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When Life Gives you Lemons

When Life Gives you Lemons

A Little Girl and the family who grives for her.


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When Life Gives you Lemons"

A lemonade stand sits on the corner abandoned and unused, ants cover its counter searching for remains of the sweet nectar that once flowed so sweet here. Spiders make their homes below the sign that reads ?Lemonade 25 Cents?. The little occupant of this stand is nowhere to be found, nor is anyone else for that matter. The Suburban Street it sits on is full echoes of a happier time, a time when a little girl would sit on the corner selling her lemonade to neighbors and would hardly ever ask for the twenty-five cents.

Amelia Peterson was six years and two months old, she loved swinging from the lemonade tree in her front yard in the spring and picking the lemons in the fall. She always made fresh lemonade with her mother every weekend in the fall, and was very proud of the stand her father built for her. The past year Amelia started first grade, she thought she was too old for training wheels anymore and begged her father to take them off her beloved bike.

After a long Struggle with himself her father at last gave in and promised to take of the training wheels after work that day. Little did he know it would be too late?

Amelia wanted to ride to a friend?s house, but she didn?t want to ride there with the little training wheels still attached, so she snuck her sister?s bike out and tried to ride it. Her little feet barely touching the peddle she made it to the rode where ?Crash!? the sound of car brake echoed across the neighborhood.

The Rim of the bike spun on the pavement, and a small lemon rolled of the stand in front of the house as Amelia lay in the street. The Driver fled the scene before anyone could read his plates, and Amelia?s mother clutched her baby girl till the ambience arrived, but it was all too late to do anything else for little Amelia.

That was nearly a year ago, and nothing has been the same since. Amelia?s mother never leaves the house anymore, and her father never comes home. Rumors have started that he is having an affair, and that she hardly eats. As for Amelia?s sister, people are starting to notice the once happy popular girl is growing invisible. Can this family overcome this guilt or will it take over their lives.

Any infomation give about backstory can be changed to fit a person's own vews.

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