Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Exclusive Texas license plates offered at auction in Houston - Slideshow

Click through the slideshow to see which seven-character personalized license plates are up for auction in 2013.
All images and captions are courtesy of My Plates.

Texans will have the opportunity to bid on some of the most sought-after seven-letter personalized license plates at an auction in Houston next month.

Ten special seven-letter plates are available for the public to buy at the Great Plates Auction, and each comes with a decade-long ownership for the winner, according to a statement from Austin-based My Plates, which manufactures Texas specialty license plates.

That means whoever wins the bid on the plate will own that seven-letter bumper expression for 10 years or until they decide to sell it to someone else. Those owners also have "first dibs" on renewing the plate after those ten years, My Plates said.

Click through the slideshow on the right to see all 10 coveted license plates that will be up for grabs in January.

This is the second year for Texas to host such an auction, My Plates said. During the first auction in 2011, one plate bearing the name of the iconic sports car brand Ferrari fetched a record-setting $15,000.

The auction this year is scheduled for Jan. 25 at the Houston Auto Show at Reliant Arena, and registration for the auction is ongoing, according to My Plates' website.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety's history of Texas plates, the seven-character plate system was adopted in 2009. Adding the seventh character "opened up a very valuable inventory of plate messages for the state, messages deemed too valuable to sell at regular market prices," My Plates said in its statement.

Money from the auction goes into the state's general fund and to various charitable organizations, according to My Plates.

My Plates spokeswoman Kim Miller Drummond said since the company started selling personalized plates in November 2009, $14 million has gone to the general fund.

At least 10 companies and brands also offer corporate license plates through My Plates.


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