls so that participation is encouraged.


When a company or brand decides to set up a socially integrated marketing campaign, the best practices is to make sure not to just set it up and think it will run itself. Social media is an outlet for the company?s presence online, customer service, and promotions; but engagement and interaction through the social platforms with a business? customers is the key. Always remember that communication through social channels is a two-way street; not just the company making announcements to the public.

We are pleased to provide you with the insightful comments contained herein. For a free assessment of your online presence, let?s have coffee.

Using Social Media to Engage eCommerce Customers image cofee4

Using Social Media to Engage eCommerce Customers image


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Amazon's MP3 store 'optimized' for iOS devices via Safari, allows for easier track purchases

Amazon's MP3 store 'optimized' for iOS devices via Safari, allows for easier track purchases

Roughly half a year after the launch of its Cloud Player for iOS, Amazon today announced that it has 'optimized' its MP3 store for Apple's mobile browser. Now iPhone / iPad / iPod touch owners can quickly buy music from the service via the mobile version of Safari. Purchased tracks will save to the Cloud Player and then can be downloaded to those devices, as well as the Kindle Fire, Android devices and Sonos systems. Those looking to pick up Yo La Tengo's new record for $5 can direct their handset to the source link below.

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EmailWire SEO Press Release Distribution Services on Windows 8 Questions and Answers

2013-01-17 00:45:55 - Windows 8 Game Changer: EmailWire SEO Press Release Distribution Services on Windows 8 Questions and Answers

SEO Press Release Distribution, EmailWire ( ), Looks at the Impact of Windows on Tablets, Laptops and Desktops.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 16, 2013 ) Houston, TX ? The launch of Windows 8 gives users the ability to use smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers with touch navigations. Is this touch capability a game changer? SEO Press Release Distribution Services presents guides that allow users to help them best use the new operating system from Microsft (NASDAQ:MSFT):

(1) "Windows 8: 50 Questions and Answers You Need to Make a Decision (Normally $9.95)"

This guide allows users to "make an informed decision and determine the best way to use Windows 8 personally or professionally."

"This Windows 8 guide is a comprehensive collection of answers to

the most popular questions asked over the past three years. It's roughly 100 pages of simple, easy to understand questions and clear answers about Windows 8. It's everything you need to make the right decision. " To get a free copy, go to

(2) "Windows 8 Cheat Sheet: Keyboard Shortcuts"

"Windows has always had some awesome keyboard shortcuts designed to make our lives easier.

"Well, with Windows 8, they've added some awesome new shortcuts, but this will take Windows users a little while to get used to, and that's where this new Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet comes in. This cheat sheet has all the shortcuts you need to know! If you like this cheat sheet, take a second to share it with your friends. "

"Windows 8 Cheat Sheet: Keyboard Shortcuts" is offered free charge by MakeUseOf and presented by EmailWire.Com. To get a free copy go to

About EmailWire.Com
Houston, Texas based EmailWire.Com ( is SEO online press release distribution services for small and medium size companies, public and investor relations firms and stocks promotion companies.

Press releases that EmailWire.Com distributes appear on thousands of news sites such as Bing news from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Google and Finance News (NASDAQ: GOOG), MoneyWatch.Com from CBS (NASDAQ: CBS), Yahoo search (NASDAQ: YHOO) ? just to name a few. EmailWire press releases also appear on thousands of blogs and RSS feeds, newspapers, radio and television news sites. Hundreds of social media sites also carry EmailWire?s press releases: for example, Facebook and Linkedin (NYSE: LNKD).

As part of the New Year promotions, EmailWire is offering unlimited press release distribution at discount prices. For more information on press release distribution services go to ...


Contact Information:
Press Release Distribution Staff
Tel: 281-645-4086
Email us

This is a press release. Press release distribution and press release services by EmailWire.Com:


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PSY's 'Gangnam Style' wins Korean top song award

Essential News from The Associated Press

? ?Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.


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AMD unveils Open 3.0: an Opteron 6300 platform for the Open Compute Project

AMD Opteron

The Open Compute Project is pushing hard for servers that are both very scalable and streamlined, and AMD is more than willing to help with the launch of its Open 3.0 server platform. The framework combines two Opteron 6300 processors with a motherboard that contains just the essentials, yet scales to meet just about any need in a rackmount system. Among the many, many expansion options are 24 memory slots, six SATA ports for storage, as many as four PCI Express slots and a mezzanine link for custom components. Open 3.0 isn't as flexible as a decentralized, Intel-based prototype being shown at the same time, but it's also much closer to practical reality -- a handful of companies already have access, and on-the-ground sales should start before the end of March. If all goes well, companies will have a Lego-like server base that solves their problems with precision.

