Thursday, May 16, 2013

Houston Area Real Estate Market Update: May 2013

HAR?(Houston Association of Realtors) has released their March numbers.

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The Highlights are:


?? Single-family homes sales or up for the 22nd consecutive monthly increase, 17% higher than a year ago


?? The median price of existing single-family homes increased to $172,000 up 6.5% vs Mar-12.


?? The Average single-family home price reached the second all-time highest level of $236,195


?? Inventories (or homes on the market) are extremely low. While this is accounting for the higher sales, median, and average price increases, the appraisals are not caught up to market yet. This means that buyers may not qualify for a home mortgage or have to pay the difference out of pocket.

Still great signs that the market?is becoming a sellers? market; this just goes to show, that even more, you need a qualified Real Estate Consultant on your side.

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