Monday, December 3, 2012

John Boehner on Fiscal Cliff Negotiations: 'We're Nowhere'

House Speaker John Boehner politely lashed out at President Obama over fiscal negotiations on Sunday, saying that after three weeks of talks the White House has offered ?virtually nothing? toward an agreement to avert the large round of tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to take hold in January.

?Right now I would say we?re nowhere. Period. We?re nowhere,? Boehner said on Fox News Sunday, warning there is ?clearly a chance? the sides might not reach agreement by year-end.

Later, he added: ?The President?s idea of negotiation is, roll over and do what I ask.?

Boehner said he was ?flabbergasted? by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner?s opening offer last week that included $1.6 trillion in increased tax revenues. He suggested Republicans had offered proposals to raise about half that much revenue, through limiting or eliminating deductions for the wealthy, though he declined to specify what deductions the GOP would be willing to cut.?

?We?ve laid it all out for them: a dozen different ways you can raise revenue on what the president calls the richest Americans, without raising rates,? Boehner said, adding: ?The president has seen a lot of the options from us.?


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