Continue reading AMD unveils Open 3.0: an Opteron 6300 platform for the Open Compute Project

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Police: Suicide bomber strikes in Afghan capital

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) ? A suicide car bomber struck at the gate of the Afghan intelligence service in the country's capital Wednesday, setting off a blast that could be heard throughout downtown and was followed by volleys of gunfire. There was no immediate word on whether anyone had been killed.

The explosion occurred about noon local time and sent a plume of smoke rising into the sky. The shooting had died down about 45 minutes later, but it was not clear if there were still attackers at large.

An Associated Press reporter at the scene saw at least 10 wounded people being taken away in ambulances. The windows of nearby shops were blown out and reporters could see the mangled wrecks of at least seven cars that had been caught up in the explosion.

An eyewitness who was wounded by flying glass, Mohammad Zia, said the bomb was in a car that drove up to the gate of the intelligence agency, called the National Directorate of Security, and then detonated.

The NDS compound is surrounded by tall, thick cement walls designed to protect buildings from bomb blasts.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi confirmed only that the blast happened at an intersection near the intelligence service gate and the Interior Ministry. An NDS agent at the scene who refused to give his name said the bomber had been targeting the agency. NDS agents rarely give their names to protect their identities.

A spokesman for the international military coalition in Afghanistan confirmed an explosion and small arms fire but did not provide further details. Maj. Martyn Crighton said that Afghan forces were responding to the attack and there was no involvement from the NATO military coalition.


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GOP leaders don't shut the door on Obama's gun plan (cbsnews)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Childhood trauma leaves its mark on the brain

Jan. 15, 2013 ? It is well known that violent adults often have a history of childhood psychological trauma. Some of these individuals exhibit very real, physical alterations in a part of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex. Yet a direct link between such early trauma and neurological changes has been difficult to find, until now.

Publishing in the January 15 edition of Translational Psychiatry, EPFL Professor Carmen Sandi and team demonstrate for the first time a correlation between psychological trauma in pre-adolescent rats and neurological changes similar to those found in violent humans.

"This research shows that people exposed to trauma in childhood don't only suffer psychologically, but their brain also gets altered," explains Sandi, Head of EPFL's Laboratory of Behavioral Genetics, Director of the Brain Mind Institute, and a member of the National Centers for Competence in Research SYNAPSY. "This adds an additional dimension to the consequences of abuse, and obviously has scientific, therapeutic and social implications."

The researchers were able to unravel the biological foundations of violence using a cohort of male rats exposed to psychologically stressful situations when young. After observing that these experiences led to aggressive behavior when the rats reached adulthood, they examined what was happening in the animals' brains to see if the traumatic period had left a lasting mark.

"In a challenging social situation, the orbitofrontal cortex of a healthy individual is activated in order to inhibit aggressive impulses and to maintain normal interactions," explains Sandi. "But in the rats we studied, we noticed that there was very little activation of the orbitofrontal cortex. This, in turn, reduces their ability to moderate their negative impulses. This reduced activation is accompanied by the overactivation of the amygdala, a region of the brain that's involved in emotional reactions." Other researchers who have studied the brains of violent human individuals have observed the same deficit in orbitofrontal activation and the same corresponding reduced inhibition of aggressive impulses. "It's remarkable; we didn't expect to find this level of similarity," says Sandi.

The scientists also measured changes in the expression of certain genes in the brain. They focused on genes known to be involved in aggressive behavior for which there are polymorphisms (genetic variants) that predispose carriers to an aggressive attitude, and they looked at whether the psychological stress experienced by the rats caused a modification in the expression of these genes. "We found that the level of MAOA gene expression increased in the prefrontal cortex," says Sandi. This alteration was linked to an epigenetic change; in other words, the traumatic experience ended up causing a long-term modification of this gene's expression.

Finally, the researchers tested the efficacy of an MAOA gene inhibitor, in this case an anti-depressant, to see if it could reverse the rise in aggression induced by juvenile stress, which it did. Going forward, the team will explore treatments for reversing physical changes in the brain, and above all, attempt to shed light on whether some people are more vulnerable to being effected by trauma based on their genetic makeup.

"This research could also reveal the possible ability of antidepressants -- an ability that's increasingly being suspected -- to renew cerebral plasticity," says Sandi.

