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Big Problems For Small Business: Part 2 | Make Money Online ...

This is the second article in my series Big Problems For Small Business. If you missed the first article, you can read it here.

In the last article we went over a lot of the problems small businesses face when they are just starting out. We talked about things like choosing a name, having a business plan, and making money. What about our already established small businesses? They aren?t immune to the problems that small businesses have.

Let?s look at a few new problems shall we?

Not Learning Your Customers

In the last article we discussed that small businesses often aren?t hearing their customers. Now that you?re listening to them it?s time to learn who they are. You need to learn things like what countries they are coming from and how old they are. Are they males or females? These kinds of things give you an idea on what kind of advertising to do and where you should be advertising. In turn this means more customers and more profits.

You Aren?t Adapting To Change

Face it the world is changing, and while it?s always good to be different, sometimes you must jump on the bandwagon. Find out what other businesses and other groups or websites related to your business are in to. Join forums, check out podcasts and webcasts related to your business, find out whats going on in your field. Changes are sometimes a necessary evil.

You Aren?t On Social Networks

It?s undoubtable that the fastest and easiest way for your business to be discovered is on the internet. It?s also undoubtable that the fastest way to be found and discovered on the internet is via social networks. So now that you?re online, get socializing. You can join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and possibly others that may arise.

Well that?s it for part two of the series. Take these problems into account and determine if they are problems that you are having. Never be too proud to admit you?re having issues. Acceptance is the first step to taking control and improving your business.

The entire series:

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