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richard avedon fashion: It is true that plus size models are usually ...

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About plus size models still contains many contradictions and treated with neglect. Agnieszka Czerwi?ska, the owner of a modeling agency and models plus size - No Body's Perfect, tells the whole truth about the criteria to be met by potential feminist backlash candidates, where is the line between a typical model and model plus size, as well as the end of the anorexic beauty feminist backlash canon. feminist backlash
How did the idea to create a plus size modeling agency? - The idea was born five years ago, and it resulted from a desire to plus size market development in Poland. He also had a personal ground, namely, as a person with excess baggage wielokilogramowy then I wanted to be available in Poland, clothes feminist backlash in larger sizes, such as it is abroad.
How would you assess interest in models with fuller shapes in Poland? feminist backlash - As long as the media does not stop people encode feminist backlash the plus size model is neglected, feminist backlash obese woman, until this market will grow so slowly. We live in the belief that walking the streets of the same lean, the perfect woman. Meanwhile, there are no perfect people, and on our streets most women wearing sizes from 38 to 42 Fortunately, understand it stores, making more and more often they have in their range of larger sizes. As a result, an increased focus on plus size models to present a larger wardrobe.
Plus size models usually require fashion magazines, clothing companies and designers at fashion shows? - In the first place there are of linen and hosiery. This is a forum, the first in Poland, so strongly developed lines for larger sized women. feminist backlash Besides, other people praise and do not know her. Indigenous manufacturers of underwear are known and respected brands across Europe. Since January this year, a lot of women's magazines fashion shows for women in sizes 38-42, hence the growing interest in such models. At the end of a ranked fashion designers. I feel that closing in their studios do not see the needs of women higher than those we see at shows. Some do not want to hear, to design a line for plus size. It is a detriment or lack of ability to design clothes for the more problematic figures?
What criteria feminist backlash must meet the plus size model? - The difference between the model and the canons of plus size is only in the circuits of the body. Larger circuits proportional basis, the increase above 173 cm, photogenic, well groomed body hair. There is no mention of obesity own sake.
Where is the line between, feminist backlash traditional 'model, a plus size model? - Around the world, it is accepted that plus size models are considered over sized models that we see on the catwalks kanonowych, or from 38/40 to 44/46. I often read reviews Fri "I wear a size 38 and I'm not any plus size". The same applies to the term plus size models only. In modeling size 38 is plus size, and we all know that in this size we are dealing with a slim and attractive woman. feminist backlash Plus size has nothing to do with the fluffiness, obesity or even size XXL - which very often is interchangeably referred feminist backlash to a larger feminist backlash size.
Model, despite the curves, have a very firm body. How can I get this effect? - I recommend his modelkom firming feminist backlash exercises for the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Also, an important issue is the proper hydration of the skin and hydration of the body. Drinking large quantities of water are beneficial to every cell in our body.
What should the diet plus size model? - Like any other, healthy feeding women. So meals five times a day, eliminating the white bread, processed and energetic. Reducing the amount of sugar and drink plenty of fluids. Exercise and the smile on his face.
It is true that plus size models are usually older than the lean female counterparts? - Only in Poland feminist backlash met with minor plus size model. Plus size model works with your body. Awareness of your body, sexuality, adult women have, so I can not imagine, for example fifteen she posed in her underwear. The oldest model in my agency is 63 years old and believe me, it comes in mini skirts and seething from her sex appeal.
You think the emaciated models eventually disappear from the catwalks? -


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