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Ecole Polytechnique F?d?rale de Lausanne.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. C M?rquez, G L Poirier, M I Cordero, M H Larsen, A Groner, J Marquis, P J Magistretti, D Trono, C Sandi. Peripuberty stress leads to abnormal aggression, altered amygdala and orbitofrontal reactivity and increased prefrontal MAOA gene expression. Translational Psychiatry, 2013; 3 (1): e216 DOI: 10.1038/tp.2012.144

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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LMPD Officers to head to Washington D.C. for security detail at President?s inauguration

by WHAS11

Posted on January 15, 2013 at 6:46 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Thirty Louisville Metro Police Officers are heading to Washington D.C. to provide a security detail for President Obama's inauguration next Monday.

It's the third time LMPD Officers have worked a presidential inauguration.

?It?s a long, cold day. Fifteen to 16 hours on the street in 15, 17 degree weather. So it's not a fun detail,? Lt. Gary Burman, with the LMPD, said.

The officers leave Louisville Saturday morning, and return late Tuesday night. They'll be stationed along the parade route down Pennsylvania Avenue -- providing crowd control.

Officers we spoke with say they're excited to be part of the historic event.


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Private Money for Real Estate - A 5-Step Plan for $100,000

I always say that for any business to succeed they just need two things: Access to capital and great marketing. And a real estate investing business is no different.

We used to be able to rely on conventional lenders, mortgage brokers, and hard money lenders for our capital but, in our post-mortgage meltdown world, it?s becoming increasingly difficult.

So today, I?m going to show you a simple 5-step plan to get your first (or next) $100,000 in private money for real estate.

My #1 Funding Strategy ? Private Money

Private money is simply using debt and equity partners to form investment partnerships. It?s my #1 funding strategy. In fact, since 2004 I?ve raised $26.2 million in private money for real estate investments from individual investment partners.

I?ve leveraged that money (other people?s money) to $400,000 in broker and syndication fees, ownership interest in 740 units nationwide, 5-figure monthly cash flow, and 7-figure net worth.

It works.

Private money is how you become a cash buyer with the ability to move quickly and negotiate the best deals.

It?s also how you eliminate your dependency on banks, brokers, and hard money forever. Just imagine what it will feel like not having to worry about whether some random underwriter will approve your loan and never having to pay outrageous rates and fees ever again.

With private money, you?re in control. You decide which deals get done and what rate you?ll pay. So, let?s get started.

The 5-Step Plan

  1. Identify potential private money partners in your circle of influence.
  2. Create a million dollar presentation.
  3. Learn to do the paperwork.
  4. Learn the rules of ?pooling? capital from multiple private money partners.
  5. Learn to market to potential private money partners outside your circle of influence.

1. Identify Private Money Partners

Joint Venture

You are inviting someone to partner with you. You are helping each other.

There are three types of people who are the most likely private money partners for you:

  • People who already invest in real estate.
  • People who already loan private money.

Most of my students absolutely hate inviting anyone they know to partner with them in real estate because they feel like they are ?borrowing money? from their friends and family.

Let?s get this straight right now. You are not borrowing money. You are inviting someone to partner with you in a money-making venture.

There is a big difference.

2. Create Your Presentation

You?ll need a short presentation to share your investment opportunity with your potential private money partners.

You?ll share all the usual details on the deal and information about you and your company, but I also suggest adding two things that have really been the ?secret sauce? for me.

Alignment and the coolness factor.

Basically, you want to show your prospect that you are in alignment with them and show them something about your project that?s cool.

For example, if you have a prospect that is really into dogs and you are investing in an apartment building, you might let them know that your company handles dogs differently than most other apartment buildings.

Not only do you welcome dogs in your building, but you also are building an on-site dog park where dog owners in the building can take their dogs and socialize.

See?? Alignment and the coolness factor.

3. Learn About the Paperwork

Since these are private transactions you?ll want to have the appropriate documents prepared. On a residential deal, typically all you need is a mortgage/deed of trust, promissory note, title insurance (including a lender?s policy), a hazard insurance policy naming your private money partner as loss payee and the proper disclosure.

Because these are considered securities, you?ll need the proper disclosure. A link to each state?s SEC office is located here:

4. Learn About ?Pooling? Capital

Pooling capital means that you?re accepting capital from multiple investors into one deal. There are several ways to structure this, and I cover pooling capital extensively in my Getting the Money program.

The most important thing to remember is disclosure. Make sure you follow the state ?blue sky? laws unless you are using a state exempt structure such as a rule 506D private placement memorandum.

And always use the money for what you say you will use it for.

Diverting investor funds to pay personal expenses or buy luxury items is a great way to end up just like Bernie Madoff.

5. Learn How to Market to ?Strangers?

Now that you have a few deals under your belt funded by friends and family, it?s time to start marketing to potential private money partners outside of your circle of influence.

