Monday, April 8, 2013

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We are Internet experts working in partnerships with entrepreneurs.?we develop the Internet business of companies and entrepreneurs?who have a physical business and want to take your business to the Internet becoming?on the internet partner of these companies.

eCommerce Investments Company?was created to invest in ecommerce projects, but?not only invest money,?we provide capital and also expertise.

Each of us in eCommerce Investments have had our share of success and failure developing Internet businesses?and our experiences on both sides is what makes us internet experts.

All our work are based on The Business Generation, and although it may seem obvious, really is important to emphasize this point ??Internet Business Generation? ?because there are only a few Internet agencies?to do this job.

There are big differences between a website creation to show the Online Image from a company and manage the?activation of internet sales from a Internet project or Internet Idea

Developing an online business requires many skill-sets, not just technical, but marketing, graphics and logistics all combined and contributed by the right people in the right online marketing company to mold the successful online venture.

Our goal from the beginning has been to help entrepreneurs to take their business to the Internet, fast and error-free.

Currently we operate in two variants

With our Internet Investments Program, we take over the development cost, and technical management of online businesses, in exchange for a share of the company.

With our eCommerce Consulting Program, ?we provide the business and technological expertise for a percentage of internet sales, without taking a share of the company.

We know that our work system is not usual ,?but we are sure that this is the right job format . Really?we seek that entrepreneurs feel that we are a partner, not a supplier?and so create a long-term relationship?and so fully develop each project

Develop an online business is no question of a few weeks,?really need several months to enable online sales and?once activated the sales,?we must continue to work to preserve and enlarge business. The work never ends.

We want to go along with the?entrepreneurs in the full Online Business Development,?and manage the entire process?to ensure maximum profitability.

Maximum profitability for entrepreneurs and?Maximum profitability for us too

Do you have an online business idea? Let us know you want to collaborate.

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