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Nokia Music app-to-app protocol for Windows Phone 8

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This article explains how to integrate our application with Nokia Music services and elements using Nokia Music API for Windows Phone.

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Windows Phone 8 Supports app-to-app protocol even for 3rd party application. That means we can launch one app from other app by using Launching API for Windows Phone. Here We will show how to use Nokia Music app-to-app protocol for Windows Phone 8 in our application to get use of Nokia Music service. The Nokia Music Windows Phone API providers Launchers that allow integration with Nokia Music in the same easy manner.

What is app-to-app protocol

App-to-app protocols allow one app to launch another app with a specific URI Scheme. With Windows Phone 8, we can also register our app as 3rd party application to support app-to-app protocol and can allow other app to open our app and use elements of our app into their app.

But here we will see how to use Nokia Music API Launchers for Windows Phone 8 to use various services of Nokia Music.


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