The main thing to remember here is to establish a ?substantive? relationship with someone before inviting them to fund your deal.

It really all comes down to relationship building 101. If you meet a potential investor at a cocktail party or Meetup event, just make sure that you have coffee or lunch a few times and get to know each other before you make your presentation.

Statistically, if you create a list of 10 potential partners and invite them to hear more about your opportunity, five will accept your invitation. From those five, you should end up with at least one private money partner with access to $100,000 to invest with you.

The KEY to getting all the private money you need to fund your real estate deals is: Take Action!


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Girl Talk: On The Long Distance Relationship That Wasn't

The last man I really cared for made me fee like dating is panning for gold. You just sift through the rocks and dirt and, then, if you?re lucky, you find a little sparkly piece of gold. And you feel special, because you found it.

My sparkly little piece of gold was smart and compassionate and handsome and funny and feminist and sexually dominant. He was an absurd combination of all the qualities I?m looking for, the rare qualities I?m looking for. ?He spoke two of the same languages as me ? my spirit and my body ? and the all-too-rare way that made me feel this person might understand me.?Not too many men identify themselves on online dating web sites as feminists; even fewer are feminist and sexually dominant.

He also lived thousands and thousands of miles away on the West Coast.

Our connection was sort of instant. Messages, followed by emails, all paragraphs long and only making me like him more. We moved on to text messages, phone calls, and Skype. (This is where I should note that Skype proved him not only to be handsome but hot.) I was developing feelings for this person. Nascent feelings, but feelings.

So when he suggested buying a ticket fly across the country to come meet me in two weeks, I said yes. Without great risk, there is no great reward.

(I know what you?re thinking. A dude flying across the country to meet me isn?t romantic, it?s crazy. But I checked him out ? as much as I could ? and he didn?t seem like an axe murdering rapist psycho. And there was a loooong paper trail if he really was.)

I took the weekend he would come off at my other job so we could hang out. I started looking into photo exhibits we could check out. I tried to think up romantic surprises. I had butterflies and that smile on my face that makes random men on the street notice me more.

And then it turned. The emails trickled and they were short. The text messages lollygagged.

I could see what was happening.

I asked him if he was having second thoughts about coming and sure enough he did. He didn?t want to get into a long-distance relationship, but at the same time he would regret it if we never met. I agreed; we could meet each other in person, in fact, and not even like each other. Neither of us really knew what to do. It was a long, drawn-out couple of days of ambivalence about his visit, while at the same time my affection for him waned not a bit.

When he told me he was canceling his flight to come meet me, I wasn?t surprised. His withdrawl had been obvious. But I felt rejected, disappointed and then increasingly angry. ?Why reach out to someone on the other side of the country when you don?t want an LDR? Why all the emails and phone calls and Skype sessions? Why buy a fucking plane ticket? ?I feel jerked around; not led on, exactly, but like my sincere and genuine feelings were fucked with because he didn?t think his emotions through.

I know intellectually that?starting?a relationship as an LDR sucks. It?s not ideal. It rarely works. ?My girl friends tell me it?s probably for the best to deal with ending it before its even begun rather than months down the line when more of an emotional investment has been made. That?s true, of course.

But it doesn?t make being rejected by someone I really, really liked sting any less. Modern technology can make you feel like you have a connection with someone, even if you?ve never breathed air in the same room.?My thoughts ran insecure and paranoid ? which are my two ugliest qualities. I convinced myself he saw me on Skype and thought I looked fat. He didn?t like my writing. He wanted someone ?better.? Even if I?m not being rejected, if the situation is being rejected, it still hurts. I was willing to put myself out there and take a chance and got burned. And I?m angry at myself that my initial reaction is to be self-punishing, instead of compassion.

I don?t really know where to go from here. Being friends with him is something I would like, objectively speaking, but I don?t think you can be ?friends? with someone you are attracted to, to say nothing of spurned by. ?I suppose we can be friends ? long-distance pen pal friends ? at some future point when he?s just a random dude on the West Coast who has a bunch of the same interests as me.

On to the next dig ?

Contact the author of this post at Follow me on Twitter.

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Should We End Health Insurance Coverage For Elected Officials?

Should We End Health Insurance Coverage For Elected Officials?

