Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nerd Herder gadget wallet XL in Matryoshka for iPhone 5, Android, iPod, MP3, digital camera, smartphone, guitar picks by rockitbot

The Nerd Herder gadget wallet... XL

The perfect all-in-one solution constructed a little taller for iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, iPods, digital cameras and cell phones on the go! Little pockets round up your earbuds, SD cards, USB devices, jump drives, guitar picks and lip balm.

*** This gadget wallet is 5 1/2" tall and sized to fit a wider variety of gadgets, Androids and iPhone 5 (5.5" or 13.9 cm maximum gadget height).

Professionals: Phone, business cards, USB device and jump drive.

Travelers: US Passport and small valuables stash. Pair with an adjustable strap and wear it discretely around your neck!

Photographers: Small digital camera, extra SD cards, battery and charger in one place.

Everyone else: All the basic essentials at the ready for shopping, a trip to the park or a night out.

The RockitBot Nerd Herder wallet closes with an elastic band that stretches over the wallet, keeping it nice and snug, compact, and creating closure for your smartphone or gadget.

Constructed of an interfacing reinforced fabric exterior (fabric placement may vary slightly), a coordinated wool blend felt pocket interior and features a swivel lobster clasp that allows you to clip the wallet to your bag, belt loop or keys, an optional wristlet or shoulder/neck strap.

Add on a RockitBot shoulder strap or wristlet and enjoy your Nerd Herder wallet as a mini-purse!
This item comes with a FREE hipster wallet insert (see 4th photo) that expands the wallet to hold 4-8 credit or ID cards.

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