Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Movie Ripping Becomes Legal In UK For Individuals

Not that it would really be much of a worry since many people just do it regardless of the law, but UK residents set to receive any CDs or DVDs this Christmas will be able to do so safe in the knowledge that they can use a computer to back up their content without being?hunted?down by legislation, provided that the disc ripping that occurs is for personal use only.

disc_pileAfter?a law amendment passed on Friday (21 December), the UK coalition?government has legally permitted consumers the right to burn content to their hard drives as ?digital copies?, with the law covering copied video content, music, and e-books, so long as it has been taken directly from the source?(as disc-to-file) and not used commercially.

While the rule also allows users to store their copied content onto a cloud storage service (seen in this case as similar to a hard drive, and rejecting rights holders? claims that this could create a form of illegal piracy),?it remains a crime to remove a??technical protection method? (TPM) from all copyrighted content, mainly designed to protect from copying in large quantities.

Government business secretary Vince Cable said of the changes: ?[The new legislation is] not only common sense but good business sense. Bringing the law into line with ordinary people?s reasonable expectations will boost respect for copyright, on which our creative industries rely. We feel we have struck the right balance between improving the way consumers benefit from copyright works they have legitimately paid for, boosting business opportunities and protecting the rights of creators.?

With a report on the matter summarising that the alterations create??a fair balance? between fair use for consumers?and?protecting the revenue streams of rights holders, will this trivial improvement be appreciated as a greater amount of freedom to use a paid-for disc as the user pleases?

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