Our highways, restaurants and airports function as well as they do because all of us ? poor and rich alike ? drive on the same roads, eat at the same establishments and fly on the same planes. Making our politicians and government officials mortal when it comes to health insurance is the only way to ensure a long-term, permanent fix to our current health care crisis. -?Paul Zane Pilzer?(2009)

A Democratic lawmaker in Nebraska (State Senator Jeremy Nordquist)?has filed legislation that would end state health insurance benefits for the governor, statewide elected officials and members of the state legislature. The?proposal is modeled after language in the Affordable Care Act that requires members of Congress and congressional staffers to purchase health insurance through an exchange.elected officials

According to the Huffington post,?Nordquist said he believes that the Governor and other officials are out of touch with concerns of Nebraska residents.

"Too often we have policy makers who are isolated from the decision they are making."

"They set up one set of rules for themselves."

"Our current governor and future governors will have to get health care privately."

"If we allow them to get state health care they are isolated from the struggles of hard working Nebraska families."

According to the Journal Star, Nordquist also said:

?If the private health insurance market that we create through legislation is good enough for our constituents, it should be good enough for policymakers and elected officials.?

?By forcing policymakers to buy health insurance on the individual market, they may finally understand the challenges faced by so many Nebraska families, who struggle to find a health insurance plan that is both affordable and provides the kind of coverage they need.?

A Similar Bill in Utah

In February 2009, a similar?bill was introduced?in Utah to give each legislator an annual tax-free allowance to purchase his or her own personal health insurance, or to pay the cost of participating in their employer?s group plan, just as ordinary citizens do. The bill was never voted on.

Members of Congress and ACA

Members of Congress and their staffs will be required to buy through exchanges if they want coverage from the federal government. Other federal employees will continue to be covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP).

Should We End Health Insurance For Elected Officials?

What do you think?

Note: This should not be taken as legal or tax advice.



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Monday, January 14, 2013

Samsung pleads with US court to keep Galaxy Nexus case closed

Samsung has urged the US Court of Appeals to dismiss Apple's request to reopen its patent infringement case against the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Apple had asked the court to reopen earlier this month. If reopened, the case could end in a sales ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Samsung has pleaded with the court to dismiss the request on the belief that Apple doesn't have enough proof to justify reopening the case.

The iPhone maker originally won a sales ban on Galaxy Nexus devices last July. However, the ruling was eventually overturned a few months later.

Apple had hoped to get the case reopened for review by the same judges who ruled in their favor last year. The firm had hoped it could get the case reopened on the basis of prior prededenct which could be used in its favor.

Samsung is urging the court to dismiss the reopening of the case using the same grounds it won the trial with last year.

According to a court filing,?uncovered by Apple Insider, Samsung believes that Apple is unable to prove that an injunction on the Galaxy Nexus would have any effect on iPhone sales.

The case in question only effects the original Galaxy Nexus. It would have no bearing on the smartphone's successor the Galaxy Nexus 4 or its tablet companion the Galaxy Nexus 7.

News of the legal case come as Samsung reports its 100 millionth sale of the Galaxy line of smartphones. The company reported its most popular smartphone was the Galaxy S3. Samsung said it sold over 40 million S3's since the phones launch last year.


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robinthomasgg: EzineArticles Alert: Internet-and-Businesses-Online ...

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How to Start your E-commerce Business | Evolutionary Designs

E-commerce has become more lucrative as more people turn to the Internet for their shopping needs. As a result, even the most traditional businesses have set up websites and begun launching e-commerce operations to complement their offline revenue-producing activities. However, modern entrepreneurs have also popularized start-ups that focus their attentions on the Internet, with little to no offline presence. Such businesses are advantageous because they are easier to set up, require less start-up capital, and pose less risk to the financial wellbeing of the entrepreneur.

If you are interested in starting up an e-commerce business, here are the steps needed to do so:

1. Find and Research a Market Prostore - eCommerce WordPress Theme

Information | Download

First, entrepreneurs need to find something they can provide that has a potential customer base. Using the Internet and other sources, entrepreneurs need to research production methods, distribution channels, marketing methods, and all other topics related to the business of selling that product or service. Entrepreneurs who have no clue where to start should examine the practices of established businesses selling the same product or service. See what practices work for those businesses and whether those practices can be applied in the entrepreneurs? circumstances.

2. Create a Plan and Secure Resources Shoppica - Responsive E-commerce WordPress Theme

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Once entrepreneurs have conducted their research and determined that there is profit to be made, they need to begin planning their start-ups and pulling together the resources needed to do so. Having a plan in place helps guide entrepreneurs to their dreams and keep them on schedule. Although e-commerce businesses require less capital than their offline counterparts, having plentiful capital is still important to ensuring their success. Having a well-thought-out plan with supporting research is important in being able to borrow capital from a financial institution.

