Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Power-plant: Chinese whispers

I?ve been told some information regarding the power-plants of the future cars built by NEVS and at first I was very hesitant towards the origin of engine,? then I really started thinking about the issue?

Regardless if the information is true or not, btw its impossible to confirm since NEVS aren?t saying anything, which is exactly the way it should be as well, it sort of opened my eyes a bit to the amount of knowledge or to be more specific, the lack of knowledge people have about what?s actually located under the hood of their cars.

Lets start this whole editorial off with a question that needs to be answered: Do we really care where the engine come from which is installed in our cars?

An interesting thing about that question is that, I always thought that most people who bought a 9-3?s were middle age people who were looking for a nice, sporty car. But I was wrong! After having talked with some sales people at 8 different dealerships this morning I found out that the big majority of customers, at least here in sweden, were two groups: either retired people or young working families who wanted an ?ber-safe / ?ber-practical car to haul their kids around in. These two groups accounted for more than 70% of the sold 9-3?s at these dealerships and the most sold car was a Linear or a Vector with a 1,8t (150 / 170 hp) Biopower engine. I placed a follow-up question to these dealerships asking if the sales-men knew were that engine was made, some of them did but not all. How many of the customers asked where the engine in those cars was built?, the answer: less than 1%.

The engine manufacturer I?ve heard about is, lets say a bit controversial, at least initially in my eyes, however after having asked many of my beloved colleagues at work if it really mattered which engine was built into a car, the answer was one I should have guessed right from the start: of-course it matters to us? but I wouldn?t buy a 9-3 for myself? Here?s where I got a bit stunned though when one of my colleagues developed his answer a bit more: ?what I would do though, is to buy a new 9-3 for my wife and most often she doesn?t even know if the engine has 1 or 10 cylinders, as long as it works and does the job as she expects!

When you think about it, who would be the major customer groups of the 9-3 once it returns into production, well most likely the two groups mentioned before as they were the ones who bought cars back in 2010 and they would probably be looking for a replacement around next spring. Do these two groups care where the engine is built or do they care more about the performance it delivers and if its reliable. I think we?ve already answered that question?

Finally we can draw a conclusion here that the majority customers don?t really know or care where the engine thats in their car is manufactured. For me personally, when I really force myself to think about it, don?t really care where my engine is manufactured as long as it performs and has the same reliability as Saab?s previous engines.

How many Skoda, VW, Fiat, Peugeot, Renault or Kia drivers know where the engine in their car is built? Probably only a hand-full of people?


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