Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Android apps worth downloading: Fitocracy, Blockbuster, The Great Fusion

If you?re looking for a little more help keeping fit this year, you might want to give Fitocracy ?a try. It turns working out into something of fitness game, adding achievements and social interaction (and competition) to the mix. We?ve also got Blockbuster?s new app, which makes renting DVDs easier for fans of the store and its services, and The Great Fusion, a modern take on the classic point-and-click adventure title.

What?s it about? Fitness app Fitocracy motivates users to work out by adding some digital accomplishments to the mix. It?s kind of like achievements you would earn playing your favorite games.

What?s cool? By making fitness something of a competition and more social, Fitocracy makes it a lot easier to get motivated. Logging your workouts in the app awards points, and as you gain more and more points, you?ll hit milestones that translate into digital achievements. The idea is that you can see how you?re progressing toward your fitness goals, and you can also share your accomplishments with others. That way, you always have people against whom to compete and from whom you can gain support.

Who?s it for? If you?re struggling stay motivated, or you just want other people to share your workouts with, try Fitocracy.

What?s it like? GymPact also has a novel approach to fitness ? namely, it charges you for missed workouts ? and RunKeeper makes it easy to keep track of your jogging or biking routes and milestones.

What?s it about? Video rental store Blockbuster released a new app that makes accessing disc rentals easier.

What?s cool? Like other DVD rental services that have popped up in the wake of the slow death of video stores, Blockbuster offers users the ability to order DVD straight to their door. The Blockbuster app makes this easy to do, giving you the full interface for searching for movies, allowing you to manage your rental queue, and make it easier to find any remaining brick-and-mortar stores to get your rentals immediately. You can even use your phone to scan you Blockbuster card at checkout.

Who?s it for? Movie fans who still prefer physical copies of media and the fun of spending time in Blockbuster stores should check out this useful app.

What?s it like? Redbox makes an app that?s great for finding and reserving DVDs from its service, and you can stream a number of things with Netflix, too.

What?s it about? The Great Fusion is an adventure title set in 2022, which tells a story of rampant copyright prosecutions and other dystopian ideas.

What?s cool? Inspired by old point-and-click adventure games, The Great Fusion is a ?third-person graphic adventure? that features hand-drawn art and a humorous storyline. Riffing on ideas of classism, wealth, and poverty, The Great Fusion has players taking on the role of an anti-hero named Max, interacting with the game by finding objects and solving puzzles.

Who?s it for? Adventure game fans who like a bit of wry humor should check out The Great Fusion.

What?s it like? Other solid adventure titles include Broken Sword and The Secret of Grisly Manor.

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