3. Register the Business and Set up the Website CleanSale - WordPress eCommerce Theme

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Although e-commerce businesses have little to no offline presence, entrepreneurs still need to register their businesses with local government. Once that is done, entrepreneurs can get around to setting up the website and arranging for the services needed to make their businesses run. Examples range from choosing the right web hosting server to getting access to a merchant account so that the business can accept card-based payments. In general, entrepreneurs should take care to choose service providers offering services suited to their current circumstances but also capable of supporting their future expansion.

4. Begin Pushing the Website Icarostore - Responsive WooCommerce Theme

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Since e-commerce businesses are based on the Internet, most of their marketing promotions are also going to be Internet-based. Most methods are either active and passive. Active marketing sees the entrepreneur take an active hand in pushing the business using email, social media, and other means of communication. In contrast, the entrepreneur can also build an online presence that is designed to appeal and attract customers. Most businesses should use a combination of both approaches to complement one another. For example, advertising should serve to bring readers to the business?s website where they can be provided with more information.

5. Managing the E-commerce Business Emporium - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

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After setting up their e-commerce businesses, entrepreneurs still need to collect and compile information about their performance. Examples include creating cash flow statements to gauge their solvency and collecting web statistics using tools such as Google Webmaster to research visitor usage habits. Over time, entrepreneurs should use this information to guide their policies.


No business stands alone. E-commerce entrepreneurs should never hesitate to consult the experts for help with matters outside of their fields of expertise. For example, entrepreneurs should contact local accounting firms if they do not understand how to record their activities and produce financial statements.

Yogesh Mankani has extensive experience as a business software consultant. He is always at new ways that software can improve business processes and he enjoys sharing his findings on business blogs. Visit for more software solutions for your business. runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

Genesis empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Whether you're a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go. It's that simple - start using Genesis now!

Take advantage of the 6 default layout options, comprehensive SEO settings, rock-solid security, flexible theme options, cool custom widgets, custom design hooks, and a huge selection of child themes ("skins") that make your site look the way you want it to. With automatic theme updates and world-class support included, Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.


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Effective business communication or workplace communication is a ...

Simple Call Solutions: Effective business communication or workplace communication is a necessity in this competitive corporate world. A good dialog among the employees can alone make sure the success of quick and proper learning process. With good communication, team members will be able to take right decisions in favor of the company and increase its profitability considerably. However, knowledge of the communication barriers in business is a must for human resource professionals so that they can invent advanced techniques to deal with this issue. Given below are some of the commonly observed communication problems in business. Difference in Way of Thinking The process of communication is not just speaking by understanding what the other person exactly means. This process is not complete unless the opposite person comes to know the exact meaning of the terminologies used by the speaker. Sometimes, way of thinking of two people working in the same organization can be entirely different. This difference in perception of things can cause delays or problems in the communication process. Lack of Interest Lack of interest on the part of the listener can also be one of the serious barriers in communication. The process of business communication can be complete only if the listener is as enthusiastic in the conversation as the speaker. Lack of interest will result in not understanding concepts and this will cause further problems while working actually. However good the speaker is, he will not be able to help at all if the listener is just not interested in listening to him carefully. Less Grasping Power The communication differences in business can also exist because of less grasping power of the listener. If the listener does not have good listening skills and basic knowledge on the subject of discussion, then completing the communication process becomes extremely difficult and time-consuming. So, increasing the grasping power by extensive research on the concerned topics can be a solution for overcoming communication barriers like this. Improper Way of Speaking or Explaining Improper way of speaking or explaining on the part of the speaker can be one of the barriers to communication. Some speakers have the ability of taking things for granted and they assume very early that the listener knows a lot on the subject. Some speakers are impatient and restless and they get frustrated immediately when the other person fails to understand things fast. Wrong attitude of the speaker is one of the communication barriers in different types of organizational settings. Arrogant behavior of the speaker can be really frustrating for the listeners. Language Problems Lack of knowledge of language can also be one of the biggest communication barriers in the workplace. This can happen mostly in the multi-national companies where people of different countries, nationalities and different mother tongue work together. Lack of knowledge of a particular language can surely be a deterrent, however, effective management by the senior managers can help to deal with this problem. Cultural Barriers Cultural barriers which can be there when people belonging to different cultures work together can be one of the communication barriers. At times, people may find it difficult or feel hesitant to communicate freely with people belonging to other cultures and castes. Having cultural diversity in the workplace can help greatly in dealing with this kind of problems. HR managers should take lead and come up with creative solutions for such complex issues. It is essential that all employees understand the importance of communication in the workplace to make this entire process very easy. All problems in the workplace can be solved by effective and systematic communication. Communication Barriers in Business


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Windows 7-64bit?

