Saturday, March 23, 2013

An inside look at Apple Anonymous, an attempt to both secret and social

An inside look at Apple Anonymous, an attempt to both secret and social

Even outside Cupertino, in the massive retail division of Apple, secrecy is deeply held value. Yet people are, by nature, social animals, and platforms like Twitter and even Google+, filled with friends and family, are in many cases just too big to ignore. Some simply draw up a firewall, never mentioning anything not already public knowledge about their employer or their employment, and focusing on the other things they enjoy, and other issues in the world. Others, however, want to use places like Twitter as a way to blow off company steam -- as a place to bitch about their jobs. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac has taken a look at that side of the Apple/Twitter equation:

Even with strict, Apple Corporate-implemented policies on social media usage of its employees, a portion of Apple retail employees have formed an under-the-radar, ?Apple Anonymous? community over social media sites like Twitter and Google+. The majority of these employees work on these social media networks under ?anonymous? personalities.

Gurman focuses on the @GeniusBarTales account in particular, on the Fearless Feedback concept at Apple Retail, Net Promoter for our People (NPP) surveys, and what, if any, role "Apple Anonymous" played in getting the word out about unpopular changes made by then Apple Retail head John Browett, since fired.

It's a long piece, but for anyone interested in Apple Retail, a fascinating one.

Source: 9to5Mac


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