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stem Cell Research Wins A Final Legal Battle ? CBS Philly



By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) ? Local researchers are hailing the announcement that the Supreme Court will not take up the issue of embryonic stem cell research.

The court refused to review the dismissal of a lawsuit challenging funding for the research.

The decision is good news for researchers at Penn and the Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey, who use stem cells to explore treatment for a wide variety of diseases.

But, ultimately, says Jonathan Moreno of Penn?s bioethics center, its patients who benefit.

?People who have diseases that, if not directly treated, will be much better understood because of access to human embryonic stem cells,? says Moreno.

He hopes the decision will remove the stigma that plagued the research as opponents argued the morality of using cells from embryos left over from in vitro fertilization.

(Father Tad Pacholczyk Credit: Pat Loeb)

(Father Tad Pacholczyk Credit: Pat Loeb)

But Father Tad Pacholczyk of the Philadelphia-based Catholic Bioethics center hasn?t changed his mind.

?This raises very significant moral concerns and that?s why this has been so much in the eye of the public,? he explains.

Pocholczyk does agree, the decision puts the matter to rest, legally.


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New Mexico's Latina Gov. Susana Martinez makes waves in the GOP

SANTA FE, N.M. ? In 2010, New Mexico's Susana Martinez made history, being elected the nation's first Latina governor. Since November, she's made waves, criticizing Mitt Romney for the harsh rhetoric of his presidential campaign and chiding fellow Republicans for actions that, she says, have needlessly estranged Latinos from the GOP.

"We have to make sure that as Republicans we don't just visit Latinos during election time, but that we make them part of the solution," Martinez said in an interview. "It's extremely important that we elect people that look like the population they serve."

Martinez is a strong favorite for reelection in 2014. Beyond that, the former prosecutor and Democrat-turned-Republican is touted as a potential U.S. attorney general or even vice president in a future GOP administration.

But here at home, some question Martinez's ability to advise her party, much less serve as a role model for Republicans grappling with their poor image among Latinos.

The doubts point to the highly charged politics surrounding immigration and related issues and underscore the challenge Republicans face as they try reaching out to Latinos without antagonizing the party's conservative base, as well as supporters who resist any easing of the GOP's hard-line stance.

Martinez has advantages other Republicans can't easily match, including a charismatic personality, a compelling up-by-the-bootstraps history and the benefit of running in a majority-minority state where Latinos have been an integral part of the power structure for decades.

"She can go into rural Hispanic areas and tell [her] story and impress a lot of people," said Brian Sanderoff, New Mexico's leading independent pollster. "It's a lot easier for a female Hispanic Republican to pull off than a middle-aged white guy, frankly."

But Martinez has also been a surprisingly divisive figure. Though she enjoys strong public approval ratings, she has a contentious relationship with Democrats in Santa Fe, the state capital, as well as with many Latino activists, who accuse her of scapegoating Latino newcomers and exploiting anti-immigrant sentiments for political gain.

"It's one thing to talk about changing tone and rhetoric," said Marcela Diaz, head of Somos Un Pueblo Unido, a group that has waged protests against Martinez and opposes her efforts to repeal the state law allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. "We'd like to see a change in tone and rhetoric, accompanied by action."

Martinez, speaking by phone from her Capitol office, cited polls that showed an overwhelming majority of New Mexicans ? including most Latinos ? favored repeal of the driver's license privilege, passed in 2003 under her Democratic predecessor, Bill Richardson. (Another poll, putting the question differently, found a that substantial majority of New Mexico Latinos favored reforming the law, rather than repealing it.)

"It's not a controversial issue," Martinez said. "The only ones who seem to call it a controversial issue are the people from the media."

Martinez won a tough primary by accusing her main rival of favoring "amnesty" for backing legislation, proposed by President George W. Bush, that aimed to stiffen border enforcement, create a guest worker program and establish a path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. Any comprehensive bill that passes Congress would probably contain those same elements.

Asked whether the attack on her opponent, a former state GOP chairman, had been a mistake, the governor quickly replied, "No."

"There are many solutions to people who are here illegally that are between amnesty and deporting 12 million people," she said.

"I'm very pleased that Mrs. Martinez has come around to my position," the former chairman, Allen Weh, said dryly.

Martinez, 53, grew up in a bilingual household in El Paso. As a teenager she worked in her father's security business, toting a .357 Magnum ? "That gun weighed more than I did!" ? while patrolling the parking lot at church bingos, something she recounted in a well-received speech at last summer's Republican National Convention.

After college and law school, Martinez crossed the state line into New Mexico, switched parties and was elected district attorney in Dona Ana County, in the far south of the state, where she served four terms as chief prosecutor. She was a distinct underdog in the gubernatorial primary but surged to victory thanks in good part to her tough-on-immigration stance.

Martinez largely abandoned the issue in the general election, but she took a firm stand opposing the driver's license law ? a position shared by the Democrat she beat.

Since taking office, Martinez has made its repeal a centerpiece of her agenda, to the consternation of Latino activists and the puzzlement of Democrats and others who ask why she has invested so much effort, given the state's struggling economy and troubled schools.

"When did this become the be-all and end-all?" asked Joe Monahan, who writes a widely read nonpartisan blog on New Mexico politics. "Is this what the Latino population of America is focused on and wants to hear from Republicans? I don't think that's an olive branch."

Martinez said the driver's license issue is just one of several priorities, along with job creation and ending so-called social promotion, the practice of moving students to the next grade regardless of performance. But she said repeal is vital, suggesting that fraud is rampant and the state has become a magnet for criminals.

The issue has been fiercely debated across the country, including California, where a law that took effect Jan. 1 allows some illegal immigrants to obtain licenses.

For many, the matter is cut and dried. Illegal is illegal, opponents say, so why would a state provide official recognition to people who shouldn't be there? Proponents say it is absurd to ignore people on the roads, legal or not, and cite humanitarian and practical reasons to license drivers.

"You take away licenses, you take away a tool from our families to provide for their children," said Diaz, the immigrant advocate. "You make the state poorer, and it's not creating one job."

Using the issue as a bludgeon, Martinez and her allies spent unprecedented millions in a November attempt to win control of the state House and dislodge the Senate's Democratic leadership. The effort fell short ? the GOP lost House seats ? but Republicans managed to oust the No. 2 Senate Democrat.

Martinez has indicated she will try a fourth time to pass repeal legislation when the Legislature convenes Tuesday. Democrats, who have offered a proposal tightening restrictions and toughening enforcement, said the governor should accept the deal or move on.

For some lawmakers, the matter has become personal. For Martinez, it's a political test.

Asked whether Republicans outside New Mexico might learn from watching the governor, Democratic House Speaker Ken Martinez (no relation to her) said it remained to be seen. "She's finished two years of a four-year term," said the speaker, who enjoys relatively good relations with the governor. "What happens in the next two years?"


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Saturday, January 12, 2013

China's inflation jumps to 6-month high

BEIJING (AP) ? China's inflation spiked to a six-month high in December after a freezing winter pushed up vegetable prices, possibly complicating efforts to sustain a shaky economic recovery.

Consumer prices rose 2.5 percent over a year earlier, up from November's 2 percent and the fastest rise since June, the National Bureau of Statistics reported.

That was driven by a 14.8 percent jump in vegetable prices after the coldest winter in seven years led to smaller harvests. Prices in some areas rose as much as 40.8 percent.

Higher inflation could hamper Beijing's ability to support China's recovery with interest rate cuts or other moves for fear of igniting a politically dangerous price spiral. Consumer prices are especially sensitive in a society where the poorest families spend up to half their monthly incomes on food.

"Rebounding price pressures mean tighter monetary policy ahead," said Credit Agricole CIB economist Dariusz Kowalczyk in a report.

Parts of southern China have been hit by freezing rain and snow that caused widespread crop damage.

On Thursday, the government sent 40,000 quilts, 40,000 winter coats and other supplies to four southern regions, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. It said authorities have relocated 4,470 people due to cold weather.

Forecasters expect about 7.5 percent growth this year after 2012's estimated 8 percent expansion. But analysts warn China still could face a danger of a "hard landing" with much lower growth if trade slumps or the country suffers a financial shock from a decline in housing prices or weak investment.

China's trade growth rebounded strongly in December but analysts warn it will be hard to sustain that momentum due to weak demand in key U.S. and European markets.

Bank lending, an indicator of investment sentiment, rose 15 percent in the second half of last year but growth slowed in December, the government reported this week. Last month's lending was down 13 percent from November.

"Stronger growth in China is being reflected in rising imports. But with credit growth leveling off, a strong and sustained economic rebound does not seem likely," said Mark Williams of Capital Economics in a report.

Weak trade means China has to rely on domestic consumption that is growing more slowly than authorities want and a flood of government-led investment.

The communist government spent 2010-11 tightening economic controls to crush inflation fueled by stimulus spending and bank lending following the 2008 crisis. Authorities eased some controls in late 2011 after exporters were battered by a plunge in global demand but have avoided a repeat of their huge stimulus.


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